Jack Britton boxer

Jack Britton boxer
5′ 8″/173cm

Jack Britton (October 14, 1885 – March 27, 1962) was the first three-time world welterweight boxing champion. Born William J. Breslin in Clinton, New York, his professional career lasted for 25 years beginning in 1905. He holds the world record for the number of title bouts fought in a career with 37 (18 of which ended in no decisions), many against his arch-rival Ted "Kid" Lewis, against whom he fought 20 times. Statistical boxing website BoxRec lists Britton as the #6 ranked welterweight of all time while The Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer placed him at #3. He was inducted into the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame in 1960 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame as a first-class member in 1990.Ernest Hemingway's short story "Fifty Grand" is based on the Jack Britton/Mickey Walker fight in Madison Square Garden on November 1, 1922. Other sources link this story to the Britton/Benny Leonard fight the previous June in the Bronx Hippodrome where Leonard lost in what appeared to be an intentional foul. Leonard was specifically mentioned in the first draft of Hemingway's short story."This fight is one of the most controversial in the history of the ring, as shown by a reading of about fifteen accounts by New York sportswriters (supplied by Jack Kincaid). The writers were unanimous in having Britton well ahead after twelve fast rounds. He had crowded Leonard, cleverly outboxed him, and even marked him up. Leonard did have a good round eleven, staggering Britton twice, but Jack had a big 12th. In the 13th, Leonard landed a left to Britton's body which caused him to gasp, folding his hands over his mid-section, and go down to his knees. Jack seemed to claim a foul (although he said afterward that he didn't), but Referee Patsy Haley disallowed the claim. Britton came up to one knee and Leonard rushed in and struck him a light blow, causing the referee to disqualify Benny. Leonard claimed that this final blow was not a foul, but none of the reporters agreed. The reporters, who included Damon Runyon, Sid Mercer, Hype Igoe, W.R. McGeehan, and George Underwood, drew various conclusions about the ending. Some thought that the conclusion was staged, others did not. The spectators seemed inclined to believe that something had been put over on them, but perhaps the best approach is to take the result at face value."All information in this section is derived from BoxRec, unless otherwise stated. All newspaper decisions are officially regarded as “no decision” bouts and are not counted to the win/loss/draw column.Record with the inclusion of newspaper decisions to the win/loss/draw column.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1930-07-29 Rudy Marshall WLWLWL Beckley Avenue Arena, Stamford LOST
1930-05-08 Bobby Ruffalo WWWWWW Columbus Hall, Yonkers WIN
1930-03-06 Alf Schell LLWWWW Foot Guard Hall, Hartford WIN
1930-01-20 Ralph Hood LWLWWW Roanoke Auditorium, Roanoke WIN
1929-12-17 Farmer Joe Cooper WLLWLW Armory, Charlotte LOST
1929-12-06 Sam Bruce WLLWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1929-10-19 Elmer Bezenah WWLWWL Ohio National Guard Armory, Cincinnati LOST
1929-10-14 Frankie Palmo LDLDWW Baesman Hall, Portsmouth DRAW
1929-09-30 Johnny Roberts WWWWWW Baesman Hall, Portsmouth LOST
1929-09-02 George Gibbons LWLWWD Kenton DRAW
1929-08-21 Henry Firpo WWDWWW Weller Theater, Zanesville LOST
Unanimous decision
1929-08-19 Morrie Sherman DWWWWW Ramona Baseball Park, Grand Rapids LOST
1929-07-09 Ham Jenkins DWWDLL Olympic A.C., Denver LOST
1929-06-24 Patsy Pollock WWLLLW Logan Square Baseball Park, Chicago WIN
1929-06-10 Billy Brown WWDWWW Coliseum Arena, New Orleans WIN
1929-04-22 Red Herring LDDLLW Stadium, Memphis LOST
1929-04-12 Tot Wilson WWDL Macon WIN
1929-04-08 Grover Mallini DLWWLD Mobile WIN
1929-04-04 Ted Goodrich WWWWWW Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1929-03-22 Farmer Joe Cooper WWLWDW Coliseum Arena, New Orleans WIN
1929-02-26 Spike Webb LWDWWW Biscayne Arena, Miami WIN
1929-02-20 Cliff Wellons WWWLWW Biscayne Arena, Miami WIN
1928-12-20 Canada Lee WLLWLD Boston Garden, Boston WIN
1928-12-07 Frankie O'Brien WLLWWW Boston Garden, Boston LOST
1928-11-14 Larry Brignolia WLWLWW Mechanics Building, Boston WIN
1928-11-01 Danny Sears WWWLWW Arcadia Auditorium, Portsmouth WIN
Unanimous decision
1928-10-26 Pete Provencher debut Manchester WIN
1928-10-22 Meyer Cohen WDLLLL Valley Arena, Holyoke WIN
1928-10-16 Laddie Lee WWWWLW Exposition Building, Portland WIN
1928-10-12 Jimmy McGonnigle LWWWWW Braves Field, Boston WIN
1928-10-01 Pete Pacheco LWWLLW Arena, Boston WIN
1928-09-24 Mickey Sears WDWLWW Casino Hall, Lynn WIN
1928-08-28 Pal Silvers WDWLWW Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens LOST
1928-08-14 Tony Vaccarelli WDDDWW Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens WIN
1928-08-07 Tommy Dunn LDLWWW Thompson's Stadium, Staten Island WIN
1928-07-20 Harry Felix LWWLWW Long Beach Stadium, Long Beach WIN
1928-01-04 Floyd Hybert WWWW Public Hall, Cleveland NC
No Contest
1927-11-14 Jimmy Jones LWWWLW Canton Auditorium, Canton DRAW
1927-10-17 Hilario Martinez LWWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1927-09-19 Joey Knapp WWWWWL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1927-09-12 Tommy Jordan WLLWL Dexter Park Arena, Woodhaven, Queens WIN
1927-08-29 George Levine LLLWL Dexter Park Arena, Woodhaven, Queens WIN
1927-04-29 Bermondsey Billy Wells WLWWLD Benjamin Field Arena, Tampa LOST
1927-04-02 Arthur Schaekels LWWLLW Race Track Arena, Pompano Beach WIN
1926-09-06 Barney Adair WWWWDL West Flagler Stadium, Miami WIN
1926-08-02 Colin (Red) McLachlin WWWW West Flagler Stadium, Miami WIN
1925-06-26 Dave Forbes WDWWLD Memorial Hall, Kansas City WIN
1925-06-03 Harry Ritzer LDWWWW Wilmington Bowl, Wilmington WIN
1925-05-20 Roy Moore WDWDWL Wilmington Bowl, Wilmington WIN
1925-05-16 Ted Krache WLWWDW Dugdale Park, Seattle DRAW
1925-03-20 Morrie Schlaifer LLWLLL Auditorium, Omaha LOST
1925-02-20 Bermondsey Billy Wells LDWDWW Dreamland Rink, San Francisco LOST
1925-01-22 Izzy Tanner WDDLLW Armory, Portland WIN
Unanimous decision
1925-01-16 Norman Genet LWLLLL Dreamland Rink, San Francisco WIN
1924-12-02 Sailor Billy Vincent LWWWDD Arena, Vernon WIN
1924-11-19 Oakland Jimmy Duffy WWWWWD Auditorium, Oakland LOST
1924-10-13 Phil Krug WWWWDW Laurel Garden, Newark WIN
1924-10-01 Phil Kaplan LWLWLW Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey City LOST
1924-08-28 Jack Rappaport WWWWWW Bank Street Open-Air Arena, Newark LOST
1924-02-11 Johnny Karr WWWWWL Canton Auditorium, Canton DRAW
1924-01-21 Fred Archer DDLWWL Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1923-12-18 Phil Kaplan DWWWLW Pioneer Sporting Club, New York WIN
1923-11-20 Frankie Schoell DWWWWW Mechanics Building, Boston LOST
1923-06-14 Soldier Bartfield LLLLLL Kingsboro Stadium, Brooklyn WIN
1923-06-08 Cowboy Padgett DLLWLL Idora Park, Youngstown WIN
1923-05-03 Joe O'Hara LWWWWW Dexter Park Pavilion, Chicago WIN
1923-04-20 Jim Montgomery DDLLLD Fort Monroe, Norfolk WIN
1923-03-28 Elino Flores DLLWWL Rink S.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1922-11-01 Mickey Walker WLLLLW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
Unanimous decision
1922-10-10 Jimmy Kelly WWWDDL Nuevo Fronton, Havana WIN
1922-06-26 Benny Leonard WWWWWW Velodrome, Bronx WIN
1922-05-26 Ray Long WWDDWW Coliseum, Oklahoma City DRAW
1922-05-16 Morris Lux WLWLLW McNulty Park, Tulsa WIN
Technical knockout
1922-05-05 Cowboy Padgett WDDDDW Auditorium, Omaha WIN
1922-02-17 Dave Shade WWLDWW Madison Square Garden, New York DRAW
Majority decision
1921-11-30 Jim Montgomery LLDLLL Lyceum Theater, New Britain WIN
1921-07-18 Mickey Walker WWWWWW Armory, Newark DRAW
1921-06-08 Frank Barrieau WWLDWW Hastings Park Arena, Vancouver DRAW
1921-06-03 Dave Shade WWWWWD Arena, Milwaukie DRAW
1921-05-25 Travie Davis DWWDWW Pavilion, Seattle DRAW
1921-05-17 Johnny Tillman LDLLLL Coliseum, Des Moines WIN
1921-02-07 Ted Kid Lewis WWWLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1920-12-06 Pinky Mitchell WWWLLW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1920-11-29 Jake Abel WDLWWD Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1920-11-23 Bud Logan LWDWLW Beethoven Hall, San Antonio LOST
1920-11-18 Morris Lux DWLDWW Convention Hall, Kansas City WIN
1920-10-08 Jack Perry LWLLWW Coliseum, Toledo DRAW
1920-09-06 Ray Bronson DWLLDL Cedar Point Arena, Sandusky WIN
1920-09-03 Johnny Tillman LDWDDD League Park, Cleveland WIN
1920-08-23 Lou Bogash WWDWWW State Street Arena, Bridgeport DRAW
1920-07-26 Marcel Thomas WLDLWW 1st Regiment Armory, Newark WIN
Technical knockout
1920-07-01 Eddie Shevlin WDLWDD Exposition Building, Portland WIN
1920-06-07 Len Rowlands LDDLD Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1920-06-02 Young Joe Borrell WWLLWW Ice Palace, Philadelphia WIN
1920-05-31 Johnny Griffiths WWWDDW League Park, Akron WIN
1920-05-17 Mike O'Dowd WWWWLW Canton Auditorium, Canton LOST
1920-05-01 Frankie Maguire WWWLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1920-04-26 Jock Malone DWLLW Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1920-04-07 Dennis O'Keefe WWWDWW Coliseum, Kenosha WIN
1920-03-26 Bryan Downey WWWWW Gray's Armory, Cleveland WIN
1920-03-17 Jack Perry WWWWWD Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1920-03-08 Dave Palitz WDWLWW Church Street Auditorium, Hartford WIN
1920-01-30 Jimmy Conway LDWDW Municipal Auditorium, Savannah WIN
1920-01-06 Johnny 'Kid' Alberts WLLWWW Schuetzen Park, Jersey City WIN
1920-01-01 Johnny Gill WWWWWL Steelton WIN
1919-12-09 Steve Latzo WWWWLW Johnstown A.C., Johnstown WIN
1919-12-01 Billy Ryan WWLWLD Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1919-11-25 Harvey Thorpe LDWLLW Miller's Hall, Buffalo WIN
1919-11-07 Billy Goat Doig LLWWWD La Salle DRAW
1919-11-05 Johnny Tillman LLLWLW Arcadia Arena, Detroit WIN
1919-08-22 Mike O'Dowd WWDWWW 1st Regiment Armory, Newark WIN
1919-08-07 Johnny Griffiths LWWWLW Stockyards Stadium, Denver WIN
1919-07-28 Ted Kid Lewis DDWDLW Armory A.A., Jersey City WIN
1919-07-09 Al Doty LLDLWD Fayette Field, Connellsville WIN
Technical knockout
1919-07-04 Johnny Griffiths WWLWWW League Park, Canton WIN
1919-06-26 Jack Perry WWLWWW South End Baseball Park, Cumberland LOST
1919-06-13 Walter Mohr DLWDL Theatre francais, Montreal WIN
1919-05-24 Jimmy McCabe L National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-05-19 Joe Welling LWDLWD Arena, Syracuse WIN
1919-05-12 Johnny Tillman LLWLLL Lyric Theater, Baltimore WIN
1919-05-06 Johnny Griffiths LWDWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1919-04-25 Jock Malone LWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1919-04-07 Bryan Downey LWDDDL Canton Auditorium, Canton LOST
1919-03-24 Jack Perry WWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1919-03-17 Ted Kid Lewis WWDDWD Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1919-02-10 Willie Ryan WLWLDL Trenton A.C., Trenton WIN
1919-02-03 Al Doty DLDLLD Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1918-12-23 Silent Martin LDLLLW Grand View Auditorium, Jersey City WIN
1918-12-17 Soldier Bartfield DLWDLL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1918-11-16 Soldier Bartfield LWDLWD Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1918-11-11 Soldier Bartfield LLWDLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1918-09-17 Tommy Robson LWLLWW Arena, Boston WIN
1918-08-06 Soldier Bartfield LWLLWD Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1918-07-29 Billy Ryan LWWDWL Armory A.A. Outdoor Arena, Jersey City WIN
Technical knockout
1918-07-16 Eddie Shevlin WWWWDW Armory, Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1918-07-15 Billy Ryan LLWWDW Lotus A.C., Perth Amboy WIN
1918-07-11 KO Willie Loughlin WWWWWD Atlantic City S.C., Atlantic City WIN
1918-06-25 Benny Leonard WWWWWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1918-06-20 Ted Kid Lewis DWLLDW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1918-06-11 Bryan Downey LWLLWW Armory, Boston WIN
1918-06-06 Fighting Zunner DWWWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1918-05-16 Tommy Ferguson DWDWWD Town Hall, Scranton WIN
1918-05-02 Ted Kid Lewis WWDWLL Town Hall, Scranton DRAW
1918-03-27 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWLDLW Armory Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1918-03-20 Vic Morgan debut Joe Levy's Arena, Chattanooga WIN
1918-03-06 Ted Kid Lewis DWWWDW Armory Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1918-02-11 Marty Cross LWLWLL Marieville Gardens, North Providence WIN
1918-01-16 Tommy Robson WWWWWW Marieville Gardens, North Providence WIN
1918-01-01 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWDWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-12-04 Johnny Tillman WWWWLW Grand Opera House, Boston WIN
1917-11-13 Soldier Bartfield WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-11-12 Johnny Tillman LWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-11-06 Jimmy O'Hagan WWLWLW German Hall, Albany LOST
1917-10-19 Benny Leonard WWWWWW Harlem S.C., New York LOST
1917-10-03 Eddie Billings LWLLWW Grand Opera House, Superior WIN
1917-09-14 Marty Cross LLLWDL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1917-06-25 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW Westwood Field, Dayton LOST
1917-06-14 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York LOST
1917-06-06 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW Coliseum, Saint Louis LOST
1917-05-19 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW Massey Hall, Toronto LOST
1917-05-08 Mike O'Dowd LLWWWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn LOST
1917-03-26 Ted Kid Lewis DWWWWW Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati LOST
1917-03-05 Bryan Downey WWWWWW Coliseum, Columbus LOST
1917-03-01 Tommy Robson LWWWDW Opera House, Lawrence WIN
1917-01-29 Johnny Griffiths WWWDLD Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1917-01-25 Mike O'Dowd WWWWWW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1917-01-10 Albert Badoud WWLLWD Manhattan Casino, New York WIN
1917-01-01 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WDWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-12-08 Sam Robideau LWWWWL Cleveland A.C., Cleveland WIN
1916-12-04 Steve Latzo WWWWDW Majestic Theatre, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1916-11-21 Charley White DDWLWW Arena, Boston WIN
1916-11-14 Ted Kid Lewis LLWWLW Arena, Boston DRAW
1916-10-17 Ted Kid Lewis WWLLWW Arena, Boston WIN
1916-10-02 Jimmy Coffey LLWLLW Hudson Theatre, Schenectady WIN
1916-09-05 Joe Welling WWWLWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-07-25 Johnny Griffiths WWDLWD Arena, Boston DRAW
1916-06-23 Battling Kopin WWLWWD Arena, Syracuse LOST
1916-06-06 Mike O'Dowd DDWWWW Arena, Boston WIN
1916-04-24 Ted Kid Lewis LLLWWW Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans WIN
1916-03-22 Kid Graves WWDLLL Gymnastic Club, Dayton WIN
1916-03-13 Willie KO Brennan WLWDDW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-02-15 Ted Kid Lewis WDWLWL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-02-05 Silent Martin LDDLWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-01-21 Hilliard Lang WLWWLL Riverdale Rink, Toronto WIN
1916-01-20 Ted Kid Lewis WLWWDW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1915-12-28 Johnny Griffiths WWWDWW Winter Garden, Akron LOST
1915-10-30 Terry Mitchell WWWWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1915-09-28 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW Arena (Atlas A.A.), Boston LOST
1915-09-06 Johnny Griffiths LWWWWW League Park, Canton DRAW
1915-08-31 Ted Kid Lewis WWWWWW Arena, Boston LOST
1915-06-22 Mike Glover WWWDWW Arena (Atlas A.A.), Boston WIN
1915-06-01 Young Denny LLWWLL Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1915-05-17 Leo Kelly LLDWWD Coliseum, Columbus WIN
1915-04-05 Ray Campbell LWLLLW Garden Theater, Buffalo WIN
1915-03-26 Ted Kid Lewis LWWWWW 135th Street A.C., New York WIN
1915-03-13 Phil Bloom LLLLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-03-06 Jack Toland LLLLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-01-30 Kid Graves WWWWLW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-01-09 Frankie Notter LLWLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-12-28 Al Dewey WWDLDL Majestic Theatre, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1914-12-25 Joe Hyland DDWLWL Hanna Armory, New Britain WIN
1914-11-26 Soldier Bartfield WWLWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1914-11-02 Eddie Moran DLLLLL Hanna Armory, New Britain WIN
1914-10-09 Eddie Moran LLDLLL Ridgewood Grove SC, Brooklyn WIN
1914-09-26 Soldier Bartfield LDWWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1914-07-04 Johnny Griffiths WDDWWW League Park, Canton WIN
1914-06-30 Joe Eagan DWWWWW Arena (Atlas A.A.), Boston WIN
1914-04-25 Kid Graves LWDLLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-04-13 Billy Griffith LDDLWL Heuck's Opera House, Cincinnati WIN
1914-03-30 Leo Kelly DWLLWL Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
1914-03-10 Kid Graves DWLWDL Broadway A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-03-07 Joe Hirst WWLDLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-02-24 Frankie Madden DDDLLL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1914-02-17 Gene Moriarty WWDLWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1914-02-10 Johnny Dohan LWDDWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-01-31 Ray Campbell LWWLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-01-19 Mike Glover WWDLWW New Amsterdam Opera House, New York WIN
1914-01-05 Phil Bloom LWDLLL Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1913-12-29 Al Dewey WLWWWW Peerless A.C., Wilkes-Barre DRAW
1913-12-08 Packey McFarland WWWWWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1913-11-27 Mike Glover WWWDLW Irving A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-11-21 Battling Gates WDDWWW Coliseum A.C., Wilkes-Barre WIN
1913-07-04 Charley White WDWWWW McDonoghville Park, New Orleans WIN
Technical knockout
1913-06-23 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WDWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1913-05-29 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWDWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1913-05-20 Eddie Murphy DLLLWD Kenosha DRAW
1913-05-17 Kid Graves WLWWDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-04-22 Johnny Dohan DWLDDD Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-04-21 Philadelphia Pal Moore WLLLLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia NC
No Contest
1913-04-15 Matty Baldwin WWWWDW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1913-03-31 Kid Curley WLWWWD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1913-03-20 Young Abe Brown WWWWW Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-03-17 Johnny Krause LDWWLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-03-07 Packey McFarland WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1913-01-31 Eddie Hanlon WWWLL Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
Technical knockout
1913-01-27 Jimmy Evans L Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
Technical knockout
1913-01-18 Frankie Gage LLDW Orleans A.C., New Orleans WIN
1913-01-10 Joe Thomas WWWDWW Orleans A.C., New Orleans WIN
1912-12-25 Tommy O'Keefe WWDDLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-12-23 Young Ahearn WWLWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn DRAW
1912-12-17 Frankie Nelson WLLDLL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1912-12-06 Frank Loughrey WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-12-05 Billy Bennett WWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1912-11-28 Milburn Saylor WWLWDD Lakeside A.C., Dayton WIN
Technical knockout
1912-10-24 Freddie Duffy DDWWLL Forty-Fourth Street A.C., New York WIN
1912-10-11 Leach Cross WDDWWL St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-10-07 Young McDonough LWWDWD Rhode Island A.C., Thornton DRAW
1912-10-02 Joe Eagan LWDWD St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1912-09-24 Jack Redmond LLDLWL New Star A.C., New York WIN
1912-09-17 Milburn Saylor WDWLWW Arena, Boston WIN
1912-09-10 Willie Beecher DWLLWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-08-27 Eddie Murphy WWLDWD Arena, Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1912-08-12 Eddie Smith WWWWWD Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1912-07-17 Harry Stone WWDDWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-04-30 Philadelphia Pal Moore WLWLLD Dreamland Rink, San Francisco WIN
1912-01-24 Oakland Frankie Burns LWWWLD Piedmont Pavilion, Oakland WIN
1912-01-05 Al Rogers DWDWLD Dreamland Rink, San Francisco WIN
1911-12-08 Ray Temple DWWWWW Dreamland Rink, San Francisco DRAW
1911-10-14 Johnny McCarthy DDWDW Diepenbrock Theater, Sacramento WIN
1911-10-06 Willie Ritchie DWDLWD Dreamland Rink, San Francisco LOST
1911-09-22 Danny O'Brien DDDDDD Dreamland Rink, San Francisco WIN
1911-09-08 Jerry Murphy DDLWD Dreamland Rink, San Francisco LOST
1911-05-09 Johnny Marto WWWWWD St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1911-04-21 Jake Barada WDWW Business Men's A.C., Saint Joseph WIN
1911-01-30 Packey McFarland DWWWWW Armory AC, Memphis DRAW
1910-12-12 Ray Temple WWWWDW National A.C., Memphis WIN
1910-11-21 Farmer (Kid) Dorbett WLWLDL National A.C., Memphis WIN
1910-11-14 Milburn Saylor DWLWW National A.C., Memphis DRAW
1910-11-12 Bert Keyes DDWLLD Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
1910-08-19 Jack McGuire L Savannah Theater, Savannah WIN
1910-06-30 Ray Bronson WDWLWW Royal A.C., New Orleans LOST
1910-06-17 Tommy Devlin WDLDWW Savannah Theater, Savannah DRAW
1910-05-07 Dummy Decker LDDLWL Southern A.C., Savannah DRAW
1910-05-05 Frankie White LWDDWW Monroe A.C., Atlanta DRAW
1910-04-18 Dummy Decker LLDDLW Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
1910-03-26 Jimmy Dasher WLWDDL Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
1910-03-22 Mike Memsic LWLDWL Academy A.C., Atlanta WIN
1910-03-18 Jack Curley LDLLLW Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
1910-02-22 Young Erne WWWWWD Douglas A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1910-01-25 Harry Cutch WWLLWW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-12-17 Patsy Hogan LWDDWD Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
Technical knockout
1909-12-09 Farmer (Kid) Dorbett WDWWLW Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
Technical knockout
1909-12-03 Farmer (Kid) Dorbett LWDWWL Southern A.C., Savannah LOST
1909-11-29 Harry Stone WDLWWD New Philadelphia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-11-15 Tommy O'Keefe DLWDWW New Philadelphia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1909-10-25 Nathan Ehrlich LWLWDD New Philadelphia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-09-09 Joe Sieger LLWLLL Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
1909-06-18 Jimmy Dasher LW Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
Technical knockout
1909-06-11 Jim Holland W Southern A.C., Savannah WIN
1909-03-18 Leo Houck WLDDWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-03-17 Joe Hirst DDDWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-02-25 Johnny Hogan LDDWLL Reading WIN
1909-02-04 Leo Houck DLWDWL Lancaster A.C., Lancaster DRAW
1909-02-03 Dimp O'Donnell DLLLLL Wayne A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1909-01-04 Charley 'Twin' Miller WDWLWD Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-12-14 Reddy Moore WWWWWW West End A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1908-12-05 Al Grander WLLDLW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1908-11-14 Mike Fleming LWLWLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-11-06 Joe Thiel LLWWWW State A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1908-10-23 Johnny Johnson DLLWWW State A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-10-20 Reddy Moore WDLWWW Douglas A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1908-10-10 Tommy Carey DLWLLW NC
1908-07-15 Percy Cove DLLWWL Princess A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1908-07-11 Willie Riley WWLWDW Navarre A.C., Ulmer Park, Brooklyn DRAW
1908-07-02 Johnny Dwyer WWWWWL Olympia A.C., New York WIN
1908-07-01 Percy Cove LDLLWW Princess A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1908-06-30 Johnny Regan debut Navarre A.C., Ulmer Park, Brooklyn WIN
1908-06-23 Johnny Dwyer LWWWWW Navarre A.C., Ulmer Park, Brooklyn WIN
1908-06-01 Billy Glover LDWDLW Dry Dock A.C., New York LOST
1908-05-05 Young Farrell DDLLWL NC
1908-04-04 Phil Griffin WLWDWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1908-02-27 Art Edmunds WWDLLL Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
1908-02-06 Lew Sheppard LLLLWW Long Acre A.C., New York WIN
1908-01-28 Tommy Love WWDLWL Reading A.C., Reading WIN
1908-01-06 Phil Griffin WWDWDW Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-12-25 Battling Stinger LLDLWD Wilmington WIN
1907-12-10 Willie Lucas LLWLWW Bijou Theater, Reading LOST
1907-12-09 Tony Haney DDWWLD Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-11-25 Kid Beebe DLDLWL Landmessers Hall, Wilkes-Barre LOST
1907-11-19 Tony Haney DDDWWL Bijou Theater, Reading DRAW
1907-11-11 Bobby O'Neill LDDWWW Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-11-09 Kid Haney debut National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-11-05 Young Bechtel LDWWW Bijou Theater, Reading WIN
1907-11-04 Eddie Carton LLLWLD Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-10-21 Young Kid Broad LL Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-09-20 Eddie O'Neil DDD Paddock A.C., New York WIN
1907-09-10 Mississippi LLLWLL Consolidated A.C., New York WIN
1907-09-09 Terry Young DDLLLL Crown A.C., Clermont Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1907-06-19 Farmer (Kid) Dorbett DDDLWW Gayety Theater, Baltimore DRAW
1907-06-05 Young Pierce WWWWWW Wayne A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-05-24 Kid Gilbert DWLWLL New Penn Art A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1907-05-17 Joe Smith DLLWWW New Penn Art A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-03-09 Kid Hogan WWLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-01-25 Young Karl LWLLLL Wayne A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-01-12 Eddie Fay WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-12-01 Tommy Herman LWLLWD Date&Venue NC
1906-10-18 Leo Houck WWWDWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster LOST
1906-04-18 Young Loughrey LWWLWL National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-03-28 Jimmy Earle DL National S.C., Wilmington WIN
1906-02-17 Todo Moran DWLDL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-02-14 Eddie Wallace LWWLWW National S.C., Wilmington WIN
1906-01-01 Young Loughrey WLWWWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1905-10-20 Steve Kinney LWWWWW Panorama Building, Milwaukee LOST
1905-10-07 Tommy Shea WLL Chicago A.A., Chicago LOST
1904-11-11 Jack Nolan LWW Badger A.C., Milwaukee WIN