Joe Grim boxer

Joe Grim boxer

Joe Grim (born Saverio Giannone; March 16, 1881 – January 1, 1939) was an American boxer of the early 20th century.Grim was born in Avellino, Campania, and he and his family emigrated to the United States when he was ten. As a boxer, he engaged in over 150 professional bouts; some sources put the figure at 300 to 500. Despite losing the majority of his fights, Grim became a popular fighter; his principal claim to fame was his ability to absorb heavy punishment without being knocked out, for which he was nicknamed "The Iron Man" and "The Human Punching Bag". Typically, at the end of a bout, he would go to the ropes and shout "I am Joe Grim. I fear no man on earth." In 1930 he was described in The Ring as "the greatest physical freak the prize ring ever knew... Grim offered his body as a target to fighters who outweighed him by many pounds. He has the strangest claim to glory that an athlete ever made." Robert W. Edgren opined that "knocking the Iron Man down with fists is a waste of time and effort, for he keeps getting up. To drop Grim for a long count, a boxer – if permitted – should use a crowbar or a baseball bat."In 1903 Grim took on former heavyweight champion Bob Fitzsimmons. Grim "took a battering... that would have killed an ordinary man" and was knocked down repeatedly, but rose to his feet every time and lasted the distance. Fitzsimmons called Grim "the hardest proposition to knock out that I have ever met" and thought him "insensible to physical pain." Two years later Grim faced future heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. Johnson dominated the six-round fight and by one estimate scored seventeen knockdowns, but Grim again made it to the final bell. Between rounds Johnson remarked to his cornermen: "he ain't human." Afterwards he said: "I just don't believe that man is made of flesh and blood."His reputation as a man who could not be knocked out attracted numerous other high-profile opponents for Grim, among them Barbados Joe Walcott, Jack Blackburn, Joe Gans, Dixie Kid, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, Battling Levinsky, and Peter Maher, all of whom were unable to stop him, despite many administering heavy beatings. Gans gave him a "severe pounding" and knocked him down in most rounds. The amount of punishment sustained by Grim during his fights led to calls for him to be banned from boxing. Though Grim did not win many bouts, he was credited with a newspaper decision over former welterweight champion Matty Matthews in 1904. He tried unsuccessfully to secure a fight with reigning heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries. His run came to an end when he was knocked out by Sailor Burke in 1906. Four years later, he was knocked out by Sam McVea in Paris.Grim began to suffer mental health issues and was admitted to a sanitarium in 1913, before being released in 1916. He promoted fights in Philadelphia and worked as a foreman in a shipyard in New York. In later life he was committed to the Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases, where he died in 1939.Grim's tour of Australia in 1908-09 formed the basis for Michael Winkler's critically-acclaimed 2021 novel Grimmish.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1913-07-22 Joe Borrell WWWLWW Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1913-07-10 Barney Ford WWWLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-11-12 Kid Ramsey debut Philadelphia WIN
1912-05-09 Eddie Haney DLWWLL Standard Theater, Philadelphia LOST
1912-02-29 Harry Ramsey LWLDWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-02-15 Tommy Connors WWWWDD LOST
1912-02-08 Young Tommy Coleman WWWLWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-01-11 Battling Levinsky WDLLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-01-01 George Ashe WWWLWL American A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1911-12-14 Joe Nelson WDWDDL Unity Cycle Club, Lawrence LOST
1911-06-22 Eddie Haney DDWDLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1911-05-09 Eddie Haney WDDWDL Standard Theater, Philadelphia LOST
1911-04-14 Luther McCarty W Fairmount Club, Calgary DRAW
1910-12-23 Jack Fitzgerald WWWWWW Gayety Theater, Philadelphia LOST
1910-11-21 Jack Fitzgerald WWLWLD 20th Century A.C., Shenandoah LOST
1910-11-14 Harry Mansfield WLDLWD Grim A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-10-19 Harry Mansfield WWLDLW Easton DRAW
1910-09-29 Eddie Haney LDWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-09-19 Jack Fitzgerald LWLWWL Bastian A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-09-02 Jack Fitzgerald LWLWLW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-06-25 Sam McVea WWWWWW Hippodrome, Paris LOST
Technical knockout
1909-12-11 Regan debut Charters Towers LOST
1909-05-06 Bob Fraser WLLWWW Theatre Royal, Perth DRAW
1909-04-03 Malley Jackson WLLLLL Gaiety Theatre, Zeehan LOST
1909-03-09 Tom Fennessy LLLWLL Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat LOST
1909-02-12 Sid Russell WWWWDL Melbourne Athletic Club, Melbourne LOST
1909-02-02 Props Reeder LLLD Gaiety Athletic Hall, Sydney DRAW
1909-01-05 Joe Costa WWWLW Gaiety Athletic Hall, Sydney LOST
1908-12-14 Mike Williams LWLLDW Cyclorama, Melbourne LOST
Technical knockout
1908-11-24 Jim Griffin WLWWDL Gaiety Athletic Hall, Sydney DRAW
1908-10-20 Arthur Cripps WWLLWW Gaiety Athletic Hall, Sydney LOST
1908-10-05 George Stirling WWLWWW Sydney Stadium, Sydney LOST
1908-05-12 Al Kaufman WWWWWW Reliance A.C., Oakland LOST
1908-02-10 Walter Burgo LLLLLL Starlight Athletic Club, New Orleans LOST
1908-02-08 Jack Daly DLL Keystone A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-09-23 Jim Barry WWWLWW Dry Dock A.C., New York LOST
1907-06-05 Terry Martin LWLDWW Monumental Theater, Baltimore LOST
1907-04-04 Sailor Burke WLWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1907-02-14 Terry Martin WWWWDL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1907-02-07 George Gunther DWWLLD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-12-13 Jack Graham WLDLLL Beaver Falls LOST
1906-12-03 Paul Moore WWWWWW Turner Hall, Homestead LOST
1906-11-19 Al Rogers WDW Erie A.C., Erie LOST
1906-07-12 Joe Thomas WDWWWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-07-03 Yock Hayden WWLWLL Landmessers Hall, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1906-06-21 Sailor Burke WWWWLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-05-21 Sailor Burke WWWWWL Remsen A.C., New York LOST
1906-04-23 Tommy Sullivan LLWLWW New York LOST
1906-04-12 Jim Scanlan DLDLW Altoona LOST
1906-03-22 Jack Clancy WWDWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-03-15 Jack Clancy WWWDWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-01-24 Sailor Burke DLLWDW Central A.C., New York LOST
1906-01-05 Young Mahoney WWWDDD Panorama Building, Milwaukee LOST
1905-11-24 Tommy Sullivan DDWWWW Lawrence LOST
1905-09-29 Jack Williams WDLDWL Keystone A.C., Allentown DRAW
1905-08-21 Tom Daly WWLWWW Reading Ball Park, Reading LOST
1905-07-24 Jack Johnson WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1905-03-22 Buddy Ryan DLWWL National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1905-03-09 Billy Burke LDDLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1905-02-24 Billy Burke LLDDLL Kensington A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1905-02-17 Dixie Kid DLWDDL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1905-02-09 Kid Wilson DDDDLD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1905-01-12 Jack Blackburn WWWWWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-12-15 Fred Cooley LDWDLD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-12-01 Jack Blackburn WWWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-11-03 Jack Blackburn LWWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-10-29 Billy Burke LDWWDD Richmond A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-10-20 Jack Clancy WWWWWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-10-10 Fred Douglas WDDLWD Reading LOST
1904-10-03 Dixie Kid WWWWWW Mount Clemens LOST
1904-09-30 Larry Temple WWLLWD Manhattan A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-09-21 Dixie Kid WWWWWW Saginaw LOST
1904-09-02 Billy Stift WWDDDL Manhattan A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-07-29 Jack Williams WWWLWW Manhattan A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-07-09 Ed Smith LLWLWL Twelfth Street Park, Chester WIN
1904-06-23 Jack Bennett WLWWWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-06-06 Dave Holly WWWWDW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-05-07 Peter Maher LLLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-04-25 Ed Smith LLLLLW Broadway A.C., Chester DRAW
1904-04-23 Harry Berger LWWDDL Richmond A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-04-21 Billy Devine LDWWDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-04-16 Matty Matthews LWWLLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-04-04 Tom Lenihan LLLWLL Broadway A.C., Chester WIN
1904-03-29 Dave Holly LWWWWW Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-02-29 Owen Ziegler WWWLLD Lenox A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1904-02-18 Jim Jeffords LLWLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1904-01-22 Joe Gans DLWLWW Shlegel's Hall, Baltimore LOST
1904-01-01 Gus Gardner LWLWWL Arbelten Hall, Saginaw LOST
1903-12-03 Hugo Kelly WDWWWL Chicago LOST
1903-10-19 Joe Gans WWWWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-10-14 Bob Fitzsimmons WWLWWW Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-09-12 Joe Walcott WDWDWW State A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-07-15 Peter Maher WLLLLL Industrial Hall, Philadelphia LOST
1903-06-23 Kid Carter LWLWLW Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-05-19 George Cole WWWLWW Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-04-28 Bobby Thompson DLDWWL Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-04-14 Bobby Thompson LDDLDW Southern A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-02-27 Charlie McKeever LLLDLW Ariel A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-01-23 Jack Bennett WLLDWW Ariel A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-01-14 Tom Daly DWDLLL Mahanoy City WIN
Technical knockout
1903-01-08 Philadelphia Jack O'Brien WWWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-12-25 Vernon Campbell DLDLDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-12-20 Tom Daly LLDWDL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-12-18 Tom Daly LLLDWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-12-12 Tanner Brooks debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-12-09 George Cole WWWWW South Philadelphia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-11-29 Lon Beckwith LWLLL Armory Hall, Chester DRAW
1902-11-18 George Cole LWWWW Penn Art Club, Philadelphia LOST
1902-11-13 Jack Williams LWWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-10-30 Shadow Morris LDWWWD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1902-10-18 Kid Williams WWWWLL National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-10-16 Jack Williams LDLWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-10-11 Bud Todd WWLLWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-10-09 Jack Williams WLDLWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-10-04 Kid Dawson LLLLLD Quaker City A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1902-09-26 Cub White WDWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-09-13 Cub White WWDWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-09-10 Fred McFadden WLWLWW Penn Art Club, Philadelphia LOST
1902-09-01 Joe Carroll debut Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-08-25 Sailor Jack debut Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-08-18 Tom Daly LWWLL Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-08-11 Bill Larry LWL Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-07-28 Texas Bully debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-07-21 George Childs debut National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1902-07-11 Eddie Perrycott debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-05-26 Eugene Spencer DLWDW South Side A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-05-19 Leggett Hitchens WDWL South End A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1902-05-15 George Krall LLWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-05-12 Joe Bayard debut South End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-05-01 Eugene Spencer DDLDL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-04-18 Kid Tuohy debut Keystone A.C., Allentown WIN
1902-03-21 Jack Sullivan DD Keystone A.C., Allentown LOST
1902-03-20 Dave Holly WWWWWD Maennerchor Hall, Lancaster DRAW
1902-03-06 Dave Holly DWWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-03-01 Pat McHale W Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia NC
No Contest
1902-02-24 Dan McConnell LLLDDL Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-02-19 Billy Austin debut Washington S.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-02-18 Johnny Johnson debut Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-02-15 Charley Jennings debut National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-02-10 Charley Mulhall LDDDWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-02-07 Jack Williams WWWWWL Central A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-02-04 Joe Phillips LLWLL West Philadelphia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-01-30 Barney McKenna debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-01-27 Joe Ammon debut Knickerbocker A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-01-25 Frank Davis debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-01-20 Jack Redding DL Knickerbocker A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1902-01-18 Paddy Grady W National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1902-01-11 Charley Pizer debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-01-10 Jack Williams LWWWDW Central A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1902-01-04 Tommy Wallace L National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1902-01-03 Tom Daly L Central A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1901-12-30 Young Coyle debut Knickerbocker A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1901-12-14 Harry Perry LWLDLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1900-12-15 Bob Smith W National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1900-12-10 Howard Mattson W Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-12-08 Kid Williams DLWWWW Central A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-12-01 Harry Barry debut National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1900-11-30 Harry Perry WWLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1900-11-26 Kid McGloom debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1900-11-24 Kid Williams WDWDLW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-11-19 Jack MacEligott debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-11-12 Harry Perry LWWLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1900-11-05 Donkey King LLLWWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1900-10-29 Jack Meeker DL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1900-10-22 Dave Holly DWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1900-10-20 Kid Williams DWLLDW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-10-13 Frank Sankey debut National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-10-06 Young Ramsey debut National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1900-09-15 Dave Holly LWLWWD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-09-08 Lew Barber DLLWDD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1900-09-01 Ike Stone LWLLDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1900-08-07 Billy Younger debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1900-01-22 Ed Smith LDLD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1899-07-10 Lew Ryall DW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1899-07-03 Spike Coan debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1899-06-26 Lew Ryall debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW