Jack Dillon boxer

Jack Dillon boxer
light heavyweight
5′ 7½″/171cm

Ernest Cutler Price (February 2, 1891 – August 7, 1942) better known as Jack Dillon, was an American boxer who held the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World. Dillon was often referred to as "Jack the Giant Killer" for his ability to handle the most dangerous heavyweights of his era. Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer ranked Dillon as the #3 Light Heavyweight of all-time, while boxing promoter Charley Rose placed him at #2. The International Boxing Research Organization rates Dillon as the 16th best Light-Heavyweight ever. He was inducted into the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame in 1959 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1995. His managers included Sam Murbarger, and later Steve Harter.Price was born in Frankfort, Indiana, on February 2, 1891, where his father, who died when Price was young, ran a grocery.Price took the name "Jack Dillon" from the famous racehorse, Sidney Lou Dillon. Price worked at the farm/stable where the horse was housed. At his first fight, Price appeared very nervous. When asked his name, he said Sidney Dillon. The referee misunderstood him, and bawled out "Jack Dillon!".Dillon turned pro in 1908 and claimed the vacant World Light Heavyweight title with a win over Battling Levinsky on April 14, 1914 in a twelve-round points decision in Butte, Montana, though at the time his claim to the title was not universally recognized. The Los Angeles Times wrote of their title match that Dillon showed more aggression and tenacity than his opponent and that by the third Levinsky was showing signs of fatigue.Dillon defeated Levinsky again on May 29, 1914 in a twelve-round points decision in Dillon's hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. With mixed results, Dillon had met Levinsky twice in his earlier career in October 1911 in Philadelphia, and April 1913 in Rochester.Dillon truly fought the greatest competitors of his era, during the time of the greatest middleweights history had ever known. He rarely if ever shirked a challenge. Between 1910 and 1918, Dillon fought the great middleweight champion George Chip twelve times, often beating him in newspaper decisions. He fought hard punching German-American Middleweight Champion Frank Klaus four times between 1911 and 1913. He fought the great Billy Miske five times from 1916 to 1917 in hotly contested contests before large crowds, though Miske usually won. He lost twice to Mike Gibbons, in the decision of most newspapers, in November 1916, and September 1917. He fought Middleweight champion Al McCoy three times, impressively winning twice in ten round newspaper wins, once in Brooklyn in 1917, and once in Muncie, Indiana in August 1918. On independence Day in 1918, Dillon and McCoy fought a close fight declared a draw in Charleston, South Carolina.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1923-03-21 Johnny Mack DWLWWW Greensburg LOST
1923-01-12 Sailor Joe Walters WLLLLL Bicknell WIN
1921-02-18 Ed Warner LWLDLL Grand Opera House, Helena LOST
1921-02-15 Jack Denham WLLWDD Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
Technical knockout
1921-02-11 Billy Edwards DLWLLL Alexandria WIN
1921-01-25 Eddie Brown LL Jefferson Theatre, Louisville WIN
Technical knockout
1920-12-28 Charley Nashert DWWWDL Beethoven Hall, San Antonio LOST
1920-11-25 Jack Moran LLLLLL Victory Athletic Club, Shreveport WIN
Technical knockout
1920-11-02 Battling Halstead DLDWW Fort Smith NC
1920-10-09 Battling Logan L Clarksville NC
1920-10-04 Battling Halstead WDDLD Frisco A.C., Springfield LOST
1920-09-04 Bud Clancy WWWWWL Auditorium, Cedar Rapids LOST
1920-07-26 Charley Nashert WDWWWW Scammon LOST
1920-07-04 Pat Weiss debut El Reno NC
1920-06-03 KO Sweeney LLLWWW Sipe Theatre, Kokomo WIN
1920-05-16 Jack Riley LLL Gary WIN
1920-05-03 Charley Nashert WWWWW Wichita Falls DRAW
1920-04-02 Battling Halstead WWDDLD Palm Beach NC
1920-03-18 Paul Roman DWLWLL Lake Cliff Casino, Dallas LOST
1920-03-11 Charley Nashert DWLWWD Auditorium, Hot Springs LOST
1920-02-09 Battling Halstead DWWDDL Fair Building, Miami DRAW
1919-05-24 Phil Harrison WWLWLL New Lyric Theater, Memphis LOST
1918-12-13 Ted Block L Loyal Moose, Detroit DRAW
1918-11-21 Bob York LDLLWW Empire Theatre, Rock Island WIN
1918-11-16 Harry Krohn LWWWLL Camp Sherman, Chillicothe WIN
1918-10-04 Jack Duffy WLLLWL Auditorium, Cedar Rapids WIN
1918-09-25 Billy Ryan DWLLWW Armory Arena, Charleston WIN
1918-08-21 Al McCoy LLDLLD Muncie A.C., Muncie WIN
1918-08-08 Wilmington Jack Daly LDLLLL Army Drill Grounds, Valparaiso DRAW
1918-07-04 Al McCoy WLLDLL Charleston DRAW
1918-07-01 Frank Hoe WDWWLL Fort Benjamin Harrison, Lawrence DRAW
1918-06-17 Hugh Walker DWDWLL Mid-Continent Arena, Tulsa WIN
1918-05-29 Sailor Joe Walters WLDL Connersville WIN
1918-05-07 Frank Farmer LWDWWD Eagles Hall, Tacoma LOST
1918-04-15 Hugh Walker WDWDWL Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1918-03-22 Bill Scott LWLLDL Muncie DRAW
1918-03-04 Harry Greb WWWWWD Coliseum, Toledo LOST
1918-02-22 Hugh Walker WWWDW Joplin DRAW
1918-01-25 George Chip WLWLWL Civic Auditorium, Duluth LOST
1917-11-29 Hugh Walker WDWWW Army A.C., North Little Rock DRAW
1917-11-13 Billy Miske WWWWLW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1917-11-03 Soldier Joe Stanley debut Empire Theater, Indianapolis WIN
1917-10-17 Zulu Kid WLLLLL Sohmer Park, Montreal WIN
1917-10-15 Willie Meehan WLDWDD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1917-10-05 Hugh Walker LLWDWW Fort Riley NC
1917-09-03 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Fair Grounds, Terre Haute LOST
1917-07-30 Harry Greb DWWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh LOST
1917-07-10 Jack Clifford LLWLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-07-04 Sergeant Ray Smith WWWWWW Terre Haute WIN
1917-06-25 Len Rowlands WWDWWL Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1917-05-29 George Chip WWWLWL Redland Field, Cincinnati WIN
1917-05-21 Jack McCarron WDWWWW Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1917-05-14 Tom McMahon WLWWWW Dayton DRAW
1917-03-30 Howard Wiggam WDWWLW Auditorium, Hot Springs WIN
Technical knockout
1917-03-19 Jack Moran WDWWDL Memphis WIN
Technical knockout
1917-02-27 Al McCoy LWWLWD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-02-16 Gunboat Smith WLWLLD Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans WIN
1917-01-16 Billy Miske WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1917-01-01 Bob Moha WWLWLL Miami Club, Dayton WIN
1916-12-19 Billy Miske WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-11-10 Mike Gibbons WLLWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1916-10-24 Battling Levinsky WDWDWL Arena, Boston LOST
1916-10-23 Larry Williams WWWLLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-10-17 Tim O'Neil LWLWLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-10-10 Sailor Grande LWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-09-12 Battling Levinsky DWWWWW Phoenix A.C., Memphis DRAW
1916-07-13 Battling Levinsky LWLWDW Oriole Park, Baltimore LOST
1916-07-04 Fireman Jim Flynn WDLLLL Dewey WIN
1916-06-29 Frank Moran WWWWL Washington Park A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1916-05-23 Bob Devere DLWLLL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-04-25 Battling Levinsky WWWWLW Convention Hall, Kansas City WIN
1916-04-14 Billy Miske DDWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1916-03-28 Battling Levinsky WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-03-18 Whitey Allen LWLWWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-03-14 Gunboat Smith WWWLWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-03-10 Fireman Jim Flynn LWWDLL Manhattan A.C., New York WIN
1916-02-14 Vic Hansen WLWLLW Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1916-02-08 Battling Levinsky WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-02-01 Tom Cowler LWLWWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-01-28 Billy Miske DWDDWW Opera House, Superior LOST
1916-01-10 Porky Dan Flynn WDWLLL Memphis WIN
1915-12-20 Al Norton WLWLWW Memphis WIN
Technical knockout
1915-12-17 Yankee Gilbert DWWWLL Dayton WIN
Technical knockout
1915-12-07 Porky Dan Flynn LLWDWL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-11-30 Fireman Jim Flynn WLLWWD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-11-18 Frank Farmer DDLLWD Armory B, Oshkosh WIN
1915-11-01 Charley Weinert WWWLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1915-10-05 Jim Savage WDLDWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1915-09-25 Tom McMahon LWLWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-08-30 Sailor Grande WWWWWD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-08-17 Tom McCarty LLLWWL Judith Theatre, Lewistown DRAW
1915-07-16 Zulu Kid LWWLDL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1915-07-12 Johnny Howard WLDWWW Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1915-07-05 George Chip LWWLW Kansas City DRAW
1915-06-11 Frank Mantell LLLWLL Redland Field, Cincinnati WIN
1915-06-07 Tom McMahon LLLWLW Airdome A.C., Rochester LOST
1915-05-20 Jack Lester LWLDLL Joplin WIN
1915-05-04 Andre Anderson WW Lexington Opera House, Lexington WIN
1915-04-28 Marty Cutler LLLDL Ben Ali Theater, Lexington WIN
Technical knockout
1915-04-06 Billy Murray LLWWLL Arena, Hudson WIN
1915-03-16 Gunboat Smith WWWDWW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1915-03-02 Tom McCarty WLWWDL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-02-23 Johnny Howard WLDLWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1915-02-20 Frank Mantell LDWLWL Federal A.C., New York WIN
1915-01-25 Larry English DDWLLW Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
Technical knockout
1915-01-22 Battling Halstead W Christopher WIN
1915-01-16 Porky Dan Flynn WWLDWD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-01-01 Young Ahearn WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1914-11-24 Dick Gilbert WLWLLW Colorado A.C., Denver WIN
1914-11-09 Charley Weinert WWLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1914-10-14 George KO Brown LWLLDW Coliseum, Saint Louis NC
No Contest
1914-10-05 Fireman Jim Flynn WWDLLW Association Park, Kansas City WIN
1914-09-28 Frank Mantell DLDLLW Goodale Airdrome, Columbus WIN
1914-09-15 George KO Brown LLLWLL Knox County Fair Grounds, Vincennes DRAW
1914-09-07 Sailor Einert debut Terre Haute WIN
1914-08-12 Howard Morrow WLWLWL Fuller Theatre, Kalamazoo WIN
1914-07-24 Joe Mace W Muncie WIN
Technical knockout
1914-07-21 George KO Brown LLLLLW Ball Park, Terre Haute WIN
1914-07-03 Sailor Ed Petroskey DLLWLL Association Park, Kansas City WIN
1914-06-15 Bob Moha WWWWD Holland Arena, Butte WIN
1914-05-29 Battling Levinsky WWWLLW Federal Park, Indianapolis WIN
1914-04-28 Al Norton D Grand Avenue A.C., Kansas City WIN
1914-04-14 Battling Levinsky WWWWWL Holland Arena, Butte WIN
1914-03-23 George KO Brown WLLLL Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1914-03-17 Dick Gilbert LWWLLW Hot Springs WIN
1914-03-10 Jack Lester DLWWLL Colorado A.C., Denver WIN
Technical knockout
1914-03-03 Fireman Jim Flynn LLLWWW Grand Avenue A.C., Kansas City DRAW
1914-02-17 Marshall Claiborne debut Whittington Park Theater, Hot Springs WIN
Technical knockout
1914-02-09 Tommy Danforth LL Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
Technical knockout
1914-02-04 Freddie Hicks DWLLWL Windsor A.C., Windsor WIN
1914-01-30 Harry Baker LDLWLW Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1914-01-20 Vic Hansen DDLWWW Denver WIN
1914-01-01 Gus Christie WWLWDW South Delaware St. Arena, Indianapolis WIN
1913-11-27 Sailor Ed Petroskey WWDDDL Butte WIN
1913-11-03 Gus Christie WWWWWW Queensberry A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1913-10-14 Walter Monaghan WLWWLL Akron WIN
Technical knockout
1913-10-09 Leo Houck LDWWWW Rocky Springs Park, Lancaster LOST
1913-09-17 Tony Caponi DDWWDL Winnipeg WIN
1913-08-11 Jack Williams L Peru WIN
1913-08-08 George Ashe WWLWL Winnipeg DRAW
1913-07-03 Bill MacKinnon LWWDDW Washington Park, Indianapolis WIN
1913-05-29 Frank Klaus WWWWWW Washington Park, Indianapolis WIN
1913-04-28 Bob Moha LWWLWD Southside A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1913-04-17 Battling Levinsky WWWWWD Rochester DRAW
1913-04-14 George Chip WWWWWW Anderson Auditorium, Youngstown WIN
1913-04-10 Buck Crouse WWWWWW Kenwood Lawn, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-03-12 Willie KO Brennan DLWWWW Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1913-03-10 Al Rogers DWDLLD Mishler Theatre, Altoona WIN
1913-02-19 Jack Denning WLDLW Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1913-02-10 Bill MacKinnon WLLWWD Rhode Island A.C., Thornton DRAW
1913-01-24 Frank Logan WWWWWL Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-01-22 Leo Houck WWWWDW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-01-18 Al Rogers WDDWDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-01-09 Frank Mantell WWDDWW Thornton WIN
Technical knockout
1913-01-01 Gus Christie WLWWDL Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
1912-12-19 Harry Ramsey LWDWLL Cincinnati WIN
1912-12-11 Gus Christie DWLWWD Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1912-11-22 Grant Clark LLDDLL Empire Theater, Indianapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1912-11-11 George Chip LWWWLW Columbus WIN
1912-11-08 Jimmy Howard WDLDLD Memphis WIN
1912-11-04 Jack Flynn debut Eagles' Theater, Wabash WIN
1912-10-25 Battling Conners LWLLDL Empire Theater, Indianapolis WIN
1912-10-23 Gus Christie LWWWDW Dayton WIN
1912-10-19 George Chip WLLWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-10-17 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner WWLDDL Johnstown WIN
1912-10-11 Harry Ramsey DWLWDW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-08-12 Billy Donovan WWLLDW Coliseum, Richmond WIN
1912-07-25 George Chip WDLLWL Empire Theater, Indianapolis WIN
1912-07-22 Joe Gorman LLLLDD Southern A.C., Memphis WIN
1912-07-04 Joe Thomas LLLLLW Terre Haute WIN
Technical knockout
1912-06-16 George KO Brown LWDLWW Winnipeg WIN
1912-06-12 Jack Twin Sullivan LLWDWW Convention Hall, Buffalo WIN
1912-05-28 Hugo Kelly WWWWWL Empire Theater, Indianapolis WIN
1912-05-03 Frank Klaus WDWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1912-03-23 Frank Klaus WWDWWW Coffroth's Arena, Daly City LOST
1912-03-07 Walter Coffey DWLLLL Wheelmen's Club, Oakland WIN
1912-02-22 Grant Clark WLLL Chamber of Commerce, Columbus DRAW
1912-02-10 George Chip WLWWDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-02-08 Paddy Lavin DWWLWW Convention Hall, Buffalo WIN
1912-02-03 Jimmy Gardner WDLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-02-01 Billy Berger WWDLLL The Auditorium, Youngstown WIN
1912-01-26 Howard Wiggam WWWWWW Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1912-01-20 Billy Griffith LWLLLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-01-01 Leo Houck WLWDLD Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1911-12-06 Frank Klaus WWWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1911-11-22 George Chip WWLDLW Olympic A.C., Youngstown WIN
1911-11-11 George KO Brown DWWLD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-11-01 Eddie McGoorty DWWWWW Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
1911-10-28 Ralph Erne WWLLLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-10-23 Battling Levinsky WWWDWD American A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1911-10-20 Jack Herrick WWDLD South Bend WIN
1911-10-04 Jack Graham LWLLLL Lakewood Park, Vincennes WIN
1911-09-04 Eddie McGoorty WWDWWW Orleans A.C., New Orleans LOST
Technical knockout
1911-08-23 Glenn Coakley WDWWWW Lakewood Park, Vincennes WIN
1911-07-03 Bob Moha WWWWLW International A.C., Buffalo DRAW
1911-06-21 Paddy Lavin WWWDW Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis DRAW
1911-06-05 Ralph Erne LWWWLL Muncie WIN
1911-05-20 Jack Herrick LLWWD Pittsburgh A.A., Pittsburgh WIN
1911-05-03 Bob Moha WWWWWW Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
1911-04-28 George Chip LWLWWW Fair Grounds Casino, Terre Haute WIN
1911-04-22 Jimmy Gardner WWDLL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-04-12 Jack Stevens L Mt. Vernon WIN
1911-04-10 Billy Mayfield WLDLL Crawfordsville WIN
1911-04-04 Frank Mantell WWWDWD Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1911-04-01 Billy Clark LLLLDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-03-17 Mike Twin Sullivan WWWWWL International A.C., Buffalo WIN
1911-03-15 Young Loughrey LLWLWL Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
1911-03-14 Jimmy Mellody debut Brazil WIN
Technical knockout
1911-03-04 Billy Berger LWLDWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-02-22 Jimmy Gardner LDLWWD Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis WIN
1911-02-18 Young Loughrey DLLWLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-02-04 Mike Glover WWWLDD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1911-01-25 George Chip LLLWLW Gymnastic Club, Dayton WIN
1911-01-11 Eddie McGoorty WLWDWW Selkirk Hall, Winnipeg DRAW
1911-01-02 Harry Mansfield LDLWDW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1910-12-16 Eddie McGoorty WWLWDW Fond du Lac LOST
1910-11-28 George KO Brown LDDW Springfield WIN
1910-11-11 Jack Herrick LDL Auditorium Rink, Winnipeg WIN
1910-10-29 Billy Berger WWDWLD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1910-10-21 George Chip DLLDLL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1910-10-03 Jack Herrick LD Auditorium Rink, Winnipeg WIN
1910-09-17 Jimmy Perry WWLWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-07-28 Jack Ryan LDWLLL Grand Opera House, Anderson WIN
1910-06-20 Freddie Hicks WWWLLW Auditorium, Newark WIN
1910-05-30 Howard Morrow WWWDWW Grand Opera House, Anderson WIN
1910-04-21 Dick Fitzpatrick LLLDLL Grand Opera House, Anderson WIN
1910-04-02 Rube May LWWWWD Grand Opera House, Anderson WIN
Technical knockout
1910-03-11 Ike Garfinkle debut Elks Club, Olean WIN
1910-03-08 Ray Bronson DWDDDD Grand Opera House, Anderson DRAW
1910-02-08 Jimmy Cooley WDLDLL Mitchell Club, Indianapolis DRAW
1910-01-31 Jap Roberts debut Huber's Garden, Newport WIN
1909-12-22 Jimmy Cooley WWDLDL Mitchell Club, Indianapolis WIN
1909-09-19 Kid Sparks DL West Side A.C., McDonoughville WIN
1909-07-22 Everett Reeves debut Grand Opera House, Anderson WIN
1909-07-02 Tommy Scanlon L Terre Haute WIN
Technical knockout
1909-05-28 Kid Sullivan debut Terre Haute WIN
1909-05-10 Young Connors DDDW Indianapolis WIN
1909-04-02 Kid Gray W Mitchell Club, Indianapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1909-03-31 Bobby Long LLLLL Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1909-03-12 Ray Bronson DDWDWL Hartford City A.C., Hartford City DRAW
1909-03-05 Kid Griffin debut Indianapolis WIN
1909-03-03 Pat Lark L Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1909-02-24 Grant Clark WL Columbus WIN
1909-02-20 Charles Humphries debut Indianapolis WIN
1909-02-03 Kid Simms debut Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1909-01-22 Joe McAree L Auditorium, Indianapolis WIN
1908-12-19 Tommy Clark debut Marion Club, Indianapolis WIN
1908-11-20 Ted Malone debut Gymnastic Club, Dayton DRAW
1908-11-13 Pat Lark debut Indianapolis WIN
1908-10-27 Tom DeLane debut Columbus WIN
1908-10-05 Lem Potter debut Indianapolis WIN
1908-09-19 Jack Laffey debut Marion Club, Indianapolis WIN
1908-07-20 Joe McAree debut Indianapolis WIN
1908-04-18 Fortville Kid Brown D Marion Club, Indianapolis DRAW