George Chip boxer

George Chip boxer
5′ 8″/173cm

George Chip (Lit. Jurgis Čepulionis, August 25, 1888 – November 6, 1960) was a Lithuanian-American boxer who was the World Middleweight Champion from 1913 to 1914 in an era of great middleweights. Chip came to be known as a heavy puncher with an impressive knockout ratio. He was the father of Major general William C. Chip, USMC.Chip was born on August 25, 1888, in Scranton but was raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania, in what is today the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, where most of his matches occurred. He was of Lithuanian descent. His manager was Jimmy Dime.He was active in both baseball and football in his youth, and later worked in the coal mines in Madison, Pennsylvania. In January 1909, realizing his athletic gifts at the age of twenty, he decided to try boxing on the advice of L. B. Lewis, a mining Superintendent he knew. He won his first match when Billy Manfredo received a second round disqualification in Greensburgh, Pennsylvania. The following month he knocked out George Gill and John Chew. He continued to fight through 1910 with only one recorded loss.During a title fight on 11 October 1913, Chip surprised the crowd when he knocked out reigning world middleweight champion Frank Klaus with a strong right hook to the jaw near the end of the sixth and final round. Prior to the knockout, in the first five rounds, Chip never threatened to take the lead. The fight occurred at the old Pittsburgh City Hall at Market Square . It was the first knockout of Klaus's career. The extra weight Klaus was carrying in his midsection led many reporters to believe he had not trained adequately for the bout, and had underestimated the ability of his opponent.Chip fought the exceptional boxer Jack Dillon over ten times, usually losing to him in the opinions of newspapers. Dillon was an Indiana-born Hall of Famer who held the light heavyweight championship of the world from 1914-16.Chip fought Pittsburgh area boxer Albert "Buck" Crouse seven times during his career, mostly in no decision bouts, losing to him only once.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1922-04-24 Frankie Maguire LLLLW Lancaster WIN
1921-11-24 Lew Schupp WLWWWL Town Hall, Scranton WIN
Technical knockout
1921-04-04 Whitey Wenzel WLLDLW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1921-02-21 Battling Ortega WWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1921-01-29 Jack Duffy WLDLWL Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York WIN
1921-01-07 Bryan Downey DWWDLW Gray's Armory, Cleveland LOST
1920-12-06 Eddie McGoorty LLLLWL La Salle DRAW
1920-11-08 Ted Block LLWLWW Roller Palace Rink, Detroit LOST
1920-09-24 Charley Nashert WWWWWW Western League Park, Oklahoma City DRAW
1920-09-17 Paul Roman LLWWDL Dallas LOST
1920-09-06 Jack Reeves WWWWW Tulsa LOST
1920-08-25 Johnny Howard LDLWLW Mount Royal Arena, Montreal LOST
1920-07-10 Happy Littleton WLWLWW Tulane Arena, New Orleans LOST
1920-06-14 Frank Carbone WDLDWW Idora Park, Youngstown LOST
1920-04-19 George KO Brown DLLLLL Tulane Arena, New Orleans WIN
1920-03-10 Tommy Robson DWDLLW Detroit LOST
1919-12-22 George KO Brown LLLLDL Tulane Arena, New Orleans DRAW
1919-11-28 Martin Burke WWWWWW Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans WIN
Technical knockout
1919-11-11 Eugene Brosseau WWWWW Portland LOST
1919-10-27 Russell Maneri WL Tulane Arena, New Orleans WIN
1919-10-20 Tommy Robson WLLLL 4th Regiment Armory, Jersey City LOST
1919-10-01 George KO Brown LLLLLL Arena Gardens, Detroit DRAW
1919-07-29 Johnny Howard WWLWWW Bayonne Pavillion, Bayonne LOST
1919-07-22 KO Willie Loughlin WWWLWL Baseball Park, Buffalo LOST
1919-06-17 Bud Clancy LWLWLL Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
Technical knockout
1919-06-11 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Three-I League Park, Terre Haute LOST
1919-05-09 Jeff Smith LWWWWW Albaugh Theater, Baltimore LOST
1919-04-10 Tommy Gibbons WWWWW Stockyards Stadium, Denver LOST
1919-03-31 Young Fisher WLLWL Arena, Syracuse LOST
1919-03-10 Tommy Robson WWLWWL Arena, Syracuse LOST
1919-01-31 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Shrine Auditorium, Duluth LOST
1918-09-28 Jimmy O'Hagan LWLWWD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-07-04 Leo Bens WWDLLW Butte LOST
1918-06-25 Eddie McGoorty LLWWWW Lakeside Arena, Racine LOST
1918-05-03 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Coliseum, Des Moines LOST
1918-04-24 Clay Turner WLWWLL Casino Hall, Bridgeport LOST
1918-03-07 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Town Hall, Scranton LOST
1918-02-04 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Southside Market House, Pittsburgh LOST
1918-01-25 Jack Dillon LWWLD Civic Auditorium, Duluth WIN
1917-11-19 Harry Greb WWWWWL Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati LOST
1917-11-09 Al Rogers LLLLL Duluth WIN
1917-08-22 Tommy Gibbons WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul LOST
1917-07-24 Johnny Howard LWLWLL National A.C., Providence WIN
1917-07-04 Mike Gibbons WWWWWW Wright Field, Youngstown LOST
1917-06-08 George KO Brown LLLLLW Lakeside Auditorium, Racine WIN
1917-05-29 Jack Dillon WWWWDW Redland Field, Cincinnati LOST
1917-05-22 Harry Greb WWWDWW Exposition Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1917-04-23 Val Sontag WLLWWW Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1917-04-09 KO Willie Loughlin WWDWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1917-03-12 Bob Moha LLLLWL Youngstown WIN
Technical knockout
1917-02-26 Sailor Einert LDLDWL Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1917-02-19 George KO Brown DLWWLL Grand Opera House, Youngstown WIN
1916-11-06 Art Magirl WWWWWW West Melbourne Stadium, Melbourne WIN
1916-09-30 Les Darcy WWWWWW Sydney Stadium, Sydney LOST
1916-06-26 Harry Greb DWWWW Coliseum, New Castle WIN
1916-05-15 Sailor Grande WLWLWW Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1916-04-28 Gus Christie LLWWWW Cleveland A.C., Cleveland DRAW
1916-03-23 Johnny Howard LWDDWL Casino Hall, Bridgeport WIN
1916-03-13 Gus Christie DWWWWL Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1916-02-22 Young Ahearn LLWWWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1916-02-12 Frankie Notter LLLWWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-01-20 Al McCoy LDLDLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-01-08 Silent Martin LLDDLW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1915-12-25 Willie KO Brennan WDWWWL Columbia A.C., Scranton LOST
1915-12-21 Frank Loughrey DLLWWL Hippodrome, Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1915-12-16 Harry Baker DLLLLD Town Hall, Scranton WIN
Corner retirement
1915-12-07 Jeff Smith LWWWWL Hippodrome, Boston LOST
1915-11-30 Sailor Grande LLDWWW Opera House, New Castle WIN
1915-10-29 Jackie Clark WLWLDW Columbia Theater, Scranton WIN
1915-10-18 Harry Greb DWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh DRAW
1915-07-05 Jack Dillon WWWWLW Kansas City DRAW
1915-06-21 Jack McCarron WWDWDW Capitol District A.C., Albany WIN
1915-06-14 Sailor Grande LWDLWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1915-05-12 Jimmy Clabby WLDWLW St. Nicholas Arena, New York NC
No Contest
1915-04-28 Jimmy Clabby WLWLDW Marinette WIN
1915-04-06 Al McCoy WLWWWL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-03-22 Jimmy Clabby WWLWLD Coliseum, Grand Rapids LOST
1915-03-15 Sailor Szarmanski W Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1915-02-22 Buck Crouse WWDLLW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
1915-02-20 Jack McCarron WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-11-06 Jimmy Clabby WDLWWL Coffroth's Arena, Daly City LOST
1914-09-30 Billy Murray WWDWWL Coffroth's Arena, Daly City WIN
1914-07-31 Sailor Ed Petroskey LLWLLL Pavilion Rink, San Francisco WIN
1914-07-04 Billy Murray WWWDWW Coffroth's Arena, Daly City WIN
1914-05-26 Sailor Ed Petroskey DDLLWL Arena, Vernon WIN
1914-04-21 Leo Houck WWWWLL Grand Opera House, Youngstown LOST
1914-04-14 George KO Brown LLLLL Akron WIN
1914-04-07 Al McCoy DWWLDW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn LOST
1914-01-26 Joe Borrell WWWWLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-01-19 Tim O'Neil WWLLLW Powers' Opera House, Grand Rapids WIN
Technical knockout
1914-01-12 Gus Christie LWDWLW Southside A.A., Milwaukee WIN
1913-12-23 Frank Klaus WWLWDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1913-11-25 Tim O'Neil LDWWLL Lakeside Auditorium, Racine WIN
1913-11-15 Leo Houck DWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1913-10-11 Frank Klaus WWWLWD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1913-09-30 Tommy Gavigan WLWLLL Akron Casino, Akron WIN
Technical knockout
1913-05-14 Dick Gilbert LWLLLD Coliseum, New Castle WIN
1913-04-14 Jack Dillon WDWWWW Anderson Auditorium, Youngstown LOST
1913-03-17 Walter Monaghan LLLDWW Northside Arena, Pittsburgh WIN
1913-02-24 Tommy Gavigan WDWLWL Anderson Auditorium, Youngstown WIN
1913-02-17 Tommy Connors WDWLDD Scranton WIN
1913-02-10 Peck Miller WWLLDW Frohsinn Hall, Altoona WIN
1913-01-28 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner LLDWWW Germania Hall, Rochester WIN
1913-01-20 Howard Morrow WDDDLW Alhambra, Syracuse WIN
1913-01-04 Tommy Gavigan WWWWDW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-12-05 Willie KO Brennan WWLWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo DRAW
1912-12-02 Paddy Lavin DWLLWL Twilight A.C., Youngstown WIN
Technical knockout
1912-11-18 Howard Morrow WWWDDD Alhambra, Syracuse WIN
1912-11-11 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Columbus LOST
1912-10-28 George KO Brown WWLLW Alhambra, Syracuse WIN
1912-10-19 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-10-04 Grant Clark LLLDDL Southside Market House, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1912-09-21 Tim O'Neil LWWDLL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-08-08 Tim O'Neil DLWWDL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-07-25 Jack Dillon LWWWWW Empire Theater, Indianapolis LOST
1912-06-13 Leo Houck LWWWLW Rossmere Park, Lancaster LOST
1912-05-16 Grant Clark WLLLDD Columbus WIN
1912-04-22 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner WWLLWW Orpheum Theatre, Easton LOST
1912-04-18 Buck Crouse DWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-03-25 Jimmy Howard WDLLLW Akron DRAW
1912-03-18 Billy Berger DLLLLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1912-02-28 Battling Simpson LWLWLW Johnstown DRAW
1912-02-20 Jeff Smith LWLWWW Rhode Island A.C., Thornton LOST
1912-02-13 Walter Coffey WDWLLL Olympic A.C., Rochester WIN
1912-02-10 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-01-22 Buck Crouse WWWDD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1912-01-01 Buck Crouse WWWWD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1911-12-18 Joe Gorman LDDLDW Akron WIN
1911-12-02 George KO Brown WWLDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-11-22 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Olympic A.C., Youngstown LOST
1911-10-21 Jack Abbott LLWWDL Old City Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
Technical knockout
1911-09-16 Leo Houck LWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1911-05-15 Jack Abbott LWLLWW Palisades Rink, McKeesport DRAW
1911-04-28 Jack Dillon WWWWWW Fair Grounds Casino, Terre Haute LOST
1911-04-13 George Jackson L New Castle WIN
1911-03-14 Jack Fitzgerald DLDLLL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1911-02-10 Jack Morgan WWLDLD Wonderland Park, Indianapolis WIN
1911-01-25 Jack Dillon WWWLWD Gymnastic Club, Dayton LOST
1910-12-19 Cy Flynn LWWLWW Salamanca WIN
1910-11-21 Jimmy Perry WWWWWW Princess Auditorium, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-11-14 Battling Simpson WLLWWW Greensburg WIN
1910-10-21 Jack Dillon WWWWLW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-09-10 Buck Crouse WWWWDW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-07-16 Billy Berger WLWWWD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-06-25 Billy Berger DWLWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1910-05-21 Jimmy Perry WDWWWW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-05-13 Buck Crouse WWWWWW Turner Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-04-23 Battling Conners WWWWDW Old City Hall, Pittsburgh DRAW
1910-03-23 Buck Crouse WWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
Technical knockout
1910-03-14 Billy Manfredo LLWDLL Keaggy Theater, Greensburg WIN
1910-03-02 Tom McMahon WLLWWD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-12-20 Billy Manfredo WLLLWD Keaggy Rink, Greensburg WIN
1909-12-02 Battling Simpson L Herminie NC
1909-11-15 Billy Manfredo WWLLLW Johnstown DRAW
1909-09-20 Jimmy Perry LLWWDW Keystone Hall, Madison DRAW
1909-08-04 Jack Abbott WDWLLD Keaggy Rink, Greensburg LOST
1909-05-20 Thunderbolt Lees debut Mars Club, Johnstown WIN
1909-04-23 Billy Manfredo WLWWLL Keaggy Rink, Greensburg WIN
1909-03-25 Billy Manfredo WWLWWL Auditorium, Johnstown WIN
1909-03-15 Battling Conners DWDLDW Showalter Theater, Latrobe WIN
1909-03-09 Johnny Chew debut Keaggy Rink, Greensburg WIN
1909-02-03 George Gill debut Madison WIN
1909-01-30 Billy Manfredo LLWWW Keaggy Rink, Greensburg WIN