Billy Miske boxer

Billy Miske boxer
light heavyweight
6′ 0½″/184cm

Billy Miske, alias The Saint Paul Thunderbolt (April 12, 1894 – January 1, 1924), was a professional boxer from Saint Paul, Minnesota. During his tenure as a pugilist he had multiple-bout series with a plethora of all-time greats including Harry Greb, Jack Dempsey, Jack Dillon, Tommy Gibbons, Bill Brennan and Battling Levinsky, among others. Despite a career shortened by illness and an early death, statistical website BoxRec still lists Miske as the No. 26 ranked heavyweight of all-time.An American of German descent, Miske stood at 6'0" and over the course of his career weighed between 158 and 190 lbs. He was managed by John Pearl "J.P" Smith (1913–18) and Jack Reddy (1918–23).Miske was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He began his career as a middleweight. During the course of his career, he competed successfully as a light-heavyweight and heavyweight, defeating many well known fighters. On September 6, 1920, Miske lost to Jack Dempsey in the third round of a fight to decide the World Heavyweight Boxing title. It was the first heavyweight title match to be broadcast on radio, and it was the only time Billy Miske was ever knocked out.Miske fought his last bout against Bill Brennan, whom he met on November 7, 1923. At this point in his life, Miske knew he did not have much time left before his kidneys gave out (doctors had told him he had only months to live because of his Bright's Disease). Due to his family's economic situation, however, Miske decided he had to step into the ring one more time. His health prevented him from training for the fight. Amazingly, though, Miske knocked Brennan out in the fourth round. Miske died in St. Paul, Minnesota of kidney failure less than 2 months later on January 1, 1924.Miske's enduring legacy is that of an underappreciated fighter. It is argued that Miske deserved, but never received, title matches against Jack Dillon, Battling Levinsky and Georges Carpentier. His three recorded losses are against Hall of Famers Jack Dempsey, Kid Norfolk and Tommy Gibbons, while his list of defeated opponents boasts some of the most storied names in boxing history. Miske's final professional record was 72-15-14 with 33 wins by knockout. On December 8, 2009, it was announced that Miske would be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010. On September 28, 2012 Miske was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1923-11-07 Bill Brennan WWWWLL City Auditorium, Omaha WIN
1923-01-12 Harry Foley WWWLLW City Auditorium, Omaha WIN
Technical knockout
1922-12-15 Tommy Gibbons LWWLWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
Unanimous decision
1922-11-11 Bud Ryder debut Grand Forks Auditorium, Grand Forks WIN
Technical knockout
1922-10-13 Tommy Gibbons WWWLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1922-09-04 Bob Roper WLDLLW Coliseum, Oklahoma City DRAW
1922-08-25 Fred Fulton DWWWDW Lexington Park, Saint Paul WIN
1922-07-10 Martin Burke WLWLDW Stockyards Stadium, Denver WIN
1922-07-03 Willie Meehan LLLLLL Coliseum, Oklahoma City WIN
1922-06-23 Homer Smith LLWLWL Riverside Arena, Covington WIN
1922-05-29 Bob Roper WLWWLD Dyckman Oval, Manhattan WIN
1922-04-27 Martin Burke WWWWLW Orleans A.C., New Orleans WIN
1922-04-10 Billy Shade WWLLLW Oak Hill Auditorium, Youngstown WIN
Technical knockout
1922-03-02 Al Roberts WWLWLW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1922-02-20 Bob Roper WLWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1922-01-28 Jack Renault LLWWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1922-01-16 Charley Weinert WWWWWL Broad A.C., Newark WIN
1921-11-11 Tony Melchior WLLWLW Columbus WIN
Technical knockout
1921-07-02 Jack Renault WWWLWL Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey City WIN
1921-06-08 Bill Brennan WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1921-05-09 Tom McCarty LLLLLL Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1921-03-07 Farmer Lodge WWLLW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1921-02-09 Lee Anderson LWWWDD Arena, Milwaukie WIN
1920-09-06 Jack Dempsey WWWWWW Floyd Fitzsimmons Arena, Benton Harbor LOST
1920-06-11 Jack Moran WLLLLL Nicollet Park, Minneapolis WIN
1919-07-03 Battling Levinsky WLWLLD Rossford Arena, Rossford LOST
1919-06-25 Bill Brennan DDWLLL Cardinal Field, Saint Louis DRAW
1919-06-19 Tommy Gibbons WWWWW Nicollet Park, Minneapolis DRAW
1919-06-09 Kid Norfolk WLWWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh LOST
1919-06-06 Willie Meehan WLLWWL Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1919-04-28 Bill Brennan LDDWLL Convention Hall, Tulsa WIN
1919-03-31 Harry Greb WWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
1919-03-28 Tom Cowler LWWWLL Albaugh Theater, Baltimore WIN
1919-01-11 Tom Cowler LLLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-12-27 Gus Christie LDLWLL Elite Rink, Milwaukee WIN
Technical knockout
1918-12-16 Fireman Jim Flynn WWLLWW Convention Hall, Tulsa WIN
1918-11-28 Jack Dempsey WWLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-11-18 Tom McMahon LLLLDD Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1918-09-21 Harry Greb WWDWWW Forbes Field, Pittsburgh LOST
1918-09-14 Bill Hart debut Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1918-07-16 George Ashe LLDLL Madison Square Garden, New York NC
No Contest
1918-07-15 Bartley Madden WDWLDW Armory A.A. Outdoor Arena, Jersey City WIN
1918-07-12 Gunboat Smith WLLLLD International League Ballpark, Jersey City WIN
1918-06-14 K O Kruvosky WLDDWW Dreamland Rink, San Francisco WIN
1918-06-07 Willie Meehan DWWLWW Shrine Temple, Los Angeles DRAW
1918-05-31 Henry Hendricks DLWDWD Civic Auditorium, San Francisco WIN
Technical knockout
1918-05-03 Jack Dempsey WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul DRAW
1918-04-12 Gunboat Smith LLLWLL Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1918-04-08 Tom Cowler LWLDLL Arcadia Rink, Minneapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1918-02-27 Gus Christie WWLLLL Grand Opera House, Superior WIN
1918-01-18 Fred Fulton WWLW Auditorium, Saint Paul DRAW
1917-11-13 Jack Dillon LLLWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1917-10-30 Bert Kenny LLLLDW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1917-10-16 Kid Norfolk WWLLWW Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston LOST
1917-10-02 Charley Weinert WWLLWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1917-09-28 Carl Morris WWLWLL Harlem S.C., New York WIN
1917-09-18 Bert Kenny LLDLLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1917-07-24 Joe Bonds LLWLLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1917-02-27 Battling Levinsky LLDWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1917-01-16 Jack Dillon WWLLLW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1917-01-12 Charley Weinert WWWWWW Harlem S.C., New York WIN
1917-01-01 George KO Brown WLDLWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-12-19 Jack Dillon DWWWLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-11-27 Larry Williams WWLLWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-11-17 Bob Moha LLWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-11-09 Tim O'Neil WLWLLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-10-30 Battling Levinsky DWDWLW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-10-12 Battling Levinsky WWDWDW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-09-21 Jim Barry LDLLLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1916-08-31 Johnny Howard LLWLWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-06-22 Jack Hubbard LWLLLW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-04-14 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1916-02-29 Dick Gilbert LLDWWL National A.C., Denver WIN
1916-01-28 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Opera House, Superior WIN
1915-12-28 Frank Hoe WWWDWW Marshfield WIN
1915-12-17 Jack Clements WLW Armory, Minneapolis WIN
1915-12-03 Terry Kellar LLWDLL Grand Opera House, Superior DRAW
1915-11-01 George KO Brown LDLLWD Winnipeg DRAW
1915-09-10 Jack Lester DLLLLD Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1915-08-24 Gus Christie WWLWW Riverside A.C., Dubuque DRAW
1915-07-12 Tommy Gibbons WWDWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1915-04-28 George KO Brown WLD Acme Hall, Platteville WIN
1915-04-06 Mike O'Dowd WWWLWW Arena, Hudson WIN
1915-03-23 Eddie Nearing LWLLWL Arena, Hudson WIN
Technical knockout
1915-03-16 Gus Christie WLLWLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1915-02-25 Mike Hirsch WLL Auditorium, Milwaukee DRAW
1915-01-16 Jack McCarron DWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1915-01-12 Harry Greb WWDLWW Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1915-01-09 Billy Maxwell WLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-01-01 Billy Maxwell WLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-12-10 Al Thiel LDWLWL Pottsville DRAW
1914-11-25 Ralph Erne DLLLWD Shenandoah WIN
1914-11-14 Jimmy Dougherty LDDLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1914-06-15 Theodore Thompson LLLLD Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1914-06-03 Kid Griffo DWWWLL Shenandoah WIN
1914-05-26 Jack McCarron LWWDW Pottsville DRAW
1914-05-16 George Ashe WLLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-03-24 Tommy Gibbons WDWWWW Arena, Hudson LOST
1914-02-17 Spike Kelly WLWLWW Eighth Street Arena, Superior DRAW
1913-09-30 Bill Scott WLWWLL Superior Athletic Arena, Superior DRAW
1913-07-06 Mike O'Dowd WWWWW Saint Paul NC
1913-06-10 Danny Ritt D Grand Opera House, Superior WIN
Technical knockout
1913-04-29 Theodore Thompson LLLL Grand Opera House, Superior DRAW
1913-04-07 Soldier Gregory debut Grand Opera House, Superior WIN
1913-03-05 Joe Christie L Grand Opera House, Superior WIN