Frankie Callahan boxer

Frankie Callahan boxer
5′ 4½″/164cm

In Brooklyn, New York, his bout with Harlem Tommy Murphy was a draw, while he lost two consecutive fights with Johnny Dundee lost by decision. Frankie again fought Dundee in Cincinnati, Ohio and won by decision but in Buffalo, New York, he lost by decision to Rocky Kansas. Frankie's fights with Dundee and Charley White in Brooklyn, New York were a draw.Frankie met Dundee again in Boston, Massachusetts, but this time he lost by decision. In Buffalo Frankie faced Rocky Kansas again and won by decision. He fought Lew Tendler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but lost both by decision. Tendler and Frankie met 3 more times with Tendler winning all 3 fights, one by decision and the other two by knockout. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Frankie again fought George KO Chaney, to a draw. He lost his last bout with Dundee in Boston by decision.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1922-12-07 Henry Mick WWWWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1922-05-20 Joe Mendell LWLLWW Ebbets Field, Brooklyn LOST
1922-03-11 Sailor Friedman LWWLLW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
Technical knockout
1921-05-24 Johnny McCann DLLLLW Bangor WIN
1920-09-18 Lew Tendler WWWDWW Lawrence LOST
Technical knockout
1920-02-16 Harry Lortz LLDWLW Suffolk A.C., Boston WIN
Technical knockout
1920-01-15 Eddie Morgan WLLLLL Crescent Rink, Lowell WIN
1918-12-10 Lew Tendler WWWWWW Armory, Boston LOST
Technical knockout
1918-11-02 Lew Tendler WWWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-10-29 Johnny Dundee DWDWDW Arena, Boston LOST
1918-08-23 Dick McFadden Ballpark, Jersey City WIN
1918-07-16 Phil Bloom LLDDLD Shibe Park, Philadelphia WIN
1918-07-06 Lew Tendler WWWWWW Atlantic City LOST
1918-05-30 Vic Moran LLLDL Armory, Hoboken WIN
Technical knockout
1918-05-29 Vic Moran DLLLD Open-Air Arena, Jersey City WIN
Technical knockout
1918-05-06 George KO Chaney WWLWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-04-16 Vincent Pokorni DLLWWW Cleveland Theatre (Moose Club), Cleveland LOST
1918-03-16 Young Joe Borrell WWLWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-03-11 Young Terry McGovern LLLLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-03-04 Willie Ritchie LWLWWW Majestic Theatre, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1918-02-09 Young Terry McGovern DLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1918-01-21 Lew Tendler WWWWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1918-01-01 Eddie Wagond WLWLLW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-12-17 Willie Jackson WLWWWL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-12-03 Harry Tracey LLLWLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1917-10-31 Harry Condon LLWWWL Manhattan Casino, New York WIN
1917-10-22 Babe Picato WLWWWW Flower City A.C., Rochester WIN
1917-10-18 Rocky Kansas WLLWWL Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo DRAW
1917-10-15 Harry Donahue LLWLDL Flower City A.C., Rochester WIN
1917-10-01 Pete Hartley WWWLWL Flower City A.C., Rochester WIN
1917-09-22 Harry Condon LLWWLW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1917-09-21 Young Goldie WDDLWW Power Auditorium, Pittsburgh WIN
1917-08-31 Young Rector LLDW Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1917-08-27 Young George Erne LWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo WIN
1917-08-18 Shamus O'Brien WLLLLL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-07-24 Paddy Burns LLWLLL Harlem S.C., Rockaway Beach, Queens WIN
1917-07-10 Jimmy Hanlon WWLLWW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1917-06-26 Chick Simler LLWLLL Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1917-06-12 Johnny Dundee WWWWWW Arena, Boston LOST
1917-05-31 Johnny Harvey DWDLWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1917-04-21 Philadelphia Pal Moore DLLWLW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1917-04-16 Young Tommy O'Toole WWWWWW Majestic Theatre, Wilkes-Barre WIN
1917-03-29 Charley White WWLWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn DRAW
1917-02-28 Jimmy Hanlon WLLWWL Tulane Arena, New Orleans WIN
Technical knockout
1917-02-20 Johnny Dundee WWDWLW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1917-02-01 Benny Leonard WLWWWW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1917-01-17 Eddie Smith WDWLWL Manhattan Casino, New York WIN
1917-01-13 Harry Pierce WWDWDL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1917-01-08 Young Joe Rivers WWLLDL Westfield LOST
Technical knockout
1916-12-21 Harry Pierce WLWWDW Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn DRAW
1916-12-07 Chick Simler WLWLLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1916-10-24 Matty McCue WWWWLW Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1916-09-04 Frank Ray Whitney WLLDL Armory Auditorium, Atlanta DRAW
1916-08-29 Harry Carlson WWWDLW Armory, Boston WIN
1916-08-25 Ad Wolgast WWWLL Washington Park A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1916-07-18 Vic Moran LLWLWL Harlem-Rockaway S.C., Queens LOST
1916-04-03 Johnny Harvey WLLLWL Olympic Coliseum, Columbus WIN
1916-02-14 Benny Palmer WWDLLW Elite Rink, Milwaukee WIN
1916-02-04 Rocky Kansas WWDDWL Garden Theater, Buffalo LOST
1916-01-14 Ralph Gruman WWWWWL Grand Theater, Salt Lake City WIN
Corner retirement
1915-10-23 Eddie Moy LLDLLL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1915-10-16 Mike Smith LDL Queensboro A.C., Long Island City, Queens LOST
1915-10-12 Gilbert Gallant LWDDLL Atlas A.A., Boston LOST
1915-09-30 Kid Black LWWLWW Wheelmen Gymnasium, Newburgh LOST
1915-09-23 Joe Azevedo LDDLLD Ebbets Field, Brooklyn WIN
1915-08-24 Gilbert Gallant LLLWDD Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
1915-06-29 Tommy Hopkins LDDLWD 135th Street A.C., New York WIN
1915-06-22 Jack Read WDWWDW Future City A.C., Saint Louis WIN
1915-06-14 Harlem Eddie Kelly WLDDWD Olympia Boxing Club, New York LOST
1915-05-18 Benny Leonard WWLWWL 135th Street A.C., New York LOST
1915-05-10 Johnny Dundee DWWWWW Joe Levy's Open Air Club, Cincinnati LOST
1915-04-20 Charley Barry DDWLL German Hall, Albany
1915-04-10 Willie Brown LWDDDW Federal A.C., New York LOST
1915-03-30 Johnny Dundee WLDWWW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn LOST
1915-03-16 Johnny Dundee WDWLDW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn LOST
1915-03-03 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1915-02-22 Joe Azevedo LLLWLW Phoenix A.C., Memphis LOST
1915-02-11 Sam Robideau WWLLWW Saint Louis DRAW
1915-01-25 Willie Jones WLDWD Broadway S.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1915-01-18 Mexican Joe Rivers LWLWWL Memphis WIN
1915-01-02 Hal Stewart DWWD Memphis WIN
1915-01-01 Johnny King DLDDDL Temple Theatre, Alton WIN
1914-12-14 Joe Mandot WWWDWW Memphis DRAW
1914-12-04 Charley White WWWWDL Saint Louis LOST
1914-11-30 Jack White LLLLWW Memphis WIN
1914-11-23 Frankie Conifrey WWDWWL Olympia Boxing Club, New York DRAW
1914-11-17 Tickle Sanders LWLLW Saint Louis WIN
1914-11-04 Jack Hansen LLLLDD Future City A.C., Saint Louis WIN
1914-10-23 Eddie Moy WWDDLD Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn WIN
1914-10-21 Harry Condon WWDLWL Ridgewood A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-10-16 Willie Doyle LLDLWD Empire A.C., New York DRAW
1914-09-22 Harlem Tommy Murphy WDWLWL Broadway S.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1914-08-17 Billy Meyers LDWLWL Olympia Boxing Club, New York LOST
1914-08-10 Marty Brown WLDLWL Military A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1914-08-03 Frankie Conifrey WLWWWD Olympia Boxing Club, New York LOST
1914-07-28 Harry Pierce WWWLWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-07-13 Fred Young Halsband WWWWLL Military A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-07-11 Al Schumacher WLDLDD Elsinore A.C., Glen Cove WIN
1914-06-13 Willie Beecher LDWWWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-05-29 Kid Glover DL Elsinore A.C., Glen Cove WIN
1914-05-26 Frankie Saunders D Olympic A.C., Harlem DRAW
1914-05-23 Eddie Murphy WLWLDW Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1914-04-20 Joe Carter LLWL Olympic A.C., Harlem DRAW
1914-04-01 Harry Condon DLWDLL Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-03-19 Cal McCarthy L Hudson A.C., Hudson WIN
Technical knockout
1914-03-11 Mel Coogan WWWLDW Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-03-07 Willie Gradwell WWWWWW Broadway S.C., Brooklyn LOST
1914-01-31 Harry Pierce LWDLLL Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1914-01-21 Young Kelly Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Technical knockout
1914-01-03 Willie Brown LLWDD Atlantic Garden A.C., New York DRAW
1913-12-24 Hugh Rodden WDDWLW Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-12-20 Hugh McDonald WL Brown's Gym, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-12-13 Young Mack LL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-12-10 Walter Brooks LDLLLL Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1913-12-05 Marty Allen WWWWDW East New York A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-11-29 Tommy Houck WWLWWL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1913-11-26 Teddy Hubbs DLLLLL Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-11-22 Hugh McDonald W Brown's Gym, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-11-01 Kid Ghetto WDWWLW Vanderbilt A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-10-27 Walter Mohr WLWWWL Military A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1913-10-13 Young Rector LWLLDD Military A.C., Brooklyn WIN
Corner retirement
1913-09-19 Banty Lewis DLWDLD Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens WIN
1913-09-13 Young Driscoll WLWLL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-09-06 Phil Bloom WLWDLW Irving A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-08-30 Young Rector LWLWLL Brown's Gym A.A., Far Rockaway, Queens DRAW
1913-07-19 Joe Cain WLLLLW Brown's Gym, New York WIN
1913-06-14 Paddy Callahan LDLLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-06-07 Walter Brooks LWWDWD Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-05-17 Johnny Drummie WWL Brown's Gym, New York LOST
1913-04-19 Willie Jones LLWWLW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-04-01 Andy Brennan L Brown's Gym, New York DRAW
1913-03-04 Willie Mantler WWWWLL Brown's Gym, New York WIN
1913-03-01 Joe Coster LDLWWW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1913-02-04 Young Levine WWDD Brown's Gym, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1913-02-01 Walter Mohr WWWWWW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1913-01-18 Willie Jones DLWDL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-12-14 Walter Mohr WWWW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1912-11-23 Johnny McLean LWDWD Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1912-10-26 Johnny McLean LWDW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1912-09-21 Eddie Sammon WW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-07-06 Willie Brown LLLLW New York DRAW
1912-07-01 Young Driscoll LWWWLW Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1912-06-01 Young Driscoll DLWWWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Royale A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1912-04-27 Eddie Wallace DLW Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1912-04-20 Kid Goodman DL National A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-04-08 Marty Allen WWW Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-04-06 Bobby Loughrey DLLWWW Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1912-03-28 Jimmy McVeigh Turnbull Auditorium, Newark DRAW
1912-03-02 Eddie Powers LLWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1912-02-24 Young Packey McFarland LDWLDL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1912-02-03 Johnny Reagan Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1911-12-30 Young Mickey McDonough LWWDWD Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1911-12-21 Johnny Murphy WD Maspeth A.C., Maspeth, Queens WIN
Technical knockout
1911-12-16 Johnny Solzberg WWWLWD Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1911-12-04 Eddie Sherman WLWLWL Irving A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1911-11-13 Johnny Solzberg WWWWLW Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1911-10-28 Willie Brown DWLLL Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1911-10-25 Young Mickey McDonough LLLWWD New Assembly A.C., Brooklyn LOST
1911-10-23 Willie Chandler Central A.C., Newark WIN
1911-10-16 Young Ferris L Central A.C., Newark WIN
1911-10-12 Young Sailor LDDL Gowanus A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1911-09-26 Teddy Murphy WWDLDW Twentieth Century A.C., New York WIN
1911-09-15 Kid Herman DLWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1911-09-08 Frankie Nelson St. Nicholas Arena, New York WIN
1911-08-14 Young Sailor LDD Rink A.C., Bay Shore WIN
1911-08-11 Willie Brown DWLL Atlantic A.A., Rockaway Beach, Queens WIN
1911-07-21 Willie Brown DWL Atlantic A.A., Rockaway Beach, Queens WIN
1911-04-10 Jabez White D Chadwick Park, Albany LOST
1911-04-03 Johnny Keyes WW Chadwick Park, Albany WIN
1911-03-11 Willie McGinty National A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1911-03-04 Johnny Keyes W New York LOST
1910-12-15 Young Sieger DWW Brown's Gym, New York WIN
1910-11-28 Young Cooper Marathon A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1910-09-29 Eddie Jones Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1910-09-22 Young Joe LL Brooklyn Beach A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1910-01-19 Bill McCormick New York WIN