Johnny Kilbane boxer

Johnny Kilbane boxer
5′ 5″/165cm

John Patrick "Johnny" Kilbane (April 9, 1889 – May 31, 1957) was a featherweight boxer in the early part of the 20th century. He held the World Featherweight title from 1912 to 1923, the longest period in the division's history, having defended the title against four contenders during the reign. Statistical boxing website BoxRec lists Kilbane as the No. 2 ranked featherweight of all-time, while The Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer placed him at No. 5. The International Boxing Research Organization rates Kilbane as the 8th best featherweight ever. He was inducted into the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame in 1960 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1995.Kilbane was born to John and Mary (Gallagher) Kilbane in Cleveland, Ohio on April 9, 1889. His mother died when he was 3 years old and his father went blind when he was 6. He attended school until the sixth grade when he dropped out to help support his family.Kilbane's first professional fight was in 1907, for which he earned around $25.On February 22, 1912, Kilbane took the featherweight title from Abe Atell in a twenty-round match in Vernon, California. When he returned to Cleveland, on St. Patrick's Day, he was given the greatest welcome ever given to a native Clevelander, with more than 100,000 people turning out. He held the featherweight championship for 11 years through numerous fights. He finally lost it to Eugene Criqui. The high number of "no decision"s in his career reflected early boxing rules in many states in the U.S. that dictated "no decision"—ND—unless a fight ended by knockout.Kilbane fought 1904 World Bantamweight champion Jimmy Walsh in a World Featherweight Title match on May 21, 1912, at the Pilgrim Athletic Club in Boston, Massachusetts to a twelve-round draw decision. They had previously fought in a non-title match on May 30, 1911, in a 12-round draw bout in Canton, Ohio, that was characterized as "full of clinches", with neither man "doing much hard work."In October 1917 - while still World Featherweight Champion - Kilbane became a lieutenant in the U.S. Army — assigned to Camp Sherman located near Chillicothe, Ohio — training U.S. soldiers in self-defense during World War I.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1923-06-02 Eugene Criqui WWWWWW Polo Grounds, New York LOST
Technical knockout
1921-09-17 Danny Frush WLWWWW Dunn Field, Cleveland WIN
1921-05-25 Freddie Jacks LLLLLW Dunn Field, Cleveland WIN
1920-07-28 Artie Root LLWLDL Cleveland WIN
1920-06-02 Andy Chaney WWWWWW Ice Palace, Philadelphia LOST
1920-05-24 Harry 'Kid' Brown WWWWWL Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
1920-04-21 Alvie Miller WWWWWW Opera House, Lorain WIN
1920-02-25 Benny Valger WWWWWW Newark Athletic Club, Newark LOST
1920-01-24 Johnny Murray WWWDWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1920-01-01 Al Shubert WWDWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-12-29 Andy Chaney WLWDWW 4th Regiment Armory, Jersey City LOST
1919-09-20 Eddie Morgan LWLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-09-16 Frankie Burns WDWWWW International League Ballpark, Jersey City WIN
Technical knockout
1919-07-28 Joe Fox WWWLDW Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1919-05-14 Ralph Brady LDDDLD Grand Theater, Cleveland WIN
1919-04-19 Johnny Maloney WDLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1919-04-12 Jack Lawler DWWWDL Charleston WIN
1919-04-05 Artie O'Leary DWWLWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-03-31 Johnny Mealey WWWLWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1919-03-10 Frankie Brown LWDLLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1917-07-25 Benny Leonard WWWWWW Shibe Park, Philadelphia LOST
Technical knockout
1917-05-24 Frankie Fleming WWWWWW Sohmer Park, Montreal WIN
1917-05-01 Freddie Welsh LLLWLL Manhattan Casino, New York WIN
1917-04-19 Matt Brock WWWLWW Cleveland WIN
1917-03-26 Eddie Wallace WLDLWL Park Theatre, Bridgeport DRAW
1917-03-19 Eddie Shannon WDLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-03-12 Tim Droney LWDLDD Orpheum Theatre, York WIN
1917-02-26 Rocky Kansas WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1917-02-03 Johnny Ray DWLWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-01-18 Johnny Drummie WWLWWL Auditorium, Waterbury WIN
1916-12-11 Alvie Miller LWDDWW Grand Opera House, Youngstown WIN
1916-09-04 George KO Chaney WWWWWW Cedar Point Arena, Sandusky WIN
1916-06-13 Johnny O'Leary DDWLLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1916-05-24 Eddie Wallace WWWDWL Sohmer Park, Montreal DRAW
1916-05-08 Willie Jackson WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1916-03-24 Harry Donahue WLWWWL Harlem S.C., Harlem WIN
1916-03-04 Johnny Ray WWWWWW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1916-02-16 Johnny Creeley LWLLWD Hot Springs WIN
1916-01-31 Packy Hommey LLLLDL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-01-15 Frankie Conifrey LDWWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-01-08 Patsy Cline WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1916-01-01 Richie Mitchell DWLWWW Music Hall Arena, Cincinnati LOST
1915-12-02 Patsy Brannigan WLLWLW Town Hall, Scranton WIN
1915-11-22 Packy Hommey LWWLLL Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1915-11-15 Bobby Reynolds WDWWLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-10-11 Cal Delaney DLDWDL Akron WIN
1915-09-21 Richie Mitchell DWWDWL Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1915-09-06 Alvie Miller WWWDWW Cedar Point Arena, Sandusky WIN
1915-05-11 Mel Coogan WWWWDL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1915-04-29 Benny Leonard WWWLWW Federal A.C., Atlantic Gardens, New York WIN
1915-03-30 Eddie Wallace LWWLWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1915-03-17 Kid Williams WWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-02-13 Eddie Morgan LWWWDL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-02-01 Rocky Kansas WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1915-01-23 Eddie Morgan WLWWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1915-01-08 Frankie Daley DWWWDW Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1915-01-01 Patsy Brannigan WWWWWW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh LOST
1914-12-14 Willie Houck LDWWD Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-12-07 Joe Mandot LWWWDW Akron LOST
1914-07-02 KO Mars WWWWWW Redland Field, Cincinnati WIN
1914-05-29 Benny Chavez WLDWWW Denver WIN
1914-04-22 Bobby Reynolds WLDWWW Windsor A.C., Windsor WIN
1914-04-16 Kid Julian LDLLLW Syracuse WIN
1914-04-13 Frankie Daley WLWWDL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-04-06 Gene Delmont LWWWWW Phoenix A.C., Memphis WIN
1914-02-11 Tommy Bresnahan LWWDLW Alhambra, Syracuse WIN
1914-02-07 Charley Thomas DWWLLW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-02-02 Eddie Moy LWWWWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-01-05 Eddie Moy LLWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-11-10 Eddie O'Keefe LWWLWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1913-10-30 KO Mars WWDDDW Music Hall Arena, Cincinnati WIN
1913-10-08 Kid Julian WWLDLD St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1913-09-25 Joe Goldberg LWWWDD Washington Rink, Rochester WIN
1913-09-16 Jimmy Walsh DLWWDW Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
1913-06-10 Jimmy Fox WLDWWW Wheelmen's Club, Oakland WIN
Technical knockout
1913-04-29 Johnny Dundee WWWWWW Arena, Vernon DRAW
1913-02-19 George Kirkwood WWWLWW New Star Casino, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-02-04 Young Driscoll LLWWDL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-01-01 Oliver Kirk WWLDW Future City A.C., Saint Louis WIN
Technical knockout
1912-12-19 Tommy Dixon LLLLDD Saint Louis WIN
1912-12-03 Monte Attell LLLLLL Tuxedo Club, Cleveland WIN
Technical knockout
1912-10-29 Tommy Ginty DWLDDL Johnstown WIN
1912-10-24 Johnny Albanese WLWWLD Columbus WIN
1912-10-14 Eddie O'Keefe LWLWWL Cleveland WIN
1912-09-19 Eddie O'Keefe LLWLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1912-09-11 Jackie Moore debut Tiffin WIN
1912-09-04 Johnny Dundee WWDWWD St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-07-04 Tommy Dixon WDLLL Luna Park Motordome, Cleveland WIN
1912-06-05 Tommy O'Toole WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1912-05-21 Jimmy Walsh DWWWD Pilgrim A.A., Boston DRAW
1912-05-14 Frankie Burns WWLWWW St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1912-02-22 Abe Attell WWWWWL Arena, Vernon WIN
1911-12-23 Charley White DLWWWW Gray's Armory, Cleveland WIN
1911-11-29 Patsy Brannigan DWWWDW Youngstown WIN
1911-09-30 Frankie Conley WLDLLW Arena, Vernon WIN
1911-09-04 Mexican Joe Rivers WWWDWW Arena, Vernon WIN
1911-07-15 Patsy Kline LDWLDL Arena, Vernon WIN
1911-05-30 Jimmy Walsh WWLLDD Canton Auditorium, Canton DRAW
1911-05-06 Mexican Joe Rivers WWWWWW Arena, Vernon LOST
1911-03-24 Monte Attell WWLDWW Cleveland DRAW
1911-03-16 Kid Ghetto LLDWW Cleveland WIN
1911-03-08 Johnny Albanese DLDLLW Cleveland WIN
1911-02-27 Tommy Bresnahan LDLLDD Youngstown DRAW
1911-02-14 Jack White DWWWWW Columbus WIN
1911-01-11 Gus Wilson WWLWWL Cleveland WIN
1911-01-07 Tommy O'Toole LWLWWL American A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1911-01-02 Patsy Brannigan DLDWWW Canton WIN
1910-11-24 Benny Kaufman WWDWDW Akron WIN
1910-10-24 Abe Attell WWWWWD Hippodrome, Kansas City LOST
1910-09-29 Benny Kaufman WWWWWD Old City Hall, Pittsburgh LOST
1910-07-04 Patsy Brannigan DDDWWW Akron DRAW
1910-04-19 Al Delmont WLLDDD Armory, Boston WIN
1910-03-29 Bobby Tickle DWLWWD Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1910-03-23 Biz Mackey WDWDLD Lorain NC
No Contest
1910-03-03 Kid Tyler DWLWWL Cleveland WIN
1910-02-02 Jack White DWDWDW Windsor DRAW
1910-01-01 Tommy Kilbane DDWDW Canton Auditorium, Canton WIN
1909-10-02 Marty Heffron LWWLL Cleveland WIN
1909-08-09 Happy Davis WLLWDD Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-06-30 Jeff Gaffney LDDWLW Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-06-14 Jack White DDDWD Akron DRAW
1909-06-01 Cloyce Yeager DW Findlay WIN
1909-05-07 Mike Bartley WLWWLL Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh WIN
1909-03-29 Biz Mackey LWDLWW Akron LOST
Technical knockout
1909-03-11 Frank LeMaster debut Akron WIN
1909-02-18 Clyde LeMasters L Akron WIN
1909-02-04 Johnny Whittaker DWDWDD Sawyerwood AC, Akron WIN
1909-01-15 Jack White WDWWW Dayton DRAW
1908-12-14 Young Joe Grim LLDWW Youngstown DRAW
1908-12-03 Clyde LeMasters debut Cleveland WIN
1908-11-25 Tommy Kilbane LDWW Cleveland WIN
1908-06-05 Milburn Saylor WDW Dayton WIN
1908-05-30 Battling Terry W Coliseum, New Castle WIN
1908-05-22 Paul Kohler L Cleveland WIN
1908-04-13 Tommy Lynch WWLLDW Coliseum, New Castle DRAW
1908-03-16 Herman Zahnizer DDW Coliseum, New Castle WIN
1908-03-03 Tommy Kilbane LD Lorain LOST
1908-03-01 Paul Kohler debut Cleveland WIN
1908-02-10 Tommy Kilbane L Cleveland DRAW
1908-01-01 Tommy Kilbane debut Lorain WIN
1907-12-25 Kid Campbell debut Cleveland WIN
1907-12-18 Tommy Burns debut Cleveland WIN
1907-12-02 Tom Mangan debut Cleveland WIN