Harry Greb boxer

Harry Greb boxer
5′ 8″/173cm

Edward Henry "Harry" Greb (June 6, 1894 – October 22, 1926) was an American professional boxer. Nicknamed "The Pittsburgh Windmill", he is widely regarded by many boxing historians as one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time.He was the American light heavyweight champion from 1922 to 1923 and world middleweight champion from 1923 to 1926. He fought a recorded 298 times in his 13 year-career, which began at around 140 pounds. He fought against the best opposition the talent-rich 1910s and 20s could provide him and despite starting as a welterweight, he was frequently squaring off against and beating light heavyweights and even heavyweights.Greb had a highly aggressive, very fast, swarming style of fighting and buried his opponents under a blizzard of punches. He was elusive with very good footwork to jump in and out on opponents. He was also a master at dirty fighting and had no qualms about employing all manner of dubious tactics, such as spinning his opponent and using the heel and laces of his gloves. Greb often got as much as he gave and unbeknownst to the press continued to fight a number of matches even as he became blind in one eye, due to an injury suffered in an earlier match. The 'Pittsburgh Windmill' was also very durable, suffering only 2 TKO losses in his whole career. The first was in his seventh bout when he was knocked out by an opponent who heavily outweighed him, the second happened 3 years later when Greb broke the radius of his left arm. Greb finished the round but was unable to continue the fight. Greb's ultimate weakness may have been his lack of knockout power; although he was able to hurt and bust up many opponents due to the constant onslaught of clean punches he landed on them, he struggled to stop them but this mostly due to the fact that his opponents were much larger than him. He launched a vicious beating on the much larger Tunney on two occasions, cutting him and hurting him badly, but was unable to knock him out both times. It was the same process with many opponents.Widely considered one of the best fighters of all time, Greb is currently ranked by BoxRec as the 9th greatest fighter of all time. Greb was also named the 7th greatest fighter of the past 80 years by the Ring Magazine, the 5th greatest fighter of all-time by historian Bert Sugar, the 4th greatest fighter of all-time by historian and boxing commentator Max Kellerman and ranked as the #1 middleweight and the #2 pound-for-pound fighter of all-time by the International Boxing Research Organization.Born as Edward Henry Greb to a German immigrant father and mother of German descent, Pius and Annie Greb, who raised him in a working class household. Blue collar Greb began his professional boxing career in 1913, fighting mostly around his hometown of Pittsburgh. By 1915, he was fighting world class opposition, notably hall of famer Tommy Gibbons and reigning middleweight champion George Chip, whom he faced twice during 1915–1916 in non-title fights. Greb would lose both fights by "newspaper" decision (at the time, the rendering of an official decision at the end of a fight was prohibited, so newspapers covering the fight would render a decision), losses he would later avenge.Greb would fight 37 times in the sole year 1917 (a record), winning 34 of those fights either officially or unofficially. Among his victims that year were the reigning light heavyweight champion Battling Levinsky (in a non-title fight), former light heavyweight champion Jack Dillon, middleweight George Chip and heavyweight Willie Meehan, who had beaten future heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey earlier in the year.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1926-08-19 Tiger Flowers WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1926-06-15 Allentown Joe Gans WDWLWW Artillery Park, Wilkes-Barre WIN
Unanimous decision
1926-06-01 Art Weigand WWWDWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1926-02-26 Tiger Flowers WWLWWL Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1926-02-12 Owen Phelps WWWWWW Capital City Arena, Phoenix WIN
1926-02-03 Jimmy Delaney WWWWLW Auditorium, Oakland WIN
1926-01-29 Buck Holley WWDWDW Legion Stadium, Hollywood WIN
Technical knockout
1926-01-26 Ted Moore DWDLLL Arena, Vernon WIN
1926-01-19 Joe Lohman WLLWLW City Auditorium, Omaha WIN
1926-01-11 Roland Todd LDWWLL Coliseum, Toronto WIN
1925-12-14 Soldier Buck WWWWLL Nashville WIN
1925-11-13 Tony Marullo WWLLL Coliseum Arena, New Orleans WIN
1925-10-13 Tony Marullo LWWLL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1925-08-17 Tom Burns LLWWLL Fairgrounds Coliseum, Detroit WIN
1925-08-12 Pat Walsh WLLLLL Airport, Atlantic City WIN
Technical knockout
1925-08-04 Ed Smith WLW Memorial Hall, Kansas City WIN
1925-07-31 Otis Bryant WLWWLD Floto Outdoor Arena, Tulsa WIN
Technical knockout
1925-07-27 Ralph Brooks DWWWLW Forum, Wichita WIN
1925-07-22 Billy Britton LWWWLW Anti Horse Thief Association Stock Show, Columbus WIN
1925-07-16 Maxie Rosenbloom DDWDLW Taylor Bowl, Newburgh Heights WIN
1925-07-02 Mickey Walker WWWWWW Polo Grounds, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1925-06-05 Jimmy Nuss LLWDWW Palestra, Marquette WIN
1925-06-01 Soldier Buck WWWDWW Jefferson County Armory, Louisville WIN
1925-05-29 Tom Burns LLLWWL Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1925-05-06 Billy Britton WLLWWW Fairmont Arena, Columbus WIN
1925-05-01 Quintin Romero Rojas WWLLLL Arena Gardens, Detroit WIN
1925-04-24 Jack Reddick DLWWWW Arena Gardens, Toronto WIN
1925-04-17 Johnny Wilson LWLWLL Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1925-03-27 Gene Tunney WDWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1925-02-23 Young Fisher LDLLLL Town Hall, Scranton WIN
1925-02-17 Billy Britton LLWLWL Mealy's Auditorium, Allentown WIN
1925-01-30 Jimmy Delaney DWWLLL Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1925-01-19 Johnny Papke LWLLLL Weller Theater, Zanesville WIN
Technical knockout
1925-01-09 Bob Sage WWWLWW Arena Gardens, Detroit WIN
1925-01-01 Augie Ratner LLLDLL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1924-11-25 Frankie Ritz WLLLWL State Fair Grounds, Wheeling WIN
Technical knockout
1924-11-17 Jimmy Delaney WWDWWL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1924-11-11 Ray Nelson L Midway Auditorium, Philipsburg WIN
1924-10-13 Tommy Loughran LWDWLW Arena, Philadelphia DRAW
1924-09-17 Gene Tunney WWWWWW Olympic Arena, Brooklyn DRAW
1924-09-15 Billy Hirsch LLLDDW Wabash Park, Mingo Junction WIN
Technical knockout
1924-09-03 Jimmy Slattery WWWWWW Bison Stadium, Buffalo WIN
1924-08-21 Tiger Flowers WWWWWW Legion Stadium, Fremont WIN
1924-06-26 Ted Moore WLWWWW Yankee Stadium, Bronx WIN
Unanimous decision
1924-06-16 Frank Moody LWWWW Brassco Park, Waterbury WIN
1924-06-12 Martin Burke WDWLLW Olympic Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1924-05-12 Pal Reed WDLLWL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1924-05-05 Jackie Clark LLWW Ben Franklin Arena, Kenilworth WIN
Technical knockout
1924-04-19 Kid Norfolk WWWWWW Mechanics Building, Boston LOST
1924-03-24 Fay Keiser LLLWWL 104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore WIN
Technical knockout
1924-02-22 Jack Reeves DLWDWD Auditorium, Oakland WIN
1924-01-18 Johnny Wilson WWLWWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1923-12-25 Tommy Loughran LWDWWW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1923-12-10 Gene Tunney WWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
Unanimous decision
1923-12-03 Bryan Downey WDWLLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
Unanimous decision
1923-11-15 Chuck Wiggins WWLDLL Armory, Grand Rapids WIN
1923-11-05 Soldier Jones WWWLWL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1923-10-22 Lou Bogash WWWWLW 1st Regiment Armory, Newark WIN
1923-10-11 Tommy Loughran WLWLWD Mechanics Building, Boston LOST
1923-10-04 Jimmy Darcy LLLLLL Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1923-08-31 Johnny Wilson WWDWWW Polo Grounds, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1923-06-16 Len Rowlands WWLWLL Craft's Five Acres, Uniontown WIN
1923-02-23 Gene Tunney DWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1923-02-16 Young Fisher WLDLDW Arena, Syracuse WIN
1923-02-05 Pal Reed LWLWLL Broad A.C., Newark WIN
1923-01-30 Tommy Loughran LDWLWL Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1923-01-22 Billy Shade WWWWWW 4th Regiment Armory, Jersey City WIN
1923-01-15 Tommy Loughran WLDWLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1923-01-01 Bob Roper WDLLWL Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1922-11-10 Bob Roper LWDLLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1922-10-27 Larry Williams LLLLLL Marieville Gardens, North Providence WIN
Technical knockout
1922-09-29 Bob Roper LDLLWD Armory, Grand Rapids WIN
1922-09-26 Al Benedict LLLLLL Coliseum, Toronto WIN
Technical knockout
1922-07-10 Tommy Loughran WWWWWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1922-06-26 Hugh Walker WLWDDD Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1922-05-23 Gene Tunney WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1922-05-12 Al Roberts LWLWWW Arena, Boston WIN
1922-03-13 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1922-02-20 Jeff Smith LWWLWW Ohio National Guard Armory, Cincinnati WIN
1922-02-01 Hugh Walker WLLWWW Armory, Grand Rapids WIN
1922-01-02 Chuck Wiggins LWWLWW Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1921-12-23 Whitey Allen WLWLWW Arena, Syracuse WIN
Technical knockout
1921-12-06 Fay Keiser DWWLLW Ice Palace, Philadelphia WIN
1921-11-25 Homer Smith WLDL Newark Athletic Club, Newark WIN
Technical knockout
1921-11-11 Billy Shade WWWWWW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1921-11-04 Charley Weinert WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1921-10-24 Jimmy Darcy LLWWDL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
Unanimous decision
1921-09-20 Joe Cox LLLWWL Palace of Joy, Coney Island, Brooklyn WIN
1921-09-05 Chuck Wiggins LWWWWL Huntington WIN
1921-08-29 Kid Norfolk WWWWLW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1921-06-23 Chuck Wiggins LWWWDW Three-I League Park, Terre Haute WIN
1921-05-28 Chuck Wiggins WLWWW Springbrook Park, South Bend DRAW
1921-05-20 Jeff Smith LWLLWW Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans DRAW
1921-05-13 Jimmy Darcy LLWDWW Arena, Boston WIN
1921-05-04 Bartley Madden DWLLLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1921-04-11 Soldier Jones WLWWWW The Armouries, Toronto WIN
1921-04-06 Jack Renault WWWWLW Mount Royal Arena, Montreal WIN
1921-04-01 Happy Littleton WWWWWW Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans WIN
1921-03-16 Jack Renault WWWWWW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1921-02-25 Jeff Smith WWWLWL Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1921-01-29 Pal Reed DWWWWW Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1921-01-20 Johnny Celmars LLWWLL Dallas WIN
1920-12-25 Jeff Smith WWWWLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
1920-12-21 Bob Roper LLWWWW Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1920-12-11 Jack Duffy WWLDLW Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1920-11-22 Bob Moha WLLLLW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1920-11-10 Bartley Madden WLLWDW National Guard Armory, Kalamazoo WIN
1920-10-28 Mickey Shannon DWWWDW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1920-10-21 Gunboat Smith LWLWDW Springbrook Park, South Bend WIN
1920-09-22 Ted Jamieson WWLLWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
Technical knockout
1920-09-06 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWL Floyd Fitzsimmons Arena, Benton Harbor WIN
1920-08-28 Ted Jamieson WWWLLW Ramona Baseball Park, Grand Rapids WIN
1920-08-20 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWW National Guard Armory, Kalamazoo WIN
1920-08-14 Bob Moha WDWLLL Cedar Point Arena, Sandusky WIN
1920-07-31 Tommy Gibbons WDWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1920-07-08 Larry Williams LWLLLL Bison Stadium, Buffalo WIN
1920-07-05 Bob Moha WWDWLL Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1920-06-28 Frank Carbone DLDWWW Convention Hall, Rochester WIN
1920-06-02 Clay Turner WWWLLW Ice Palace, Philadelphia WIN
1920-05-15 Tommy Gibbons WWWDWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh LOST
1920-04-05 Bob Roper LLWLWW Stockyards Stadium, Denver WIN
1920-03-25 George KO Brown LDLLLL Stockyards Stadium, Denver WIN
1920-03-22 Larry Williams LWLLWL Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1920-03-17 Tommy Robson WDLLWW Industries Building, Dayton WIN
1920-03-09 Clay Turner LWLLWL Armory, Akron WIN
1920-02-21 Bob Roper WWWLLW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1920-02-06 Zulu Kid LLLLLW National Guard Armory, Kalamazoo WIN
1919-12-22 Clay Turner DWWDLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-12-15 Billy Kramer LLLWLD Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-12-12 Mike McTigue WDWWW Ideal Park Pavilion, Endicott WIN
1919-12-10 Clay Turner LDDWWD Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-11-28 Soldier Jones WLLWLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-11-27 Zulu Kid LLDLL Nonpareil A.C., Beaver Falls WIN
1919-11-24 Larry Williams WDDLLW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-11-17 George KO Brown LLLLLD Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1919-10-13 Sailor Ed Petroskey WWDLLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-09-18 Silent Martin WLLLLW Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
1919-09-03 Battling Levinsky DWLWWW State Fair Grounds, Wheeling WIN
1919-09-01 Jeff Smith WWWWLW Idora Park, Youngstown WIN
1919-08-23 Bill Brennan WLLLDL Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-08-11 Terry Kellar LDLLWL Highland Park, Dayton WIN
1919-07-24 Joe Chip LLLLLW Idora Park, Youngstown WIN
1919-07-16 George KO Brown LDDWLL Wheeling Park, Wheeling WIN
1919-07-14 Battling Levinsky LWLLDW Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1919-07-04 Bill Brennan DWLLLD Convention Hall, Tulsa WIN
1919-06-23 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-06-20 Yankee Gilbert WWLLLW Wheeling WIN
Technical knockout
1919-06-18 Happy Howard WWWLWL Carney Auditorium, Erie WIN
1919-06-16 Joe Borrell LLLWLW Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1919-05-26 Tommy Robson WLWWLL Arena, Syracuse WIN
1919-05-13 Bartley Madden WLWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-05-08 Willie Meehan DWLLWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-05-06 Clay Turner WLWWLL Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1919-04-28 Battling Levinsky WLWWLW Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1919-04-25 Leo Houck LWLWWL Carney Auditorium, Erie WIN
1919-04-08 George Davis WWLWLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-04-07 Young Fisher LLWLW Arena, Syracuse WIN
1919-04-02 Tommy Madden WDLLWD Majestic Theater, Butler WIN
1919-03-31 Billy Miske WLWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-03-25 Happy Howard WDLWWW Cambria Theatre, Johnstown WIN
1919-03-17 Bill Brennan DLDDWL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-03-06 Leo Houck LWWWDW Lancaster WIN
1919-03-03 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWL Elks Auditorium, Detroit WIN
1919-02-28 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWW Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1919-02-17 Battling Levinsky LLWLWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-02-10 Bill Brennan WDLDDW Arena, Syracuse WIN
1919-02-03 Len Rowlands LWWLLW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1919-01-31 Tommy Robson LWWLWW Cleveland A.C., Cleveland WIN
1919-01-27 Soldier Bartfield LWDLLW Memorial Hall, Columbus WIN
1919-01-23 Paul Samson Koerner WLWDL Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-01-20 Young Fisher LWLWL Grand Opera House, Syracuse WIN
1919-01-14 Leo Houck LWWWWL Arena, Boston WIN
1918-09-21 Billy Miske DWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1918-08-09 Clay Turner LWLWWL Ballpark, Jersey City WIN
1918-08-06 Battling Levinsky DDWWWL Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1918-07-27 Eddie McGoorty WWWWWW Fort Sheridan WIN
1918-07-16 Soldier Bartfield DLWLLW Shibe Park, Philadelphia DRAW
1918-07-04 Bob Moha WLLLWW Douglas Park, Rock Island WIN
1918-06-24 Frank Carbone LWWLLD Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1918-06-20 Zulu Kid LLLLLW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1918-05-29 Soldier Bartfield DLDLWL Swayne Field, Toledo WIN
1918-05-20 Soldier Bartfield WDLDLW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1918-05-15 Clay Turner LWWLLW Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1918-05-13 Al McCoy LWLLDL People's Theater, Cincinnati WIN
1918-03-18 Willie Langford WWLLD Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1918-03-11 Mike McTigue DWWWLL Moose Hall, Cleveland WIN
1918-03-04 Jack Dillon WWLDLD Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1918-02-25 Mike O'Dowd WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul DRAW
1918-02-18 Bob Moha LLLWLL People's Theater, Cincinnati WIN
1918-02-04 Jack Hubbard LLLLLL Lonaconing WIN
1918-01-29 Zulu Kid LLLLLL Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1918-01-21 Augie Ratner WWWWWW Dauphine Theater, New Orleans WIN
1918-01-14 Battling Kopin DLWL Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
1918-01-04 Terry Kellar LWLLLL Orpheum Theater, McKeesport WIN
1917-12-25 Whitey Wenzel WLLWWD Turner Hall, Homestead WIN
1917-12-17 Gus Christie LWWLLL Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1917-12-08 Terry Martin DLLWDL Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
1917-12-05 George Ashe WWLWW Cambria Theatre, Johnstown WIN
1917-12-03 Willie Meehan WDDWLD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-11-19 George Chip LWLWLW Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1917-11-02 Soldier Bartfield WLWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1917-10-23 Gus Christie WLWWLL Armory, Chattanooga WIN
1917-10-19 Len Rowlands LLWWDW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1917-10-11 Gus Christie WWLWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-10-06 Billy Kramer WWWWDD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-09-25 Johnny Howard LWLLLD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1917-09-22 Battling Kopin LDLW Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
Technical knockout
1917-09-17 George KO Brown LLLWLW Highland Park, Dayton WIN
Technical knockout
1917-09-14 Jack London WWWDL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1917-09-11 Jeff Smith WWWLWW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1917-09-06 Battling Levinsky WWWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-07-30 Jack Dillon DWWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-07-02 Buck Crouse WWLLLL Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1917-06-14 Frank Mantell LLLWLL West End Theatre, Uniontown WIN
1917-05-22 George Chip WWWWLW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-05-19 Jeff Smith WWLWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-05-09 Harry Baker WLWLLL West End Theatre, Uniontown WIN
1917-05-03 Jackie Clark WWLWL Cumberland DRAW
1917-04-30 Al McCoy WWLWDL Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-04-16 Zulu Kid WWLWWL Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-04-14 Al Rogers LLLLL Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
1917-04-02 Young Ahearn WWWDWL Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-03-23 Young Herman Miller LWLDD Southside Casino, Johnstown WIN
Technical knockout
1917-03-20 Tommy Gavigan LWWLLL Palisades Rink, McKeesport WIN
Technical knockout
1917-03-05 Frankie Brennan WLWLWW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-02-12 Willie KO Brennan WLDWLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-02-10 Mike Gibbons LWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1917-01-29 Fay Keiser WWLDWL Lonaconing WIN
1917-01-20 Jules Jewell Ritchie DWWDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1917-01-13 Eddie Coleman DLDL Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
1917-01-01 Joe Borrell WWWWWW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-12-26 Bob Moha WWWLWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-11-27 George KO Brown LLWWLD Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-11-24 Tommy Burke LLWLWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-11-17 Willie KO Brennan WLWLDW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-11-14 Jackie Clark LWWLW Lonaconing WIN
1916-11-08 Willie KO Brennan DLWWLW Carney Auditorium, Erie WIN
1916-11-04 KO Sweeney DLLLLL Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-10-21 Harry Baker LLWWLW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-10-16 Jackie Clark WWLWW Lonaconing WIN
1916-09-04 Fay Keiser WWLWWW Cumberland WIN
1916-08-28 Jerry Cole WWWLLD Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-08-07 Al Grayber DWDWLW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-06-26 George Chip WLWWDW Coliseum, New Castle LOST
1916-06-17 Whitey Wenzel WWLWWL New Kensington A.C., New Kensington WIN
1916-06-03 Kid Manuel WWWLLW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-05-06 Whitey Wenzel WWWLWW Skating Rink, Charleroi WIN
1916-04-27 Grant Clark LDWLLL Casino, Johnstown NC
No Contest
1916-04-01 Kid Manuel WLWDWL Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-02-26 Walter Monaghan LLLLWL Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-12-16 Kid Graves DWWLLW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh LOST
Technical knockout
1915-11-16 Tommy Gibbons WDWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1915-10-18 George Chip WWLWD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-09-13 Al Rogers DLLDDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-08-23 Al Rogers LDLLDD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-07-22 Fay Keiser WWWLWD Moose Hall, Cumberland WIN
1915-07-21 George Hauser LLLLLL Knoxville Elks Club Picnic Grounds, Elwyn Grove WIN
1915-07-12 Tommy Gavigan LLLLWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-06-25 Fay Keiser WWWWLW Cumberland DRAW
1915-05-31 Fay Keiser WWWWWL West Side Basketball Hall, Connellsville LOST
1915-05-24 Whitey Wenzel WWLLDD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-04-22 Joe Borrell WWWLDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-04-15 Whitey Wenzel WWWLLD East Liberty Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-03-25 Harry Baker DWWLLD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-03-13 Jack Lavin DLL Palisades Rink, McKeesport WIN
1915-03-06 Tommy Mack WWW West Bean street rink, Washington WIN
1915-03-04 Whitey Wenzel WWWWWW East Liberty Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-02-10 Harry Baker LLDDWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-01-25 Jack Blackburn LLLDDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1915-01-12 Billy Miske WWWDWW Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1915-01-08 Howard Truesdale WLWLLD Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-01-01 Billy Donovan LWLDWD Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-12-07 Joe Borrell WLLWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-11-14 Terry Martin WWWLDW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1914-09-26 Jack Fink WDDLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-08-31 John Foley WLLLL Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-08-24 Whitey Wenzel WDLLDW Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1914-08-10 Irish Gorgas LLLLL Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-07-27 George Lewis DWL Steubenville WIN
1914-07-20 John Foley WLLL Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-06-29 Irish Gorgas LLLLL Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-06-15 Walter Monaghan WWLLLL Waldemeier Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-05-29 Whitey Wenzel LLWDLL Academy Theater, Pittsburgh DRAW
1914-05-25 George Lewis DW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-05-13 Fay Keiser L Southside Market House, Pittsburgh DRAW
1914-04-14 Fay Keiser debut Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-03-02 Mickey Rodgers LLWWWW Steubenville WIN
1914-01-10 Whitey Wenzel DLLWDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1914-01-01 Whitey Wenzel LDLLWD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-12-12 Young Battling Nelson W Mishler Theatre, Altoona WIN
Technical knockout
1913-12-06 Battling Sherbine WWLL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-11-29 Joe Chip WWWLWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1913-11-17 Mike Milko WWWWDW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-10-22 Mike Milko LLWWWW Tariff Club, Pittsburgh DRAW
1913-10-11 Hooks Evans WDLWLL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1913-08-13 Lloyd Crutcher debut Punxsutawney WIN
1913-07-19 Battling Murphy L Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1913-05-29 Frank Kirkwood debut Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN