Bob Moha boxer

Bob Moha boxer
5′ 5″/165cm

Bob Moha (1890–1959) (birth name Robert Mucha) was a Milwaukee-based middleweight boxer, nicknamed the "Milwaukee Caveman".His decisive defeat of Billy Papke (then considered the lead contender for the middleweight title vacant in the wake of Stanley Ketchel's murder) at a bout in Boston on October 31, 1910, caused Papke to retire briefly from the ring.On December 4, 1914, in a fight against Mike Gibbons of St. Paul, Minnesota held in Hudson, Wisconsin, Moha was disqualified in the second round for a blow below the belt. The sponsoring club denied him a share of the purse, since the fight did not go to a decision, and Moha sued them. The case eventually went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which, in a 1916 ruling, agreed with the original jury that he had failed to fulfill his contractual obligation. Moha was not permitted to introduce testimony that it was customary in such cases for the fouling fighter to receive his contractual share.All information in this section is derived from BoxRec, unless otherwise stated. All newspaper decisions are officially regarded as “no decision” bouts and are not counted to the win/loss/draw column.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1922-06-19 Jeff Smith LWWWWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee LOST
1922-05-03 Jeff Smith WLWWLW Oak Hill Auditorium, Youngstown LOST
Technical knockout
1922-04-21 Bud Gorman WWLWWW Kenosha DRAW
1922-02-20 Ted Jamieson WWWLDL Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1921-11-07 Ted Jamieson LWWWWL Auditorium, Milwaukee DRAW
1921-03-28 Johnny Klesch DWWWWL Columbus LOST
1921-03-08 Bud Gorman DWWWWW Kenosha LOST
1921-02-28 Eddie Rinderle LWLWLD Madison WIN
1920-11-22 Harry Greb WWWWWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1920-09-14 Jack Herrick LWWLWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1920-08-14 Harry Greb LWWWWW Cedar Point Arena, Sandusky LOST
1920-07-05 Harry Greb WWWLWW Canton Auditorium, Canton LOST
1920-06-07 Chuck Wiggins LWWDDW Vine Street Arena, Cincinnati LOST
1920-04-30 Happy Littleton WWWLWL Tulane Arena, New Orleans LOST
1920-04-05 Paul Samson Koerner LWWDWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1920-01-12 Ted Jamieson WLLL Empress Theater, Milwaukee DRAW
1919-11-21 Steve Choynski WWWLLD Detroit WIN
1919-08-22 Stockyards Tommy Murphy LWWDWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-06-18 Chuck Wiggins WWWLLW Hague Park, Jackson LOST
1919-05-02 George KO Brown WLWLDD John Wagner's Arena, Racine LOST
1918-07-04 Harry Greb WWWWWW Douglas Park, Rock Island LOST
1918-06-13 Gus Christie LLDLWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1918-05-20 Phil Harrison LWWLWL Racine WIN
1918-02-18 Harry Greb WWWWWW People's Theater, Cincinnati LOST
1917-03-12 George Chip WWLWWW Youngstown LOST
Technical knockout
1917-02-06 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Elite Rink, Milwaukee LOST
1917-01-22 George KO Brown LDLWWL Racine WIN
1917-01-17 Battling Levinsky WLLDWW Grand Opera House, Youngstown LOST
1917-01-01 Jack Dillon WWWLLL Miami Club, Dayton LOST
1916-12-26 Harry Greb WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1916-12-05 George KO Brown LWWLDL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-11-30 Bartley Madden WWDWD Pioneer Sporting Club, New York WIN
1916-11-17 Billy Miske WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-08-28 Joe Cox WWLLWL Manhattan A.C., New York WIN
1916-04-27 Tony Caponi WDLLDD Beloit WIN
1916-03-22 Dick Gilbert LDWWLL Hot Springs WIN
1915-02-08 Gus Christie LWLLWL Elite Rink, Milwaukee WIN
1914-12-04 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Arena, Hudson LOST
1914-06-15 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Holland Arena, Butte LOST
1914-05-15 Al Norton DL 15th Street Garage, Kansas City DRAW
1914-05-11 Frank Mantell LDDLDL Hippodrome, Milwaukee WIN
1914-03-23 Battling Levinsky WWWWWW Southside A.A., Milwaukee WIN
1914-02-10 Jack Driscoll WLWLLL Broadway A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-01-07 Jack Fitzgerald LWLDLL Providence WIN
1914-01-05 George KO Brown WDLWLL NC
1914-01-01 Freddie Hicks WDWLLW Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-12-20 Johnny Howard WLWLWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1913-11-29 Tom McMahon WLDLWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-04-28 Jack Dillon WWWWWD Southside A.C., Milwaukee LOST
1913-03-24 Eddie McGoorty WLWWDW Southside A.C., Milwaukee DRAW
1913-02-17 Cyclone Johnny Thompson WLDLW Southside A.A., Milwaukee WIN
1912-05-28 Eddie McGoorty WWWWWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York LOST
1912-05-06 Charley Hitte DDLLWW Knickerbocker A.C., Albany WIN
1912-04-30 Bill MacKinnon DWWWDW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-04-20 Leo Houck WDLDLW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1912-04-13 Harry Ramsey WLDWLW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1912-04-09 Freddie Hicks LWLWL Madison A.C., New York WIN
1912-04-03 Jim Smith DLWLL National S.C., New York WIN
Technical knockout
1912-03-21 Sailor Burke WWWLWW National S.C., New York WIN
1911-10-31 Billy Papke WLLWWL Arena (Armory A.A.), Boston WIN
1911-09-05 Billy Berger LDWWWD Armory, Boston WIN
1911-07-03 Jack Dillon WWWWWD International A.C., Buffalo DRAW
1911-05-12 Terry Martin DDDLLD Star Theater, Milwaukee WIN
Technical knockout
1911-05-03 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Auditorium (Virginia Ave.), Indianapolis LOST
1911-03-10 Mike Twin Sullivan DWWWWW Shubert Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1911-02-10 Dixie Kid WDWLL Miller's Hall, Buffalo WIN
1911-02-08 Guy Buckles DWLWLD Shubert Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1910-12-26 Tommy Quill WDLDWL Shubert Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1910-11-03 Young Loughrey LLDLLD Shubert Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1910-09-26 Hilliard Lang WDD Miller's Hall, Buffalo WIN
1910-06-02 Jimmy Clabby WWDWWD Milwaukee WIN
1910-05-13 Jerry Gaines LWLLLD Milwaukee A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1909-12-21 Harry Mansfield WWWLLL Badger A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1909-10-04 Jack Robinson DWWLWD Phoenix A.C., Memphis DRAW
1908-09-24 Jack Dougherty WWDWWW Badger A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1908-05-06 Joe Gregg DLWDLD Green Valley A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1908-01-31 Joe Gregg WDWDLW Schlitz Park, Milwaukee DRAW
1908-01-25 Mickey Riley LLLDDW Gayety Theater, Milwaukee DRAW
1907-10-15 Jack Purtell WD Green Valley A.C., Milwaukee WIN
1906-12-21 Mickey Riley DLLLDD Schlitz Park, Milwaukee LOST
1906-11-02 Henry Beckwith debut Badger A.C., Milwaukee WIN