Sam Mossberg boxer

Sam Mossberg boxer
5′ 6″/168cm

Samuel A. Mossberg or Mosberg (June 14, 1896 – August 30, 1967) was an American lightweight professional boxer who competed in the early 1920s. He was managed by Billy Gibson and Jack Bulger for most of his professional career.Mosberg was born in Austria on June 14, 1896, but grew up on New York City's East side, a largely Jewish section. He began his prolific amateur boxing career in 1912 at age 16 with New York's Pastime Athletic Club and gained vast experience, eventually fighting an impressive 250 amateur fights.Boxing for the navy in World War I, Mosberg won the lightweight championship for his base, the Newport Naval Station at Newport, Rhode, Island, where he continued his amateur boxing career against navy fighters. He simultaneously worked as a navy boxing instructor, as did his friend boxer Mel Coogan, before he was discharged and returned to his civilian amateur career. His patriotic service in World War I and subsequent training and participation in the Olympics delayed his entry into boxing's professional ranks until he reached the age of twenty four.Mosberg did not perform well enough in the Olympic trials in Boston to be placed on the two-person American lightweight boxing team, but was picked as an alternate and sailed to the Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium in August 1920. He was selected for the team when he defeated a higher-ranking team member, black boxer Ben Pontieu, in a match on the boat ride. Mosberg also claimed to have beaten Pontieu earlier that year in an Eastern elimination tournament prior to the trials, and admired his skills and technique. In 1952, he claimed Pontieu was a better boxer than those he would later meet in the Olympics. The New York Age told a different version of Pontieu's Olympic trails experience, but omitted that Mosberg had beaten Pontieu prior to the Olympics. With an exceptional performance in his Olympic showing on August 23, 1920, Mosberg knocked out his Semi-Final competitor, rugged South African, Richard Beland, only seconds into the first round, establishing what might have been an Olympic record at the time for fastest knockout. Not long after the opening bell, Mosberg feinted, and connected with a powerful hook to Beland's chin that sent his opponent to the canvas for the count and ended the bout. In his Olympic Finals match on August 24, he defeated Danish boxer Gottfred Johansen, and claimed the gold medal. In one of his proudest moments, he was presented with his medal by King Albert of Belgium in an Olympic ceremony.His Olympic coach, Spike Webb, the long serving boxing coach for the US Olympics, and Naval Academy's teams, commented once that Mosberg was the greatest Olympic champion he had ever coached.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1923-10-08 Jack McFarland WWWLWL Dreamland Park, Newark LOST
1923-08-14 Jack Rappaport WWWLWW Broad A.C., Newark WIN
1923-08-02 Al Delmont WLWWWL Broad A.C., Newark WIN
1923-05-11 Willie Shaw LDLDLW Hoboken WIN
1923-02-13 Al Grunan WWWWWW Arena, Vernon LOST
1923-01-26 Jimmy Butler LWWLWW Dreamland Rink, San Francisco LOST
1922-12-09 Silvino Jamito LLWLLW Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane WIN
1922-11-25 Hughie Dwyer WWWWWW Sydney Stadium, Sydney LOST
1922-09-11 Italian Joe Dempsey LLDDLL Auditorium, Freeport WIN
1922-06-26 Eddie Fitzsimmons WWDLWW Velodrome, Bronx LOST
1922-05-26 George Fox DLLWWW Ocean Park Casino, Long Branch WIN
1922-04-22 Mickey Donley LLLWLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn DRAW
1922-02-11 Italian Joe Dempsey DL Stadium, Freeport WIN
1922-02-10 Harry 'Kid' Brown WLWLW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1921-12-26 Harry 'Kid' Brown DWLWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1921-10-31 Gus Franchetti WDLDLD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1921-10-19 Charley Egan LLLWLL Palace of Joy, Coney Island, Brooklyn WIN
1921-09-22 Ray Pryel DWWWWW Coliseum, Newark DRAW
1921-09-09 Sid Turner WLLLWL Ocean Park Casino, Long Branch WIN
Technical knockout
1921-08-13 Mel Coogan WWWWWW Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens LOST
1921-06-06 Bert Spencer LWWWWD Federal League Baseball Park, Harrison WIN
1921-03-28 Frankie Clarke WWWWLD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1921-03-14 Frankie McManus LLLLWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1921-02-28 Frankie McManus LLLLLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1921-02-05 Frankie Conifrey WLLLDW Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1921-01-26 Frankie Conifrey WWLLLD Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1921-01-03 Walter Eddy WWLWWD Star S.C., New York DRAW
1920-12-25 Paul Edwards LLLLWL Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York WIN
Unanimous decision
1920-12-07 Frank Cassidy debut 4th Regiment Armory, Jersey City WIN