Kenshiro Teraji (The Amazing Boy) boxer

Kenshiro Teraji boxer
light fly
5′ 4½″/164cm

Kenshiro Teraji (寺地拳四朗, Teraji Kenshiro, born 6 January 1992), known professionally by his ring name Ken Shiro, is a Japanese professional boxer who held the WBC light-flyweight title from May 2017 to September 2021, and held the OPBF light-flyweight title in 2016. As of November 2021, he is ranked as the world's third best active light flyweight by BoxRec, fourth by The Ring and fifth by Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.Shiro is the son of Hisashi Teraji, a boxer who won the OPBF light heavyweight and Japanese national middleweight title. Hisashi's sole professional loss came against future world champion Shinji Takehara. He retired in 2000, at the age of 36. Shiro followed in his father's footsteps and accrued a 58-16 amateur record between 2007 and 2014.On November 15, 2020, Shiro was involved in a drunk driving incident, during which he drove into another persons property and crashed into a vehicle parked there. He would later issue a public apology to the victim and his fans. As a result of this incident, the Japanese Boxing Commission suspended him for three months, issued a ¥3 million fine, and ordered him to perform between 48 and 200 hours community service.Shiro made his professional debut on August 2014, winning a six-round unanimous decision (60-53, 60-53, 59-54) against Heri Amol. Amol went down in round 4, after a right hand to the body. Shiro won his first belt in October 2015, beating Rolly Sumalpong for the WBC Youth light flyweight title by unanimous decision (97-91, 96-92, 96-92). During round 1, Shiro was dropped for the first time in his career but he adjusted and did enough to get the win. On his next fight, Shiro went on to claim the Japanese national light flyweight title, beating Kenichi Horikawa with a unanimous decision (98-93, 98-93, 97-93). On August 2016, Shiro claimed the OPBF title with another unanimous decision win (119-108, 119-109, 117-111) over Toshimasa Ouchi. The bout was Shiro's first 12-round fight.On May 2017, Shiro was scheduled to face the reigning WBC light flyweight world champion Ganigan López, in what was his 10th professional bout and López's second title defense.Shiro won the closely contested bout by unanimous decision, with two of the judges scoring the fight 115-113 in his favor, and the third judge scoring the fight a 114-114 draw. Shiro was leading the fight on the scorecards going into the eight round, after which López managed to make a comeback. Shiro later stated he was unsure of how the judges had scored the fight, which was the reason why he engaged in trading power shots in the final round, attempting to knock López out. During the post-fight press conference, Shiro claimed he was dissatisfied with how he fought, saying he was too nervous in his first world title challenge to fight how he usually does.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
2021-09-22 Masamichi Yabuki LWWWWW City Gym, Kyoto LOST
Technical knockout
2021-04-24 Tetsuya Hisada WWWWWL EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka WIN
Unanimous decision
2019-12-23 Randy Petalcorin WWWLWW Arena, Yokohama WIN
Technical knockout
2019-07-12 Jonathan Taconing WWWWWW EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka WIN
Technical knockout
2018-12-30 Saul Juarez LLLLWD Ota-City General Gymnasium WIN
Unanimous decision
2018-10-07 Milan Melindo WWWWWL Arena, Yokohama WIN
Technical knockout
2018-05-25 Ganigan Lopez LWWWLW Ota-City General Gymnasium WIN
2017-12-30 Gilberto Pedroza WWWWWW Bunka Gym, Yokohama WIN
Technical knockout
2017-10-22 Pedro Guevara WLWWWW Kokugikan WIN
Majority decision
2017-05-20 Ganigan Lopez WWLWWW Ariake Colosseum WIN
Majority decision
2016-12-08 Lester Abutan WLWLWW Korakuen Hall WIN
Technical knockout
2016-08-07 Toshimasa Ouchi LLWWWW EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka LOST
Unanimous decision
2016-04-14 Atsushi Kakutani WLWWWW Korakuen Hall WIN
Technical knockout
2015-12-27 Kenichi Horikawa LWWWWW Oyamazaki-cho Gym, Otokuni-gun WIN
Unanimous decision
2015-10-12 Rolly Sumalpong DWWWWW Korakuen Hall LOST
Unanimous decision
2015-08-10 Takashi Omae WDWWLW Korakuen Hall WIN
Technical knockout
2015-03-26 Katsunori Nagamine WWWWWW Korakuen Hall WIN
Technical knockout
2014-08-03 Heri Amol LWWLLL IMP Hall, Osaka WIN
Unanimous decision