Frank Klaus boxer

Frank Klaus boxer
5′ 7½″/171cm

Frank Klaus (December 30, 1887 in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania – February 8, 1948) was an American boxer from 1904 to 1918. Klaus claimed the vacant World Middleweight Championship in 1913 and was elected to the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1974. Gifted with a strong punch, he lost exceptionally few fights in his nine-year career, and was knocked out only once. Nat Fleischer ranked Klaus as the #6 All-Time Middleweight. His manager was George Engel.Frank Klaus was born on December 30, 1887 to German-American parents in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. He worked as a young man at the Westinghouse Machine Shop, and also mined coal with his father. He started boxing training early and after winning an amateur tournament at East Pittsburgh's Wilmerding Athletic Club was recognized to have boxing promise by local boxing mentor George Engel. He started his amateur career as early as 1904, and in February 1905 had three round wins on points in Pittsburgh against Frank Walton, and James Harris.On October 18, 1911, Klaus defeated the great contender Leo Houck in a newspaper win by both the Philadelphia Item and the Philadelphia Record. In his career, the Pennsylvania born middleweight fought some of the greatest welter, middle, and light heavyweights of his era, including Jack Dillon, Battling Levinsky, Mike Gibbons, Harry Greb, and Al McCoy.Klaus claimed the World Middleweight Title a few years after it became vacant upon the death of Stanley Ketchel in October 1910. Several contenders competed for the title. Accounts vary as to when Klaus was officially champion, but Klaus himself first claimed the title after defeating Sailor Ed Petrosky in a 20-round points decision in San Francisco on February 22, 1912. His victories over Jack Dillon, and later fellow claimant Georges Carpentier and former champion Billy Papke in France, cemented his claim to the title. He was officially recognized as champion by sanctioning bodies on March 5, 1913.In his historic title bout against Georges Carpentier on June 24, 1912 in Dieppe, France, Klaus won on a nineteenth round disqualification when Carpentier's manager entered the ring to protest his boxer being elbowed repeatedly by Klaus. Carpentier's manager tried to pull his fighter from the ring by his waist, but the boxer's second had already thrown in the towel.On September 9, 1912, Klaus defeated Marcel Moreau in Savoie, France as the result of a low blow foul in the fourth of fifteen rounds.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1913-12-23 George Chip LWWWLW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
Technical knockout
1913-10-11 George Chip WWWLWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
Technical knockout
1913-09-29 Eddie McGoorty WWDLLW Southside A.A., Milwaukee DRAW
1913-07-01 Jimmy Gardner LLLWW Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1913-05-29 Jack Dillon WWWWDW Washington Park, Indianapolis LOST
1913-05-24 Eddie McGoorty DWDWWD Exposition Park, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-03-05 Billy Papke WWLLWW Cirque de Paris, Paris WIN
1912-09-16 Pietro Boine WWWWDL Casino-Kursaal, Lyon WIN
1912-09-09 Marcel Moreau WWWLWL Villa des Fleurs, Aix-les-Bains WIN
1912-06-24 Georges Carpentier WWWWWW Grand Hall des Magasins Généraux, Dieppe WIN
1912-05-03 Jack Dillon WWWDWL Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1912-03-23 Jack Dillon WWWWDW Coffroth's Arena, Daly City WIN
1912-02-22 Sailor Ed Petroskey DWDDWW Auditorium Pavilion, San Francisco WIN
1912-01-29 George KO Brown LDLLWL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-01-15 Jimmy Howard WDWWDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-12-06 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1911-10-18 Leo Houck WWWWWW American A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-10-12 Tommy Sullivan LWDDDL Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1911-08-17 Cyclone Johnny Thompson WWLWLW National A.C., New York WIN
1911-07-01 Vic Hansen WDWWDD Coalinga WIN
1911-06-15 Montana Dan Sullivan WWDLDL Piedmont Pavilion, Oakland WIN
1911-05-06 Bill MacKinnon WLWLDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-04-11 Jimmy Gardner LWWDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-03-28 Montana Jack Sullivan WLWWLW Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
Technical knockout
1911-02-14 Leo Houck WWWWWW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1911-02-07 Willie Lewis LWLWWL Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
Technical knockout
1911-01-31 Jimmy Gardner LLDLWW Armory A.A., Boston DRAW
1911-01-11 Billy Berger DWLDLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1910-12-20 Hugo Kelly WLWWWW Armory, Boston LOST
1910-12-15 Jack Abbott WLWWLW Palisades Rink, McKeesport WIN
Technical knockout
1910-11-29 Jimmy Gardner WDLLDL Armory, Boston LOST
1910-10-29 Leo Houck WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-09-28 Frank Mantell DWLDLL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1910-04-12 Jimmy Gardner DDWWDL Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1910-03-29 Frank Mantell WDWDWW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1910-03-23 Stanley Ketchel WWWWWL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh DRAW
1910-01-18 Jack Twin Sullivan WLLDWW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1910-01-07 Billy Berger DWWWDW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-12-21 Porky Dan Flynn WDWWWL Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1909-12-18 Joe Thomas LWDWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1909-11-27 Harry Lewis WWLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1909-11-11 Billy Papke DLWLDW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-10-26 Jack Rowan WWLWLL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-09-17 Hugh McGann LLWDWL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-06-25 Hugo Kelly LWLDWL Bijou Theater, Pittsburgh LOST
1909-05-31 Jack Fitzgerald WLLWWW West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-05-15 Harry Mansfield LDLDWD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1909-04-24 Harry Lewis WLLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-04-05 Harry Mansfield LLLLLD West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-03-18 Jack Williams DWLLLL Hiland Theater, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1909-03-04 Cy Flynn WLDLL Hiland Theater, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1909-02-18 Harry Mansfield WLLLL Hiland Theater, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-02-11 Pat Carney L Hiland Theater, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-02-08 Jim Donovan LDLLL Turner Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-01-15 Tommy Crawford DLDLLW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1908-12-23 Tommy Lynch DDWWLD Turner Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1908-12-22 Paul Moore WWLDWW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
1908-11-28 Billy Clark DLWDDD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-11-16 Jack Fitzgerald LLLLWD West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-10-30 Kid Williams LWLDL New Amsterdam Opera House, New York WIN
1908-10-24 Jim Donovan LLWLD Terminal A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1908-09-25 Johnny Carroll WLWWL National S.C., New York WIN
1908-09-16 Jack Robinson WLLLWL Mozart Theater, Binghamton LOST
1908-09-12 Billy Clark WLDLWD National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1908-09-11 Jack Robinson WWLLLW National S.C., New York WIN
1908-09-08 Dutch Zimmer WWLDD Navarre A.C., New York WIN
1908-08-26 Jim Donovan DWLLW Navarre A.C., New York WIN
1908-05-29 Jack Nelson DLDLL Roman A.C., New York WIN
1908-05-07 Jack Fitzgerald WDDWLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-05-04 Cub White LLWWWL West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-03-28 Billy Clark DWLDLW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1908-03-16 Alex Laird L Latrobe WIN
1907-12-10 Paul Moore WWLWLL Rankin Athletic Club Rooms, Rankin WIN
1907-10-28 Dick Givens WWDLLW Rankin LOST
1907-09-14 Andy Diamond debut Donora WIN
1907-05-28 Al Martin DDLDLW Greensburg WIN
1907-01-10 Paul Moore WWWWDW East Pittsburgh LOST
1906-12-20 Jock Simcoe WWWLLL McKeesport WIN
1906-12-11 Paul Moore WWWWWW Turner Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1906-11-12 James Frazier DLLLD Turner Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1906-10-29 Tom Broderick LLLDLL Art Club, Ambridge WIN
Technical knockout
1906-10-09 George Decker LDLDWD Mutual Benefit Hall, East Pittsburgh WIN
1906-08-25 George Fraser debut Lorain DRAW
1906-05-08 Jack Bruce LWWDWW Turner Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1906-03-26 Ned Chernoff DDLLLW Turner Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1906-02-27 Mike Ward debut Turner Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1906-01-25 Dick Givens WWLWLD Turner Hall, East Pittsburgh WIN
1906-01-24 Frank Diamond LWWLWW Oakland Armory, Pittsburgh DRAW
1905-12-14 Jock Simcoe W East Pittsburgh WIN
1905-07-27 Elmer Morgan DWLL Mutual Benefit Hall, East Pittsburgh LOST
1905-03-28 Battling Simpson debut Wilmerding A.C., Wilmerding WIN
1905-03-27 John Ulm debut Wilmerding A.C., Wilmerding DRAW
1905-03-04 Frank Diamond WWD Business Men's Club, Pittsburgh LOST
1905-02-25 Frank Diamond W Business Men's Club, Pittsburgh LOST
1905-02-18 Patsy Hogan D Business Men's Club, Pittsburgh DRAW
1905-02-09 Walton debut Mutual Benefit Hall, East Pittsburgh WIN