Sailor Burke boxer

Sailor Burke boxer
5′ 9½″/177cm

Charles Presser (1885–1960), who fought under the name Sailor Burke, was an accomplished New York welter and middleweight boxer who often competed against light heavyweights including several contenders and champions. These included controversial black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, American welterweight contender and European champion Willie Lewis, and British world middleweight championship Billy Papke.On August 22, 1911, Burke defeated world welterweight claimant Billy Papke, at St. Nicholas Arena in New York City, but could not claim the title as both men were fighting over the middleweight limit of 160. Papke was defending his World Middleweight title which he claimed from Jim Sullivan in a British World Middleweight Championship match, in a winning ninth round knockout two months earlier on June 8, 1911 at London's Palladium.Charles Presser, known by the ringname "Sailor Burke" was born in 1885 in New York city. He began his career by 1904, focusing first in Philadelphia, and then primarily the New York City area, featuring many short 3-6 round bouts in well known clubs. According to one boxing history, he lost only seven of his first 29 reported fights.On May 21, 1906, Burke became one of the only men to knock out New York boxer Joe Grim in the third round of four at Remson Athletic Club in New York. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle wrote that Grim was down once in the second and three times in the third. He defeated Grim again easily on June 21, 1906, and April 4, 1906 in two six round newspaper decisions in Philadelphia.Before a sizable crowd of 5000, on September 12, 1907, Burke fought black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson at Smith's Theatre in Bridgeport, Connecticut, losing decisively in a one-sided six round newspaper decision. Clearly outmatched, Burke was knocked down at least once in every round. Johnson's dominance aroused suspicion among some in the crowd that the bout was fixed. Burke fought with a 23 pound disadvantage in weight, though only a two inch disadvantage in height. As expected, the heavier Johnson showed superior strength, but his scientific boxing skills, and hitting accuracy dominated in a bout where Burke was knocked to the floor fourteen times in the six rounds. After the third round, Burke hugged and clinched frequently to avoid the blows of Johnson. In the fifth, Burke was down three times. The Buffalo Evening News praised Burke for lasting six rounds with such a superior opponent and avoiding a loss by knockout, particularly in the sixth when Johnson worked hardest to achieve one. Burke's bout with the black heavyweight champion Johnson attracted more attention and probably had more press coverage than any of Burke's other matches.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1912-03-21 Bob Moha WLWDWW National S.C., New York LOST
1912-03-11 Jim Maher LLLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1912-03-05 Larry English WWWLLL Royale A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-02-03 Tom McMahon LWLWWL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-01-09 Soldier Delaney LWLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Royale A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1911-12-16 Tom McMahon DDWDLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-12-12 Billy Uvick W Royale A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1911-12-09 Young Herman debut Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1911-11-21 Bill Hurley WLLWWW Royale A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1911-10-23 Jumbo Wells LLWWLL Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1911-10-17 Soldier Kearns WWWWWW Congress Hall, Brooklyn WIN
1911-08-22 Billy Papke WWLLWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1911-06-30 Ted Nelson WLLLWW Twentieth Century A.C., New York WIN
1911-06-16 Jim Maher LLLLLL Twentieth Century A.C., New York WIN
1911-06-05 Ted Nelson WWWLLL Olympia Boxing Club, New York LOST
1911-05-08 Montana Jack Sullivan LWWLWL Olympia Boxing Club, New York LOST
1911-04-21 Tom McMahon WWWWDW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1911-04-10 Montana Dan Sullivan WWWDLD New York A.C., New York WIN
1911-04-05 Jim Mitchen LWLWWL Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1911-03-09 Willie Lewis WLWWLL Whirlwind A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1911-01-24 Kid Henry WLWWD German Hall, Albany LOST
1910-12-02 Frank Mantell LLLWL New Amsterdam Opera House, National S.C., New York LOST
1910-11-08 Bill MacKinnon LWDWDW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1910-10-21 Willie Lewis DLDLWL National S.C., New York LOST
1910-06-21 Jim Smith LWWWLL Fairmont A.C., Bronx LOST
1910-04-04 Jack Twin Sullivan LLDWWL Marathon A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1910-03-21 Tim Sullivan DDWDWL Olympia Boxing Club, New York WIN
1909-12-20 Sailor Brown DDLLLL Danbury WIN
1909-08-31 Porky Dan Flynn WWWWDW Armory A.A., Boston LOST
1909-08-13 Willie Lewis WWWWWW Fairmont A.C., Bronx LOST
1909-04-14 Bill MacKinnon DWWDWL Armory A.A., Boston LOST
1909-03-22 Jack Twin Sullivan DLLLDW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1909-02-12 Jim MacSherry debut National A.C., New York WIN
1908-11-24 Joe Thomas DDLLLL Armory, Boston WIN
1908-08-18 Billy Papke DWWLWW National A.C., New York LOST
1908-07-03 Tommy Sullivan WWWWWW Roman A.C., New York NC
No Contest
1908-06-30 Jim Savage LW Navarre A.C., Coney Island WIN
Technical knockout
1908-05-18 Fred Bradley LLWLWL Grand Union A.C., New York DRAW
1907-09-12 Jack Johnson WDWWWW Smith's Theater, Bridgeport LOST
1907-07-17 Jack Robinson WLWWLD Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1907-05-28 Dave Holly LWLLLW Bridgeport WIN
Technical knockout
1907-04-04 Joe Grim LLLLDL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-03-17 Andy Walsh LLDWWL New York WIN
1907-02-12 Andy Walsh WLLDWW New York WIN
1907-01-26 Jim Jeffords LLLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-11-26 Charlie O'Rourke WWDLWD Valley Falls A.C., Providence WIN
Technical knockout
1906-09-11 Hugo Kelly DDDWW Lincoln A.C., Chelsea LOST
1906-06-21 Joe Grim LLLLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-05-21 Joe Grim LLLLLL Remsen A.C., New York WIN
1906-04-27 Cy Flynn DWWLWW Star S.C., New York LOST
1906-04-21 Kid Williams WLDLLD New York WIN
1906-04-07 Kid Williams WLWLDL New York WIN
1906-04-06 Jim Savage debut Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1906-03-28 Peter Maher LWWWWW The Morrisania AC, New York WIN
1906-03-05 Mickey McDonough DDDLDD Navarre A.C., New York WIN
1906-02-20 Johnny Carroll DDWDWL Central A.C., New York LOST
1906-01-24 Joe Grim LLLDLL Central A.C., New York WIN
1906-01-20 Tommy Sullivan WWWWDW Lion's Palace, Metropolitan A.C., New York WIN
1906-01-12 Johnny Carroll LWD Hudson River A.C., New York DRAW
1906-01-10 Matty Jacobs debut Empire Athletic Club, Brooklyn WIN
1906-01-01 Jack Blackburn DDWDD Sharkey A.C., New York LOST
1905-12-15 Andy Walsh WLWLLD Sharkey A.C., New York LOST
1905-12-01 Andy Walsh DWLWLL Sharkey A.C., New York DRAW
1905-10-05 Eddie Haney WWWLWW Kensington A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1904-12-23 Tommy Connolly LWWDL Kensington A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-12-17 Fred Vannuch LDLLLL Kensington A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-12-10 Terry Martin LWWLDL Kensington A.C., Philadelphia DRAW