Pinky Mitchell boxer

Pinky Mitchell boxer
5′ 11″/180cm

Pinky Mitchell was an American boxer who became the first champion in the light welterweight division by receiving the most votes by ballot on November 15, 1922. He held the title until 1926.In his impressive career he fought Oakland Jimmy Duffy, and champions Rocky Kansas, James Red Herring, Benny Leonard, Lew Tendler, Jack Britton, Mushy Callahan and Joe Dundee.Born Myron Mitchell on January 1, 1899, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mitchell was nicknamed Pinky because of his father's statement, on seeing Mitchell in his crib as a baby, that "he's like a little pink rascal." He was a highly praised amateur boxer, and during his amateur days, former lightweight champion Battling Nelson said he was the best-looking prospect he had seen.Mitchell began boxing professionally in 1917. His brother, Richie Mitchell, was also a boxer. Their two styles were quite different, however. Richie was known for all-action bouts while Pinky, according to a later historian, "became a pariah in Milwaukee rings" due to his "lethargic performances" in boxing matches.On April 11, 1919, Mitchell drew with Harry Shuman, Pacific Coast Lightweight Champion, in Seattle in a four round match. The Milwaukee Sentinel noted that he "was pleased at the treatment he had received in Seattle", though he was accustomed to longer fights.In 1922 Mike Collins, the publisher of a Minneapolis weekly newspaper, the Boxing Blade, created the light welterweight category and asked his readers to vote for the man they felt was the best fighter at 140 pounds. Mitchell won the balloting and was recognized on November 15, 1922, as the first world light welterweight champion. The National Boxing Association (NBA) followed suit and recognized Mitchell as champion.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1928-05-22 Phil Kaplan WWLWWW Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens LOST
1928-03-29 Dick Evans LWWDLW Rayen-Wood Auditorium, Youngstown LOST
1927-08-11 Joe Dundee LWWWWW Borchert Field, Milwaukee NC
No Contest
1926-12-06 Clyde Hull WDWWWW Fort Worth DRAW
1926-11-27 Tommy White WWLWW El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Mexico City NC
No Contest
1926-11-05 Shuffle Callahan WWLWWL Dexter Park Pavilion, Chicago LOST
1926-09-21 Mushy Callahan WDWWLL Arena, Vernon LOST
1926-09-02 George Levine LWDLL Idora Park, Youngstown WIN
1926-08-27 Jimmy Finley WLWW Borchert Field, Milwaukee WIN
1926-08-20 Georgie Ward WWWLW Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey City WIN
1926-08-12 Tommy White WDWWWW Borchert Field, Milwaukee WIN
1926-07-18 Tommy White WWWWDW Ciudad Juarez LOST
1926-06-22 Tommy Freeman WWLWWW Olympic Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1926-05-31 Jimmy Finley WWWW Cedar Rapids LOST
1926-01-14 Russie LeRoy LLWWWW Fargo Auditorium, Fargo WIN
1925-11-06 Bermondsey Billy Wells WWWWWL Kenwood Armory, Minneapolis LOST
1925-09-30 Oakland Jimmy Duffy WWWDWL Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles LOST
1925-09-24 Joe Dundee LWDDWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1925-08-14 Willie Harmon WWLWWW State Fair Park, Milwaukee LOST
1925-05-25 Jimmy Gill LWWWWW Janesville WIN
1925-04-29 Willie Harmon WWWWWW Newark Armory, Newark LOST
1925-03-27 Red Herring LLWWWW Arena Gardens, Detroit LOST
1924-07-21 Joe Anderson WWWWLW Redland Field, Cincinnati LOST
Technical knockout
1924-06-10 Al Van Ryan DWWWWW Mizzou Park, Sioux City WIN
1924-06-02 Tommy Freeman WWWWWW Coliseum Arena, New Orleans LOST
1924-04-25 Joe Simonich LLWWWL Armory, Portland DRAW
1924-04-16 Oakland Jimmy Duffy WWLWWD Auditorium, Oakland LOST
1924-04-08 Bobby Harper WLWWWW Armory, Portland WIN
1924-02-18 Lew Tendler WLWWLW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1923-12-14 Nate Goldman WWWWWD Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1923-11-06 Sid Barbarian WWWWWW Detroit WIN
1923-10-11 Joe Simonich DWWLLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1923-07-09 Nate Goldman WDWWWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1923-05-29 Benny Leonard WWLWWW Dexter Park Pavilion, Chicago LOST
Technical knockout
1923-05-18 Tim Droney WWWWLD Jefferson County Armory, Louisville WIN
1923-04-13 Harvey Thorpe LWWLLW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1923-04-02 Bobby Barrett LLWLWL Arena, Philadelphia WIN
1923-02-13 Johnny Tillman DDWWLW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1923-01-30 Bud Logan DLWWLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1922-09-11 Tommy O'Brien LWWDWW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1922-08-29 Johnny Tillman WLLLWW Monona Park Auditorium, Madison DRAW
1922-08-15 Joe Jawson DLWDWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1922-07-21 Billy Burns LWLWLL Peoria WIN
1922-06-30 Billy Burns LLWLWL Peoria WIN
1922-05-15 Frankie Welsh LLLWDW Peoria WIN
1922-04-07 Pal Moran LDWWDL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1922-03-27 Dave Shade DWWLWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1922-03-20 Willie Doyle LLLDDL Muskegon WIN
1922-03-02 Sid Barbarian WWWDWW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1921-10-21 Tommy Neary LWWWWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1921-09-30 Jack Josephs WDWWWW Minneapolis NC
1921-08-29 Eddie Fitzsimmons WDWWDL Arena, Boston LOST
1921-08-05 Neal Allison LLDWWW Duluth WIN
Technical knockout
1921-04-19 Cal Delaney WWWLLW Des Moines WIN
1921-04-07 Patsy Cline LWLLWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1921-01-07 Willie Jackson WWWWWD Madison Square Garden, New York DRAW
1921-01-01 Dennis O'Keefe WLWWWD Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1920-12-17 Clonie Tait WLWWLW Minneapolis WIN
1920-12-06 Jack Britton WWDWLW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1920-09-27 Johnny Noye DWWLWW Peoria WIN
1920-06-30 Rocky Kansas WWWWWW Navin Field, Detroit LOST
1920-05-19 Lew Tendler WWWWWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1920-04-17 Frankie Schoell DDDLWW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1920-03-08 Barney Adair WLWWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1920-02-16 Joe Welling LLLLLW Kenwood Armory, Minneapolis WIN
1920-02-06 Cal Delaney LDWWLW Auditorium, Saint Paul WIN
1919-12-15 Mike Paulson LDLWL Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-11-24 Mel Coogan DWWWWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-11-13 Sailor Friedman WWDLL Racine WIN
1919-10-21 Mickey Donley LLLLL Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-10-03 Charlie McCarthy WLWWWL Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-06-06 Charlie O'Connell WWDWDW Royal Moose, Detroit LOST
1919-05-02 George Ingle WDWDWL Broadway Theater, Butte DRAW
1919-04-11 Harry Schuman WWLWWW Arena, Seattle DRAW
1919-03-05 Johnny Noye WLLWWW Empress Theater, Milwaukee WIN
1919-01-27 Eddie Moy WDWDWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1919-01-01 Otto Wallace WWLLLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
Technical knockout
1918-12-09 Otto Wallace WWWLLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1918-11-29 Otto Wallace WWWWLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1918-03-14 Knockout Gorman debut Illinois Theater, Ottawa WIN
1918-03-03 Clint Flynn LLLLDL NC
1918-01-24 Johnny Mendelsohn WWWW Elite Rink, Milwaukee LOST
1917-11-06 Joe Homeland WLLLLL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
Technical knockout