Battling Levinsky boxer

Battling Levinsky boxer
light heavyweight
5′ 11″/180cm

Barney Lebrowitz (June 10, 1891 – February 12, 1949), better known as Battling Levinsky, was the world light heavyweight champion from 1916 to 1920. Statistical boxing website BoxRec lists Levinsky as the #12 ranked light heavyweight of all-time, while The Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer placed him at #9. The International Boxing Research Organization rates Levinsky as the 20th best light heavyweight ever. He was inducted into the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame in 1966, the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1982, and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000.Born in Philadelphia on June 10, 1891 of Jewish immigrant parents from Russia, he shined shoes and sold newspapers after school to contribute to his family. In his earliest boxing days, he sold jewelry during the day, but boxed in the evening at the clubs in Philadelphia, probably to hide his fledgling boxing career from his parents.Battling Levinsky began his boxing career under the name Barney Williams. He fought his first recorded match in 1910 at Philadelphia's Diamond Lew Bailey's Broadway Athletic Club, with a first round knockout of his opponent, Mat Ryan, who outweighed him by over sixty pounds. He received little attention until he took on “Dumb” Dan Morgan as his manager in 1913, who changed Barney’s name along with his boxing fortunes. He was known for possessing incredible defensive skills, not frequently winning by knockout, but often leaving the ring at the end of a fight without having received a truly damaging blow.Morgan came up with his name of "Battling Levinsky" to obscure the fact that Barney's boxing style was actually more defensive than aggressive in order to give his opposition the impression that he was an aggressive puncher.Because Levinsky first entered the pro ranks as Barney Williams around 1906, many of his fights between 1906 and 1910, when he became "Battling Levinsky", were not recorded by boxing publications, particularly Nat Fleischer's Ring Record Book. He did not officially become "Battling Levinsky" until 1913. In his first 100 fights between 1910 and 1914, he lost only three of his bouts.Between 1914 and 1918, Levinsky fought 127 times, averaging an impressive 37 fights a year, even for his era. Levinsky fought 37 times in 1914 — 9 times in the month of January alone. In January 1915, he began the year with two 10-round bouts on New Year’s Day — 1 each in Brooklyn, New York City and 12 round bout in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1930-10-21 Joe Sims debut Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1929-01-15 Herman Weiner WLWLLW Armory, Hagerstown LOST
Technical knockout
1929-01-11 Otto von Porat WWWWLW Armory, Grand Rapids LOST
Technical knockout
1929-01-04 Pietro Corri LLLWLL Red Men's Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1928-12-03 Marty Gallagher WWWWWD 104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore LOST
1928-11-01 Tom Toner WWWWWW New Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1928-10-19 Bill Daring WW Grimes Battery, Portsmouth WIN
1928-10-18 Pietro Corri LDLLLL Passaic WIN
1928-09-21 Herman Weiner WWLWWW Riverview Park, Baltimore WIN
1928-09-18 Billy Henderson LWLLWL Greenville WIN
1928-08-20 Tony Youkonis LWLWWW Fair Grounds Arena, Allentown LOST
Unanimous decision
1928-07-13 Phil Mercurio LLWWWW Boardwalk Arena, Long Branch LOST
1928-07-04 Chuck Wiggins DWWLLW Memorial Stadium, Greensboro WIN
1928-07-02 Tex McEwan LLLDLL Tacoma Bowl, Dayton WIN
1928-06-25 Emmett Rocco WLWLWL Jolly Bowl, New Castle LOST
Unanimous decision
1928-06-06 Emmett Rocco WWLWLW Armory, Akron WIN
1928-05-21 Benny Ross LLLDLW Laurel Garden, Newark WIN
1928-04-30 Clem Johnson LLLLLL Chestnut Street Auditorium, Harrisburg WIN
1928-04-23 Jim Sigman LLLWWL Saginaw WIN
1928-04-17 Jack McAuliffe II WLLWLW Coliseum, Saint Louis LOST
1928-04-11 Tiny Roebuck WWWWWW Convention Hall, Kansas City DRAW
1928-04-02 James Jay Lawless WL Laurel Garden, Newark WIN
1928-03-26 K O Samson DLWLLL Waltz Dream Arena, Atlantic City WIN
Technical knockout
1928-03-09 Jack Gagnon WWLWWL New Bedford LOST
1928-03-05 Earl Blue WLDLLD Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1928-02-27 Marcel DeRose debut Bristol Arena, New Bedford WIN
Technical knockout
1928-02-17 Jack Gagnon LWWLWW Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1928-02-06 Sandy Seifert WWWLLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh DRAW
1927-11-28 Joe Lohman LDLLLD Arena, Philadelphia WIN
1927-11-16 Matt Adgie LWWWWW 108th Field Artillery Armory, Philadelphia WIN
1927-11-02 George Gemas WWLLLW 108th Field Artillery Armory, Philadelphia WIN
1927-10-28 Willie Walker LLLLLL Auditorium, Norristown WIN
1927-10-24 Teddy Jackson debut Floral Park Arena, North Bergen WIN
1927-09-29 Clem Johnson LLLLLL Carnival Park, West Manayunk WIN
1927-09-08 Matt Adgie LLLWWW Baker Bowl, Philadelphia LOST
Majority decision
1927-08-15 Cuban Bobby Brown WWWWWW Dog Track, Atlantic City LOST
1927-02-07 Ray Neuman LLLLLL Arena, Philadelphia WIN
1927-01-01 George Gemas WDDLLL Norristown WIN
1926-12-23 Jack Gagnon WWWLWW Crescent Rink, Lowell LOST
1926-11-18 Jimmy Moran LWWLL Waltz Dream Arena, Atlantic City WIN
1926-11-11 Young Stribling LWWWWW Coliseum, Des Moines LOST
1926-09-13 George Gemas WWWWDD Carnival Park, West Manayunk WIN
1926-08-31 Tommy Madden LLLLWL Lauer's Park, Reading WIN
1922-01-13 Gene Tunney WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1921-11-24 Bob Roper WLLWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo DRAW
1921-09-14 Mike McTigue DWWWWW Mount Royal Arena, Montreal WIN
1921-09-08 Sergeant Ray Smith LLLLL Exhibition Grounds, Quebec City WIN
1921-07-20 Eddie Record WWWLW Mount Royal Arena, Montreal WIN
1921-07-02 Carl Morris WLWWWW Convention Hall, Tulsa LOST
1921-05-30 Soldier Jones LWWWWL Exhibition Grounds, Quebec City WIN
1921-04-29 Bill Reed LLWWWL Arena, Syracuse WIN
1921-04-15 Dan O'Dowd LLWWWW Arena, Syracuse WIN
1921-03-18 Charley Weinert WWWWWW Flatbush A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1921-03-10 Homer Smith WLWLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1920-12-08 Boy McCormick DWWWWW Arena, Milwaukie LOST
1920-10-12 Georges Carpentier WWWWWW Westside Ballpark, Jersey City LOST
1920-06-26 Sergeant Ray Smith LWWWL League Park, Cleveland WIN
1920-05-21 Chuck Wiggins WWLWWD Westwood Field, Dayton DRAW
1920-05-05 Jack Renault WWWWL Lewiston DRAW
1920-05-03 Clay Turner LLLWWW Exposition Building, Portland WIN
1920-04-28 Tony Melchior WWWWWW Kenosha WIN
1920-04-19 Silas Green LLLWLL Monument National, Montreal WIN
1920-03-26 Clay Turner WLLWLL Auditorium, Hartford WIN
1920-03-22 Al Benedict WLLLWW West Hoboken A.C., West Hoboken WIN
1920-02-16 Clay Turner DLWLLW Arena Gardens, Detroit WIN
1920-01-23 Johnny Howard WWWLL Lotus A.C., Perth Amboy WIN
1920-01-01 Bert Kenny WLLLLL Arena Gardens, Toronto WIN
Technical knockout
1919-11-24 Clay Turner WLDDWW Roller Palace Rink, Detroit DRAW
1919-11-17 Bartley Madden WWLL Monument National, Montreal WIN
1919-09-03 Harry Greb WWWWWW State Fair Grounds, Wheeling LOST
1919-08-11 Clay Turner WLLLWW Open-Air Arena, Jersey City WIN
1919-08-09 Jim Tulle debut Tully Coliseum, Saratoga Springs WIN
1919-07-25 Ed Kinley WLWLDL DeForest Gymnasium, Long Branch WIN
1919-07-14 Harry Greb WWWWWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1919-07-03 Billy Miske LWWLDD Rossford Arena, Rossford WIN
1919-05-20 Tim Logan WWLDLW Armory, Chester DRAW
1919-05-02 Johnny Howard WDWWWL Bayonne Pavillion, Bayonne LOST
1919-04-28 Harry Greb WWWWWW Canton Auditorium, Canton LOST
1919-04-14 Ed Kinley WLLWLW McGuigan's Arena, Harrison WIN
1919-02-17 Harry Greb WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1919-02-12 Jim Coffey WDWDLL Arena, Boston WIN
1918-12-25 Leo Houck WLWWWW Lancaster WIN
1918-11-06 Jack Dempsey WWWWLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-08-26 Clay Turner WLWWLL Jersey City WIN
1918-08-06 Harry Greb WWWWDW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1918-07-20 Bartley Madden DWLDWL Atlantic City A.C., Atlantic City LOST
1918-06-17 Charley Weinert LWLLWW Open-Air Arena, Jersey City WIN
1918-06-06 Jim Coffey WWDWDL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1918-05-27 Bartley Madden LLLWDW Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1918-01-15 Bill Brennan WWWDLW Grand Opera House, Boston DRAW
1917-12-11 Bartley Madden WLLLLW Grand Opera House, Boston DRAW
1917-11-27 Bill Brennan DWWWWD Arena, Boston WIN
1917-10-31 Zulu Kid LLLLLL Sohmer Park, Montreal WIN
1917-10-23 Bill Brennan WWWWDW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston LOST
1917-10-15 Tom McMahon WWDWWL Winnipeg WIN
1917-10-02 Bill Brennan WWWWWW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston DRAW
1917-09-11 Jim Coffey WWWWWW Arena, Boston DRAW
1917-09-06 Harry Greb WWWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh LOST
1917-08-06 Jack London WWWD Military A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1917-07-16 Al Benedict LLWLWL Military A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-06-25 Al Benedict LLLWLW Military A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-06-20 Johnny Howard WLWLWL Marieville Gardens, North Providence WIN
1917-06-15 Bartley Madden WDLWWW Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1917-05-26 Bert Kenny LDLLLD Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1917-05-16 Leo Houck DWWWWW York Opera House, York WIN
1917-05-09 Bob McAllister WWWWWW Fairmont A.C., Bronx DRAW
1917-03-23 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1917-03-06 Jack Moran LWDWWD Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
1917-02-27 Billy Miske WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1917-01-17 Bob Moha WLWLLL Grand Opera House, Youngstown WIN
1917-01-12 Jim Smith WLWLLW Village A.C., New York WIN
1917-01-01 Gunboat Smith WWWLWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-12-08 Gus Christie WWWWDL Gymnastic Club, Dayton DRAW
1916-11-16 Carl Morris WWWWWW Convention Hall, Kansas City LOST
1916-10-30 Billy Miske WLWWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1916-10-24 Jack Dillon WLDWWW Arena, Boston WIN
1916-10-12 Billy Miske WWLWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1916-10-10 Gunboat Smith WWWWWW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1916-10-03 Gus Christie WWWWWW Phoenix A.C., Memphis DRAW
1916-09-26 Battling Brandt LLWLLL Olympic Coliseum, Columbus WIN
1916-09-12 Jack Dillon WWWWWL Phoenix A.C., Memphis DRAW
1916-09-04 George KO Brown LWWLLL East Chicago WIN
1916-07-25 Tommy Burke WWWLLW Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
1916-07-21 George Ashe LLDLLD Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1916-07-13 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Oriole Park, Baltimore WIN
1916-06-30 Jim Barry LLLLDL Arena, Syracuse WIN
1916-05-30 Porky Dan Flynn LLLLWL Rose A.C., Chattanooga DRAW
1916-05-15 Gunboat Smith WLLLLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-04-25 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Convention Hall, Kansas City LOST
1916-04-19 Mike Fitzgerald debut Arena, Toronto WIN
1916-03-28 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-03-25 Jim Savage LDWLLL Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1916-03-20 Jack Keating LWLWWL Hudson Theatre, Schenectady WIN
1916-03-17 Bob Devere WWDLWL Arena, Syracuse WIN
1916-03-14 Jack Connors LLLLLL Hillside Casino, Yonkers WIN
1916-03-09 Sailor Jack Carroll LLLWWD Greenwood A.C., New London WIN
1916-03-07 Bert Kenny WLWWLL Park Theatre, Bridgeport WIN
1916-03-03 Jack Hanlon LWLDLL East New York A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1916-02-28 Jack Driscoll LLLDL Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1916-02-08 Jack Dillon WWWWLW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-01-28 Zulu Kid LDLWLW Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
1916-01-25 Al Reich LDLWWW Hippodrome, Boston WIN
1916-01-21 Silas Green WLDWLL Canadian A.C., Montreal WIN
1916-01-11 Tom Cowler WLWLWW Hippodrome, Boston WIN
1916-01-01 Tom McMahon WWWDLL Town Hall, Scranton WIN
1915-12-25 Fireman Jim Flynn LLWWDL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-12-20 Jack Connors LLLLL Olympic A.C., New York WIN
1915-11-26 Porky Dan Flynn WLLWDW Harlem S.C., New York WIN
1915-11-15 Tom Cowler WWWWLW Olympia Boxing Club, New York WIN
1915-11-13 Tom McCarty LWWLDD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-11-08 Jack Geyer WLWWWD Shenandoah WIN
1915-10-25 Porky Dan Flynn WWLLW Exposition Building, Portland DRAW
1915-09-28 Soldier Kearns LLLWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1915-09-14 Sandy Ferguson LWWDLL Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
1915-08-28 Soldier Kearns LLLLW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-08-14 Sailor Jack Carroll DWLLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-08-06 Colin Bell LLLWLL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens DRAW
1915-07-13 Joe Rosen LLWWWL Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-07-09 Porky Dan Flynn LLWWL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1915-05-31 Porky Dan Flynn DLLWW Ebbets Field, Brooklyn WIN
1915-05-28 George Ashe LWLLWL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1915-05-14 Jack Connors LLLL Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-04-03 Zulu Kid WLWLWW Federal A.C., New York WIN
1915-03-27 Tom McCarty LWWDLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-03-23 Jack Hanlon LLLLLW Astoria S.C., Astoria, Queens WIN
1915-03-19 Billy Ketchell LW 135th Street A.C., New York WIN
1915-03-08 George Ashe WLWWLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-03-06 Sailor Fred Fritts DWLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1915-01-27 Gunboat Smith LLWWWD Greenwall Theater, New Orleans LOST
1915-01-06 Jack Keating WLLLLL Federal A.C., New York WIN
1915-01-01 Gunboat Smith WLLWWW Auditorium, Waterbury DRAW
1914-12-25 Porky Dan Flynn WWWLDW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1914-11-26 Tom McCarty DDWWWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1914-11-21 Zulu Kid LLDWWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-11-05 Frank Mantell DLLWLL Rhode Island A.C., Providence DRAW
1914-10-31 Terry Kellar WWWWLL Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1914-10-30 Sailor Fred Fritts LLLDW Empire A.C., New York WIN
1914-10-20 Fireman Jim Flynn WDLLWL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-10-09 Gunboat Smith WWWWLW Manhattan Casino, New York WIN
1914-09-18 George Davis LLWLWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1914-08-31 Jack Nevins W Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1914-08-19 Bartley Madden WWWLWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1914-08-18 Sailor Fred Fritts WWLWLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-07-31 Jack Driscoll LLLWWL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1914-07-21 Porky Dan Flynn WLWWWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-06-30 Charley Weinert WWLWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1914-06-26 Bert Kenny WLWWL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1914-06-06 Jack Davies LLW Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1914-05-29 Jack Dillon DWWWWW Federal Park, Indianapolis LOST
1914-05-19 Carl Lewis debut Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-04-14 Jack Dillon WWDWWW Holland Arena, Butte LOST
1914-03-23 Bob Moha WDWWW Southside A.A., Milwaukee LOST
1914-03-17 Sailor Fred Fritts WWWWWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-03-14 Tim O'Neil LLLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-03-09 Jim Coffey WDLLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1914-03-07 Jack Keating WWLLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-03-03 Fred McKay LDLLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-02-06 Tom McMahon LDLWWL Empire A.C., New Star Casino, New York WIN
1914-01-31 Tony Ross LWWWWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-01-27 Soldier Kearns WWWLDL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1914-01-22 Bob Kenny debut Allentown WIN
Technical knockout
1914-01-20 Jack Keating WWWLLL Liberty A.C., Bridgeport WIN
1914-01-19 Jack Connors L Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1914-01-13 Porky Dan Flynn DDDLWW National S.C., New York WIN
1914-01-05 Bob McAllister WWWDDW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1914-01-03 Jim Coffey WWWWDL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-01-01 Tommy Daly LDLL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-12-25 Jack Driscoll WDWLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-12-22 Jim Coffey WWWWWD Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1913-12-09 Fireman Jim Flynn LWLLDL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-12-02 Charley Weinert WWWWWW Brown's Gym, New York DRAW
1913-11-24 Yankee Gilbert LDDDWL Olympic A.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-11-20 Ed Hagen WWWDDD Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-11-18 Tim Logan LLLLLL Brown's Gym, New York WIN
1913-11-15 Soldier Bachus LLWWL Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1913-09-30 Jack Keating WWWWWL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-09-27 Jack Twin Sullivan DDLDWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-09-23 Frank McGuinness WWWWLW Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-09-17 Whitey Allen WLLLL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-09-10 Eddie McGoorty DWWDLL St. Nicholas Arena, New York LOST
1913-08-27 Nick Muller WLWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-08-19 Sailor White DLWLL Atlantic A.A., Rockaway Beach, Queens WIN
1913-08-13 Tim Logan LWDLLL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1913-07-30 Porky Dan Flynn LWWWDD St. Nicholas Arena, New York DRAW
1913-07-03 Jack Twin Sullivan LDDLDW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1913-04-17 Jack Dillon DWWWWW Rochester DRAW
1913-03-07 George Davis WDWLWL Elmwood Music Hall, Buffalo DRAW
1913-02-10 Tom McMahon LWWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1912-12-20 Dick Gilbert LLLWL Jacksonville WIN
1912-11-28 Tom Kennedy WDDDLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-11-12 Harry Ramsey WLWDWL Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-09-28 Eddie McGoorty WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-09-21 Dave Smith WDWWDL National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-09-07 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner LWWLDD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-07-19 Harry Wuest DLLDDW Jacksonville WIN
1912-06-14 Dick Gilbert LWLLL Jacksonville WIN
1912-06-07 Dick Gilbert DLWLL Jacksonville WIN
1912-05-24 Dick Gilbert LDLWL Jacksonville WIN
1912-05-17 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner WLLWWW Luzerne Theater, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1912-05-03 Eddie Palmer WWDWWD Wilkes-Barre WIN
1912-04-16 Tony Caponi LDLDWL Gate City A.C., Atlanta DRAW
1912-04-04 Larry Williams WLWWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-03-21 Peck Miller DLLLLD Keystone A.C., Allentown WIN
1912-03-19 Bill MacKinnon LDDWWW Brown's Gym, New York DRAW
1912-03-12 Eddie Palmer WWWWWW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1912-02-12 Eddie McGoorty LWWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-02-08 George Ashe LDDWWL Monumental Theater, Baltimore WIN
Technical knockout
1912-01-18 George Ashe LWLWLD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1912-01-11 Joe Grim LDLLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-12-27 Jeff Clark WWWWWW Southwest A.C., Joplin LOST
1911-12-14 Jeff Clark WWWWWW Joplin LOST
1911-10-24 Leo Houck WWWWWL Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston LOST
1911-10-23 Jack Dillon DDWLWW American A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1911-10-02 Jim Barry WWLLLW American A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-09-18 Jumbo Wells LLLWWL American A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-08-12 Jack Mitchell debut Tamaqua AC., Tamaqua DRAW
1911-08-08 Billy West LWLWWW Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1911-07-11 Frank Mantell WDLDDD Brown's Gym, New York WIN
1911-06-26 Ralph Calloway LDWDLL Lark Street Auditorium, Albany WIN
1911-05-23 Al Kubiak LWLDWL Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-04-03 Mike Glover LDDDWW American A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-03-25 Tom McMahon LLWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-03-16 Leo Houck WWWLWW Lancaster LOST
1911-02-02 Leo Houck WWWWWW Lancaster LOST
1911-01-28 Mike Glover WWWWLD American A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-01-24 Jack Doyle LLLLDL Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-01-07 Jimmy Howard LWLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-01-02 Jack Fitzgerald WWWWWL American A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-12-23 Young Tommy Coleman WWWWWW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-12-17 Jackie Clark W National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-12-10 Jimmy Glavin WWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1910-12-05 Jack Fitzgerald LWLDWW West End A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-11-24 Mickey McDonough WLWDLL Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-25 Billy Burke DLLLLW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-11 Jack Ferry debut Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-01 Peck Miller LDDLLW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-09-17 Jack Doyle WWLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-09-06 Johnny Dugan WWLLW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1910-08-30 Joe Page debut Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-08-16 Farmer Harris LWWWWW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-06-27 Al Fox debut West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1910-05-02 Kid Selb LDWWLD Willis A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-04-26 Joe O'Neill debut Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-04-19 Joe Sandy WW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-04-04 Jimmy Dolan DDDLD West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-03-14 Reddy Hogan debut Willis A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-03-05 Lew Diamond LL National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1910-02-03 Matt Ryan debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout