Jack Blackburn boxer

Jack Blackburn boxer
5′ 10″/178cm

Charles Henry "Jack" Blackburn (May 20, 1883 – April 24, 1942) was an American boxer and boxing trainer. Fighting in the first half of his career as a lightweight and later a welterweight, he was known for an exceptional defense and fought many men above his weight class, including six bouts with the great Sam Langford. He fought Joe Gans three times in no-decision bouts, defeating him once according to newspaper accounts and made good showings against Harry Lewis, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, and Harry Greb. He found most of his fame training 1937 World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, but also had a significant role in training 1926 Lightweight Champion Sammy Mandell. He helped to train World Bantamweight Champion Bud Taylor and World Light-Heavyweight Champion John Henry Lewis as well.Blackburn was born the son of a minister on May 20, 1883, in Versailles, Kentucky. At the age of ten he moved to Indiana, where he was raised in Indianapolis and Terra Haute. In one of his earliest bouts, according to the Pittsburgh Courier, he knocked out Eddie Gardner, brother of the better known Oscar, in eleven rounds in 1899. Frank Sutton was his trainer for a large portion of his career after Blackburn came to Pittsburgh to box around 1903. At one time Sutton operated a boxing club on Ross Street in Pittsburgh, though Blackburn did much of his mid-career boxing in Philadelphia.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1923-03-07 Ray Pelkey DWWLD Auditorium, Oakland LOST
1922-07-24 Panama Joe Gans WWWDWW Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis LOST
Technical knockout
1922-04-25 Bonecrusher McNally debut Clinton WIN
1922-04-07 Calvin Respress WDLLLD Elgin WIN
1920-12-20 Young Jack Johnson DLLLLL Grand Opera House, Boston WIN
1920-06-22 Kid Norfolk WWLWWW Madison A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1920-01-27 Smiling Kid Nolan debut Marble Hall, Biddeford WIN
1918-11-28 Jimmy Lyggett Sr LWDWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-11-22 Harry Baker LWLLLL Penns Grove WIN
1918-09-20 Larry Williams LWLDDD Atlantic City LOST
1918-04-22 Willie Langford WLLDL Palace Theatre, Toledo WIN
1917-12-07 Young Herman Miller DDLDL Cambria A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-10-04 Henry Hauber WLLDDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-09-06 Joe Rosen WWLLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-08-13 Pat O'Malley WWWLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-07-16 Henry Hauber WDWLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-06-15 Joe Borrell LLWWLW Cambria A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-05-31 Larry Williams LWLLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1917-03-29 Harry Baker WLWLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-02-15 Henry Hauber LWWWDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-02-01 Harry Baker WWLWLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-01-22 Christy Williams WDWWLW Columbus WIN
1916-11-21 Jackie Clark WWLWL Pottstown LOST
1916-11-17 Eddie Revoire DLWDW Ryan A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-11-03 Joe Borrell LWWDWW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-10-20 Joe Borrell LLWWDW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-10-17 Eddie Revoire WDLWD Ryan A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-09-08 Young Ahearn DWDLLW Harlem S.C., New York DRAW
1916-08-23 Young Ahearn LWDWDL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-06-28 K O Samson WWDLDL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-06-20 Willie Baker LWLLWW Ryan A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-06-12 Joe Rosen LLWWLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-01-07 One Round Sylvester LL Saint Louis WIN
1915-12-25 One Round Sylvester L Future City A.C., Saint Louis WIN
1915-09-06 Jack Watts WLWWWW Columbia Theater, Indianapolis WIN
Technical knockout
1915-08-02 Eddie Palmer WLLWWW Memphis LOST
1915-01-27 Al Rogers DWLDLD Mishler Theatre, Altoona DRAW
1915-01-25 Harry Greb WDLWWD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
1915-01-19 Harry Baker WLLLDD Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1915-01-12 Harry Baker WWLLLD Mishler Theatre, Altoona DRAW
1914-12-16 Al Grayber WWLLWD Mishler Theatre, Altoona DRAW
1914-10-29 Emmett 'Kid' Wagner LWWWWW Lyric Theatre, Allentown LOST
1914-10-10 Bill Watkins WWLLLD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn LOST
1914-10-05 Young Tommy Coleman WLLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-09-12 Jack McCarron WDWDWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-05-20 Gunboat Smith WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1914-04-04 Tommy Howell WDWDDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-12-29 Harry Mansfield WWL Douglas A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-12-14 Jack Robinson WDWWLL West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-12-10 Mickey McDonough WLWLDD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-11-23 Mike Donovan DWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1908-11-07 George Memsic WLLLWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-09-30 Cy Flynn WWDLWL Germania Hall, Rochester NC
No Contest
1908-09-26 John Wille LLLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-09-14 Tony Caponi DDWLLL West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-06-18 George Gunther LDLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-06-10 Philadelphia Jack O'Brien DWLWDW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1908-05-01 Mark Anderson WLWWLL Ontario A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1908-04-21 Mike Donovan WWLDWW Abie Opera House, Easton DRAW
1908-04-13 Bill Heveron WLWWLD West End A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1908-03-20 Young Tommy Coleman WWWWWW Ontario A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-03-14 Terry Martin WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-02-27 George Gunther WDLDLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-01-21 Charley Hitte WWWWWW Albany WIN
Technical knockout
1908-01-17 Jack Bonner LDWDW Industrial A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1908-01-09 George Gunther DLDWDL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-12-24 Mike Donovan DLDLD Bijou Theater, Reading WIN
1907-12-20 Jack Morgan WLDWWW Industrial Hall, Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1907-12-06 George Gunther DDLDWD Industrial Hall, Philadelphia WIN
1907-11-20 Harry Lewis WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-10-18 Mike Donovan DWWDD Industrial Hall, Philadelphia WIN
1907-09-05 Jim Barry WWWWLW Savoy A.C., Bridgeport LOST
1907-07-08 Jim Barry LWWWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-06-27 Billy Burke LLWDLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-06-17 Terry Martin LDWWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-06-07 George Cole WWWLWW New Penn Art A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-05-27 Fred Bradley LLWWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-05-23 George Gunther LLWLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-05-17 Herman Miller WWLWWW New Penn Art A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-05-15 George Gunther DLLWLL National S.C., Lyric Hall, New York WIN
1907-04-18 George Gunther LDDLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-01-25 Billy Burke LLLLWD Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-01-24 Kid Henry WWWWWW Lancaster A.C., Lancaster WIN
1907-01-01 George Cole WLLWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-11-29 Eddie Haney DLDDLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1906-11-06 Ted Smith debut Allentown WIN
1906-10-11 Dave Holly LDWLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-08-23 Billy Burke LDWLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1906-08-02 Billy Burke LLDWLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-07-05 George Gunther WDLLWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-06-29 Joe Gans WDWWLD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-06-07 Kid Wilson LWWLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-05-11 Sammy Campbell WWDDLL Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1906-05-04 Sammy Campbell WWWDDL Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1906-05-01 Cleve Hawkins debut 20th Century A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-03-20 Kid Wilson LWLWWL Realty Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1906-03-08 Jack Williams DDDDLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-02-07 George Gunther DDWWDL 18th Regiment Armory, Pittsburgh WIN
1906-01-31 George Gunther LDDWWD New Castle WIN
1906-01-19 Pat O'Rourke LLL Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1906-01-01 Sailor Burke DWLWDL Sharkey A.C., New York WIN
1905-10-13 Larry Temple LLWDDW Marlborough Theater, Marlborough DRAW
1905-10-07 Sam Langford WLWDDD National A.C., Philadelphia NC
No Contest
1905-10-04 Harry Senter LWWDLW National S.C., Wilmington WIN
1905-09-20 Sam Langford WWWLWD Lyric A.C., Allentown DRAW
1905-09-04 Larry Temple LDDLLW Sharon DRAW
1905-08-18 Sam Langford WWWWL Leiperville LOST
1905-08-10 Jack Williams WWDLDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1905-06-10 George Cole DWWWD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1905-04-22 Joe Allen LLLWDW Manayunk A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1905-04-03 Dick Fitzpatrick DWDWDL Sharon WIN
1905-02-27 Cy Flynn DWDWWW Nonpareil A.C., Sharon WIN
1905-02-21 Ed Smith WWDDWL Allentown WIN
1905-02-17 Kid Wilson DDDLDW Altoona WIN
1905-01-31 Kid Ferry WLLWLW Allentown WIN
1905-01-19 Charley Mulhall LLWWLD Tamaqua WIN
1905-01-12 Joe Grim LLWLLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-12-09 Sam Langford WDDDWW Marlborough Theater, Marlborough DRAW
1904-12-03 Sam Bolen WDWWLD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-12-01 Joe Grim LLLLWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-11-03 Joe Grim LLLLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-09-23 Charley Hitte WWWWWL Manhattan A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1904-09-14 Blink McCloskey WDDWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-08-26 Dave Holly WDWWDW Manhattan A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1904-07-18 Harry Lenny DLDLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1904-04-05 Kid Ferry WWWLLW Allentown WIN
1904-03-25 Joe Gans WLWWWW Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore LOST
1904-03-01 Danny Duane DWLLLW Weimer Auditorium, Lebanon NC
No Contest
1904-01-25 Kid Wilson LLLLW Broadway A.C., Chester WIN
1904-01-19 Charley Mulhall DWWLLL Tamaqua WIN
1904-01-11 Sam Langford WWWWDD Washington S.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1904-01-08 Sam Bolen DLWWWW Shlegel's Hall, Baltimore DRAW
1904-01-02 Jimmy Gardner WDWWWW Central A.C., Boston WIN
1903-12-31 Mike Twin Sullivan DDWDDL Chelsea A.C., Chelsea DRAW
1903-12-23 Sam Langford WWWWWW Central A.C., Boston DRAW
1903-11-21 Dave Holly WWWWWD National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1903-11-02 Joe Gans WWWWWD Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1903-10-12 Eddie Kennedy WLDLWD Washington S.C., Philadelphia WIN
1903-09-25 Tommy Daly debut State A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1903-09-18 Vernon Campbell LWWWLW State A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1903-09-15 Tommy Wild debut Southern A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1903-09-01 Howard Wilson DLWWDD Southern A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1903-07-03 Kid Terrell LWLLLL Central A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1903-06-19 Jack Twin Sullivan DDWWWD Ariel A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1903-06-13 Joe Uvanni LWWL Southern A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1903-05-05 Jack McKenzie WLWWLW Penn Art Club, Philadelphia WIN
1903-05-04 Dave Holly LWWWLL Washington S.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1903-03-09 Charles McDonald debut Masonic Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1903-03-02 James Frazier debut Masonic Hall, Pittsburgh WIN
1903-02-23 Kid Reynolds LDD Masonic Hall, Allegheny WIN
1902-12-15 Eddie Gardner DLDDLD Casino Theatre, Terre Haute WIN
Technical knockout
1902-12-01 Otis Southers debut Terre Haute WIN
1902-08-14 Bob Fanning L Columbia theatre, Frankfort WIN
1902-08-07 Bob Fanning debut Columbia theatre, Frankfort WIN
1902-05-05 Jack Cullen DLDDW Empire Theater, Indianapolis DRAW
1902-04-10 Steve Crosby DLWWWW Cleveland Club, Indianapolis DRAW
1902-03-06 Kid Stevens debut Odd Fellows Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1901-12-16 Eugene Bezenah WDDLDW Indianapolis NC
1901-11-19 Jim Glasgow debut Columbia Club, Indianapolis WIN
1901-05-11 Jack Cullen DDDWWL Empire Theater, Indianapolis DRAW
1901-04-25 William Love D Alexandria A.C., Alexandria WIN
1901-02-21 John Dean debut Alexandria A.C., Alexandria WIN
1900-12-27 Joe Trevan debut Odd Fellows Hall, Indianapolis WIN
1900-04-29 Albert Bean debut Alexandria A.C., Alexandria WIN