Leo Houck boxer

Leo Houck boxer
5′ 8″/173cm

Leo Florian Hauck (November 4, 1888 – January 21, 1950) was an American boxer. During his career he was able to achieve victories over many Hall of Famers including Jack Britton, Jack Dillon, Battling Levinsky, Frank Klaus, Billy Papke, Jeff Smith and Harry Lewis. He also faced the likes of Harry Greb, Gene Tunney and Mike Gibbons. He was inducted into the Ring Magazine hall of fame in 1969, the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1972, and enshrined within the International Boxing Hall of Fame as a part of the 2012 class.He was born on November 4, 1888 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He began boxing in 1902 as a flyweight, and fought successfully in every weight division up to heavyweight. Houck later served as the boxing coach at Penn State from 1922 to 1949, while also working as a boxing promoter in Lancaster (1931-32). Houck also worked as a referee and judge in the state of Pennsylvania. He died on January 21, 1950.All information in this section is derived from BoxRec, unless otherwise stated. All newspaper decisions are officially regarded as “no decision” bouts and are not counted to the win/loss/draw column.Record with the inclusion of newspaper decisions to the win/loss/draw column.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1926-08-09 Sailor Jack Grady debut Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1923-05-07 Buck Ashton WLDLL Lancaster WIN
1922-10-23 Lew Schupp LLLWWL Fulton Opera House, Lancaster WIN
1922-10-02 Jackie Clark WWDWL Lancaster WIN
1922-08-28 Jim Holland WLWWLD Lancaster WIN
1922-07-24 Frankie Britton WWWWWL Lancaster WIN
1922-06-17 Santiago Esparraguera LWWWWW Nuevo Fronton, Havana WIN
1922-05-20 Kid Cardenas LWWWWL Havana WIN
1922-05-01 Young Herman Miller LLLLL York WIN
1922-04-17 Lew Schupp LLWWLL Fulton Opera House, Lancaster WIN
1922-03-13 Sergeant Ray Smith LLLLL Lancaster WIN
1921-05-21 Dan O'Dowd LWWWWL Atlantic City LOST
1920-12-07 Gene Tunney WWWWWW 4th Regiment Armory, Jersey City LOST
1920-11-29 Leo Leonard WDWWWW Williamsport DRAW
1920-11-25 Gene Tunney WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1920-11-12 K.O. Sullivan WLLWWL Camden Sportsmen's Club, Camden WIN
1920-10-23 Fay Keiser LLWD Roller Rink, Cumberland DRAW
1920-10-22 Frankie Farron D Lancaster WIN
1920-06-22 Young Herman Miller LWLLW Norfolk WIN
1920-05-31 K O Samson WLLLLL Colubia WIN
1920-05-14 K O Samson WWLLLL Columbia WIN
1920-05-10 Rudy Martinez debut Fulton Opera House, Lancaster WIN
1920-03-16 Johnny Howard WLLLD Schuetzen Park, Bayonne WIN
1920-03-11 K O Samson WDLWWL Germantown A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1920-03-08 Jackie Clark WDDWWD Fulton Opera House, Lancaster LOST
1920-02-03 Roddy MacDonald LDWDDW Armouries, Halifax LOST
1920-01-21 Eddie Revoire LWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1920-01-10 K O Samson LLLWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-12-15 Bert Kenny LWLLLL Manor Street Theatre, Lancaster WIN
1919-12-12 Harry Applegate debut York A.C., York WIN
1919-11-24 K O Samson WWLWLL Lancaster WIN
1919-10-06 K O Samson LLWWLW Lancaster WIN
1919-09-11 Bert Kenny LLLLWL Atlantic City WIN
1919-04-28 Larry Williams LWLLLW Lancaster DRAW
1919-04-25 Harry Greb WWWWWW Carney Auditorium, Erie LOST
1919-04-04 Joe Allison LLWWLL Penns Grove LOST
1919-03-31 Al McCoy DLLDLL Lancaster WIN
1919-03-28 Larry Williams WLLWLL Harrisburg WIN
1919-03-25 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Coliseum, Saint Louis LOST
1919-03-14 Jack Clifford W Cambria A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-03-06 Harry Greb WWWWWW Lancaster LOST
1919-02-24 Zulu Kid WLWLD Lancaster WIN
1919-02-20 Roddy MacDonald WLWWWD Halifax DRAW
1919-02-04 Bob Grant W All American A.C., Lancaster WIN
1919-02-02 Bob Grant debut Lancaster WIN
1919-01-20 Battling Kopin WLWLLL Lancaster WIN
1919-01-14 Harry Greb WDWWWW Arena, Boston LOST
1918-12-25 Battling Levinsky WWLLWL Lancaster LOST
1918-07-30 Pete Malone LLLLLL Chester WIN
1918-07-04 Jeff Smith WWLWWW Lancaster WIN
1918-05-27 Gunboat Smith LLWLLL Erne Club, Lancaster WIN
1918-04-23 Clay Turner WWLWWL Lancaster WIN
1918-04-15 Johnny Wilson WWWWLL Douglas A.C., Chelsea LOST
1918-03-11 Johnny Wilson LWWWWW Douglas A.C., Chelsea WIN
1918-03-04 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWL Lancaster WIN
1918-02-22 Jack McCarron LWWWWW Cambria A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-01-01 Chuck Wiggins WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-12-25 George Ashe WLWWL Lancaster WIN
1917-12-10 KO Willie Loughlin WWLWW Lancaster WIN
1917-11-19 Buck Crouse WLLLLL Lancaster WIN
1917-10-26 Willie Meehan LDWDDW Cambria A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-10-22 Jack McCarron WWWLWL Frank Erne Club, Lancaster WIN
1917-09-18 Young Herman Miller LDDLD York WIN
1917-05-22 See Saw Kelly LWWDLL Lancaster WIN
1917-05-16 Battling Levinsky WWWWLD York Opera House, York LOST
1917-05-07 Jackie Clark WLWLD Lancaster WIN
1917-04-16 Tommy Burke WWLWWD Lancaster WIN
1917-03-30 Dummy Ketchell WLLWL Lancaster WIN
1917-01-21 Eddie Revoire WWWWW Lancaster WIN
1916-12-27 Fay Keiser WWWLDW Cumberland WIN
1916-12-09 Al Grayber WLWLWW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh DRAW
1916-05-15 Jack Reck LWWWLL Lancaster WIN
1916-04-25 Ralph Erne LLLWDL Coliseum Hall, York WIN
1916-04-07 Young Herman Miller LLWWLD York WIN
1916-03-29 Jack Reck WLWWWL Keystone AC, Harrisburg WIN
1916-03-13 K.O. Sullivan WDWLLL Lancaster WIN
1916-03-07 Eddie Revoire DWWL Auditorium, Reading LOST
1916-02-29 Battling Brandt WWLLLW York WIN
1916-02-14 Billy Berger LWLLWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1915-11-22 Willie Baker WLWLWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-11-16 Sailor Grande DLLLDW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1915-11-15 Al Rogers DDLLDW Frohsinn Hall, Altoona WIN
1915-11-11 Bill Fleming WWWDWW Falcon Hall, Meriden DRAW
1915-09-30 Johnny Howard WWWWWW Lancaster WIN
1915-09-14 Young Herman Miller WWWLDL Conestoga Park, Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1915-09-10 Bert Kenny LLWDWW New Polo A.C., New York WIN
1915-07-26 Sailor Grande LWWWWW Lancaster DRAW
1915-06-07 Young Ahearn DWDWWW Capitol District A.C., Albany LOST
1915-05-26 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York LOST
1915-05-19 Frank Mantell WLLLWL Rhode Island A.C., Providence WIN
1915-04-22 Young Ahearn WDWDWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1915-04-08 George KO Brown LDW Bijou Theater, Atlanta WIN
1915-03-30 Al Grayber LWDDWW Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-03-27 George Ashe LWWLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-03-22 Jack Toland LLLLLD Lancaster WIN
1914-11-16 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner WWWWWW Lancaster WIN
1914-11-14 Young Ahearn WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-09-07 Tommy Gavigan LLLLLL Wright Field, Youngstown WIN
Technical knockout
1914-04-21 George Chip WWWWLW Grand Opera House, Youngstown WIN
1914-02-23 Billy Murray WWDWWW Coffroth's Arena, Daly City LOST
Technical knockout
1914-01-17 Joe Borrell WWWWWL National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1913-12-20 Joe Borrell WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-11-15 George Chip WWLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-10-09 Jack Dillon WWWDWW Rocky Springs Park, Lancaster WIN
1913-09-06 Tommy Bergin LLLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-05-29 Buck Crouse WWWWLW Lancaster WIN
1913-05-07 George KO Brown WLDWWD St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1913-03-27 Dick Gilbert LLWLL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1913-02-10 Al Rogers DDWDLL Mishler Theatre, Altoona DRAW
1913-01-22 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1913-01-15 Freddie Hicks DLWLWW Lancaster WIN
1912-11-25 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner WLDDLL Town Hall, Scranton DRAW
1912-11-15 Larry Williams LWWLWW Lancaster WIN
1912-11-08 Dave Smith WDLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-10-28 Jack Fitzgerald WLLLLL Scranton WIN
1912-10-09 Eddie McGoorty WWWWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-09-27 Billy Papke LLLWWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-09-19 Peck Miller LLLLWW Lancaster WIN
1912-06-13 George Chip DWDLLW Rossmere Park, Lancaster WIN
1912-05-23 Jack Fitzgerald LLWLLL Lancaster WIN
1912-05-07 Buck Crouse DWWWWW Pilgrim A.A., Boston LOST
1912-04-23 Peck Miller LLLDLL Lancaster WIN
1912-04-20 Bob Moha WWWWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-04-12 Peck Miller LLLLDL Lancaster WIN
1912-01-01 Jack Dillon WWWWWD Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis LOST
Technical knockout
1911-12-09 Buck Crouse WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-11-15 Buck Crouse DWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
1911-11-03 Harry Ramsey LWLLWL Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-10-24 Battling Levinsky WWDWDL Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1911-10-18 Frank Klaus WWWWWW American A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1911-09-28 Harry Ramsey DLWLLW Lancaster WIN
1911-09-21 Frank Mantell DDDLWW National S.C., New York WIN
1911-09-16 George Chip LWWWLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-06-16 Joe Thomas WDDLL Lancaster WIN
1911-05-03 Harry Lewis WWWWWW L'Hippodrome, Clichy WIN
1911-03-16 Battling Levinsky WWWWDL Lancaster WIN
1911-03-13 Harry Ramsey LLWLDD American A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-02-23 Harry Mansfield LWDWLD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1911-02-14 Frank Klaus LWLWDW Armory A.A., Boston LOST
1911-02-04 Tom McMahon DWWWLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-02-02 Battling Levinsky WWWWWD Lancaster WIN
1910-11-11 Frank Mantell LDLLLW Rhode Island A.C., Thornton WIN
1910-10-29 Frank Klaus WWDWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-27 Fred Corbett WLLDWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1910-10-17 Jimmy Gardner WWDLLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-11 Tommy Quill LWDLDW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1910-10-07 Young Loughrey WWLLDL Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-10-01 Young Otto WWWWDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-09-28 Jimmy Dolan DLDLLD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1910-09-17 Harry Lewis WWWWLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-08-23 Harry Lewis WWWWWW Armory, Boston WIN
1910-06-23 Young Loughrey LWDWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-06-16 Joe Hirst LLWDLW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-05-04 Young Loughrey WWLWDW Wilmington LOST
1910-04-30 Johnny Willetts LDLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-04-26 Frank Perron LLLLLD Armory, Boston LOST
1910-04-21 Dick Nelson WDWWLD New Haven DRAW
1910-04-15 Young Erne WDWWWL Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-04-07 Young Loughrey DWWWLW Academy Hall, Reading DRAW
1910-03-31 Young Erne WWDWWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-03-17 Joe Hirst WDLWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-03-15 Young Loughrey WWDWWW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-03-09 Jack Cardiff LDLWLL Academy Hall, Reading WIN
1910-03-03 Young Nitchie LLLWLW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-02-16 Paddy Lavin WDWWDL Academy Hall, Reading LOST
1910-02-12 Young Erne WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1910-02-10 Tommy O'Keefe WWWDWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1910-01-29 Mickey Gannon LDLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1910-01-20 Joe Hirst WWLWDL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST
1909-12-20 Young Nitchie LLLWLL Academy Hall, Reading WIN
1909-12-16 Kid Locke LWWLLL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1909-12-02 Young Kid Broad LDWWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1909-11-25 Joe Hirst LWLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1909-11-11 Joe Sieger LDLWLW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-10-14 Mike Fleming WLLLLL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1909-05-14 Tommy O'Keefe WWLWWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1909-03-27 Grover Hayes LLLWLL National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1909-03-18 Jack Britton LWWDWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-03-04 Young Kid Broad WWDLDD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1909-02-23 Grover Hayes DLLLWL Chestnut Street Auditorium, Harrisburg WIN
1909-02-18 Kid Locke LDDDWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-02-04 Jack Britton DWDLWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-01-14 Eddie McAvoy WWDWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST
1908-12-17 Phil Griffin LWWWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1908-11-19 George Decker LLLLDL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1908-10-15 Harry Kegel DWWDDW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1908-04-25 Phil Griffin LWDWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1908-04-16 Willie Lucas WWDLWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1908-03-19 Percy Cove LWLDLL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST
1908-02-20 Tommy O'Keefe LWWLWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST
1908-01-16 Kid Daly LW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-12-12 Kid Beebe DLWLWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-11-14 Kid Beebe LLLDLD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-10-17 Frankie Moore WWDWDW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1907-06-12 Reddy Moore WWDWWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1907-04-25 Buck Eagan debut Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-04-04 Young Kid Broad DLLWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-02-21 Young Kid Broad WWLLLD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1907-01-24 Young Marshall LDDWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-12-13 Eddie Wallace WLLLWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
Technical knockout
1906-10-18 Jack Britton LWWWWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-06-04 Hugh McCann DLWWWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-05-17 Jimmy Livingstone LDLWWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-04-18 Sam Parks LW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1906-03-07 Sam Parks debut Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-02-21 Tommy Dugan debut Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1906-01-24 Young Jack Hanlon LDLDWD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1905-04-07 Pinky Evans WWWWDD Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1905-02-17 Walter Groff WDDDLL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1904-11-12 Carl Kreckel debut Terre Hill DRAW
1904-10-20 Young Warren W Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST